We are constantly running around and looking for that next thing. The next thing that will really make a difference in the market.

Luckily, the next big thing in Atlanta is here.

It is a new to-go app that is focused on supporting local restaurants all around Atlanta.

In this post we are going to talk about just that, the AppyMeal App. The app that is changing the online ordering game one local restaurant at a time.

AppyMeal App

First off, what is AppyMeal?

The AppyMeal app is the first of its kind. It is a to-go marketplace that focuses on supporting the local and independently owned restaurants.

How does the app support locals?

The app offers lower fees then almost any other app on the market. It does this by keeping its team small, local and efficient.

What about fees on the app?

Apparently the fees are minimal. There is no monthly cost, no on-boarding cost, and already plenty of restaurants trying the app out in multiple cities like Grayson, Lawrenceville, Loganville, and Marietta. The only thing that the restaurants pay is a small commission per order.

This all sound great but what about the team behind the app? Are they really locals?

AppyMeal Team

The AppyMeal team is lead by Atlanta native Zachary Owen.

Zachary has lead many startups over the past few years like Apollo, Rockshutter, and SanfranciscoTribe. During this time he also worked as an actuary for 5 years for Oliver Wyman, and become a self taught full-stack developer in order to complete this project.

He has a passion for helping small businesses and seems to want to grow AppyMeal as a way to help small businesses everywhere compete against the increasing problem of franchises taking over small towns.

The CTO of the project is another Atlanta native Madison Hanberry.

Madison likewise has been involved with many startups over the past few years and seemingly jumped through developer jobs to become a full-stack Production Engineer for “Very Good Security”.

Madison is also passionate about helping small businesses and lends a hand on the development side when the team needs it at this stage in the journey.

There are additionally 5 other team members of the AppyMeal team filling various roles and needs when they arise.

Should You Download AppyMeal?

From all that we can tell, AppyMeal is a secure, trustworthy app with great local support and team behind it.

It seems to be growing organically instead of through investor funds making this a local company for local companies.

A true grass starting project for those looking for such a thing.

We highly suggest downloading the app and supporting them in their mission to keep things local.

Where can you download the app?

Here is where you can download the app for IOS: DOWNLOAD HERE

In addition, make sure to follow their social pages to stay up-to-date on all their process.

Here is their Facebook!

AppyMeal App

Thanks for checking our this post on the new AppyMeal app! We are excited to see this project grow and help restaurants everywhere save money.

If you are like us and like local businesses, make sure to check them out and support them on their journey to keep things local.