Churches in Atlanta

Living in Atlanta, there is a plethora of things to do! One of those things is luckily churches, churches, and churches. Currently, I attend a non denomination church every Sunday, and I have done so for the past 12 years. Raised Methodist, I feel more comfortable focusing on my relationship with God instead of performing habitual sayings or standards repetitively. Thus, I made the switch earlier on to non denomination. There is no problem if that is your faith, but it is not mine.

Therefore, I have comprised a short list of some of the top non denominational churches in Atlanta. Full disclosure, I have been to each and everyone of these churches, listened to sermons from the head pastors, and even met many congregation members. Obviously, there is not a “top” church anywhere in the world. Except possibly Hill song, The Potters House or Elevation church… but that is beside the point! none of those churches are “in” Atlanta per-say.

Back to the point, church is where you are. You are the church and the church is the bride of Christ.

Grace Family

Grace Family of churches is in many communities across the Atlanta area. The church was formally lead by the lead pastor Buddy Hoffman who was a reputable and God fearing man. Unfortunately, Buddy passed away a few years ago. Before doing so, Buddy led the church to open up multiple new campuses and focus on nations, neighbors and the next generation. The church has several pastors now that lead and grow the church to new initiative, missions and services.

Grace is a family focused, loving group of people that really devote their selves to the community. Once a week, they also do something called Generation Salaam. This is where they go into Clarkston, Georgia, a heavily refugee centered area, and preach the gospel and play with kids!

12 Stone Church

12 Stone Church is another pillar in many communities. Over the past few years, 12 Stone has been growing rapidly and acquiring more locations. Now 12 Stone has at least 8 locations:

This church is extremely impactful in the areas they are at. There is a great and passionate community. Weekly messages are never disappointing and always positive. The only bad thing about some locations is some areas will typically have a video screen streaming the main campus which can be a negative for some people.

Because of the rescuing hand of Jesus we pursue personal transformation one life at at time

– 12 Stone Church

Passion City Church

Passion City Church is a wonderful experience in the heart of Buckhead. Right off of I-85 Passion is in a former home depot or Lowe’s style building. Yes, they actually converted the entire building into one mega church. It looks amazing and offers a great place of worship, classes, kids center (it’s awesome), and other great areas.

Led by a popular pastor, Louie Giglio, the sermons are as amazing as the people and venue. Additionally, there are some great college programs that happen throughout most weeks with guest speakers, concerts and God focused events.

Additionally, Passion puts on a yearly event called Passion City Conference. This conference is one of the largest young adult christian conferences in the the south east. There will be multiple well known speakers, and it will be hosted this year at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Victory World Church

Victory World Church is a wonder place to experience some amazing music from their talented Victory World Music team, worship God, and get involved in the community. This church is huge and very diverse. There is a tight knit group of people who run this church and they are filled with passion and love.

The music group at this church is very talented and they even promote their own album to the local radio station 104.7 the Fish. Previously led by Montell Jordan, their most popular song from 2011 was Shake Heaven.

Churches in Atlanta

There are tons of great churches in this area. This is just my personal list of 4 churches I know and love. Above all else, get out there and find the right church for you to build a community to support and love.