Atlanta Botanical Garden

Out of all of the attractions and events that are available to do in Atlanta, none of them have the combination of experiences that the Atlanta Botanical Garden can provide.

It’s ability to provide to provide educational, recreational, and relaxing memories is something that is unique to the gardens. This makes the Atlanta Botanical Gardens a staple experience for both visitors, lifelong residents of Atlanta and all that fall between. Here is everything you need to know before you give the Botanical Gardens a visit.

Atlanta Botanical Garden Hours and Location

The lush and storied Atlanta Botanical Gardens were incorporated in the year 1976. They are located at 1345 Piedmont Ave NE which is in midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

The 30 acre gardens are adjacent to Piedmont Park, which itself is a major source of activities in the city. It’s hours of operation are from 9am to 5pm Tuesday through Sunday. Monday the gardens close. The Garden’s mission is to “develop and maintain plant collections for the purposes of display, education, conservation, research and enjoyment.”

Atlanta Botanical Gardens Ticket Prices

Obviously, before even thinking about paying the Gardens a visit, it’s important to figure out the logistics of the potential trip. Luckily, we have you covered. The ticket pricing is broken up into two brackets, adults and children between the ages of 3-12. Children under 3 years old have free admission. One adult ticket cost usually $21.95, while the children’s ticket price is normally $18.95.

If you end up falling in love with gardens and want to come back for more there are membership options for individuals (1 year for $75.00, 2 years $135.00), couples (1 year for $99.00, 2 years $178.00), and families (1 year $139.00, 2 years for $250.00). The membership contains value as it provides:

  • A free pass for the duration of membership length
  • A free guest pass, a discount on parking passes, free or discounted admission  to events and concerts
  • Access to members only events
  • Reciprocal privileges with more than 300 gardens, arboretum and conservatories across the country.

Atlanta Botanical Garden Parking

Uber and Lyft

The next phase in planning your trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is figuring out travel there. If you plan on getting an uber or lyft then you will have no fee in terms of parking.


If you plan on driving there with your own vehicle, then the Botanical Gardens provide on site parking via the SAGE parking facility on levels 4,5,6 through the Piedmont Ave entrance. The lower 3 levels are reserved for visitors of Piedmont Park. Parking on the SAGE facility will cost $2 for periods between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Each additional half hour past 1 hour will cost an additional $1 up to $15. During special events a flat rate of $10 may be charged with a $5 discount given to carpools with 4 or more people.

Parking Pass

Should you be interested in a multi visit parking pass they are available as well for a initial fee of $6 and be can be bought and reloaded at the Garden shop located within the Botanical Garden. The passes start at $20 and will give you 5 parks. The $40 pass gives 11 parks, the $60 pass gives 21 parks, the $80 pass gives 31 parks and the $100 pass gives 41 parks. The Garden Membership gives additional parks per pass depending on the on the pass.


Finally, if you plan on commuting to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens from Marta, then you should plan on catching Bus #27. It stops right in front of the main entrance. Anyone can board at either Lindbergh or Midtown station. It will also take you from the Botanical Gardens back to either Marta station

Garden Tour

If you plan on visiting in a large group of 10 or more people, or if you are trying to plan a field trip for children, then self guided and guided tours are available. The self guided tour for adults in groups of 10 or more people are available for $18.95 per person. In addition, the guided tours are available for $22.95 per person.

Tour Limits

These tours have a limit of 60 people per group. They are an excellent choice for you if your have family from out of town to whom you are trying to show the city to. The children’s self guided tours are $8 per child and the guided tours are 10$ per child. Per 8 children, a chaperon gets free admission. Additional chaperones pay the children’s rate.

Atlanta Botanical Garden Lights

Aside from taking in the  natural splendour of the Botanical Gardens, there are a host of other events that keep the experience of visiting the Gardens fresh and unique every time you pay them a visit.

Holiday Lights

The most notable of these is the Holiday Lights. This event is much more than a simple light show. It is a re-imagining of Botanical Gardens through the use of an array of different colors, exhibits and sounds. From the Christmas Carolers, to the different exhibits like the Ice Goddess, the Orchestral Orbs, or the Tunnels of lights,the Holiday Light show is definitely an event you want to catch if you can. Other than the Holiday Light show, the gardens serve host to various events and concerts throughout the year. Pricing for admission to these events may vary from the normal pricing.


Longleaf Cafe

Specifically, the Gardens serve host to the Longleaf Cafe. A two level dining experience that is located in the center of the Botanical Gardens. It provides either a view of the beauty of the garden from the inside out, or a view of the Atlanta skyline from the 2nd level.

The menu provides options for both plant and meat eaters alike while maintaining the theme of Gardens by including a variety of different plants used in the meals.

Alternatively, there are a variety of different restaurants in the Piedmont avenue area if Longleaf doesn’t suit your tastes.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

In summary, you have everything thing you need to plan your trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Whether you are looking for an exciting night time light experience during the holidays or a relaxing day with nature and loved ones on a lazy Sunday, the Atlanta Botanical will suit your needs.

Visit the Botanical Gardens to treat yourself with a great experience. Given that by visiting, you will contribute to the conservation and research that the Botanical Gardens were made for. Remember, do yourself and nature a favor and visit here to buy your tickets today.

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