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Learning to Move on One Step at a Time

Skipping through all the bad parts of life to go straight to the happy ones sounds pretty nice. Especially if you are in one of those bad periods right now where nothing seems to cheer you up, you just want to sleep all day, and you could care less who is around you. We all […]


La Grotta Ristorante in Atlanta – Italy in Georgia

There is something magical and divine about Italian cuisine served like it is at the La Grotta Ristorante in Atlanta. It makes one feel as if they experienced the food straight out of Italy. La Grotta Ristorante The La Grotta Ristorante is situated in a majestic courtyard garden, right in the heart of the beautiful district of […]


Is Atlanta A Fun Place to Live – Native Fun

People out of state are always asking me if Atlanta is any fun. They really don’t know what people do here besides ironically sit in traffic all day. Well, that’s not completely untrue – we do spend a lot of time in traffic. That’s besides the point though! Lets look at what there is to do […]


How to Create the Life You Want

Recently, I have been talking with several people about life. Each person I spoke with has gone through a rather rough set of circumstances only to come out on the other side to find, they are not where they want to be in life. Either they got caught up in a job to support their […]


Find Your Talents – What Are You Good At?

There are a million and one things that you could possibly do in your life time work wise. Think about it, just about every single thing around you was made by someone. From your desk, to your keyboard, to the website your reading this post on, it was all made by someone. You can practically […]


Dealing with the Rainy Days of Life – Mental Triggers

When going through life, there are always times where it ends up seeming pointless. We can reach these moments which feel like brick walls. Sadly, sometimes we get these feelings quickly after being highly motivated and pushing our self to new heights. Because, after a while the momentum starts to die down. These are what […]