Mediterranean lunch

Cooking is not just a job – it is quintessentially an art. This is the belief in the Mediterranean. With his mother as the role model cook for him, Kameel’s passion for food flourished at a very early age in life. With the assistance of Aviva, his sister, Kameel, opened the doors to their restaurant, Aviva by Kameel in 2012, on October 8th. He couldn’t have chosen a more fitting name as Aviva in English means spring, all concerning revival and freshness.

The Place Where Quality Lives

The restaurant only cooks with the finest quality premium products and strictly prefers using all local produce. Even their selection of meat is purely born and bred in America with no additional preservatives, chemicals, or extra hormones. All of the cooking is only done in olive oil, with not so much as a stick of butter present in their kitchens, keeping the food light and easily digestible.

When diners take their first bite of the food at Avivas, their taste buds immediately pick one unique element, and that is passion. Kameel’s passion for the culinary arts is what sets apart his restaurants from the others. It is his passion for cooking that no culinary training can ever instill in chefs, and no restaurants can ever pretend to possess. One bite at Aviva’s, and you won’t be able to stop from coming back over and over for more.

Kameel’s perseverance and relentless practice paid off tremendously in delivering all-natural, wholesome, and fresh foods. Getting rated as Atlanta’s Number 1 restaurant for lunch amongst so many bests was not an easy feat, to say the least, but the brother-sister pair made it happen. Their mantra is, when fresh, wholesome and passion combine, great food is bound to come” and that it does.

All Like a Family at Aviva

At Aviva’s, the core principle of the establishment is to treat everyone like family. This philosophy takes to form the moment you step into the restaurant and are engulfed with overwhelming warmth and welcome or even when you just dial through the phone for catering services. Not only do they believe in making all their customers and staff a part of their big family, but they also provide food that is healthy, hearty, and completely natural.

Hot Platters of Aviva by Kameel

The following are the star platters of the restaurant.

  • Chicken Shawarma

Hormone-free, grilled chicken breast strips, with Turkish spice seasonings

  • Rosemary Chicken

Half a chicken baked with Aviva’s secret spices and fresh rosemary. Meat so tender you will love how it falls off the bone

  • Lamb Shawarma

An authentic Turkish creation of shawarma; definitely a fine break from your typical gyro

  • Lamba Kafta

Ground lamb meat patties mixed with veggies and herbs and then grilled to perfection with peppers and onion

  • Wild-caught Salmon

Wild-caught Scottish Salmon, free of dyes, additives or hormones. Grilled with olive and then given a fine topping of dill-lime-caper sauce.

  • Veggie platter

Your choice of any four of their veggie sides. All of the options are vegan and gluten-free.

Aviva Cares for the Community

Aviva’s by Kameel is a strong supporter of health initiatives across the globe, appreciating employees and supporting the local community. They are continually making efforts to give back to the community and uplifting it, sharing their food with needy, and helping all those in need in every way possible for a better lifestyle for everyone. You will often but not surprisingly see Aviva’s team passing out food for free at local fundraisers, at cancer-treating organizations, orphanages, and also often conducting speeches at universities to encourage a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet. They aim to be a part of a large community. They do their best to achieve that, outside their restaurants, in, and beyond business hours.

Aviva Loves to Support You

The team at Aviva’s loves being a part of local and national initiatives, especially those where they can promote the positive effects of food on your health, which they are the most passionate about. Just like a family takes care of each other’s health, so does the team at Aviva’s. They love to hear about organizations their customers are part of and find ways in which to assist them in making a positive impact. So you can also share your story with them if you think it can bring about a positive development for the community and be assured of Aviva’s support in your venture.

Catering Services

If it is a corporate event or lunch, you have to host, trust Aviva to deliver the most well-crafted menu for a flawless event. You can choose the a-la-carte option if you wish for everyone to get what they like, or you may trust their classic catering and have all the right flavors delivered right to your office.

If it is a special day you need help with, Aviva has had the honor of catering at the most exclusive wedding receptions and private events over the years. Their fresh, wholesome, Mediterranean flavors will only up the scale of your celebrations. With their passion for qualitative food and the importance of family, they make sure they deliver the best for your family and friends on your special day.

What Others Have to Say

  • A Yelp review says that Aviva by Kameel is the only restaurant that not only talks about but also delivers high-quality meals prepared at home.
  • A Trip Advisor review calls it the best restaurant in Atlanta.
  • Creative Loafing Atlanta offered kudos to the restaurant for not having a freezer on-premises, proving the commitment of the restaurant to freshness.
  • Atlanta Magazine admired Kameel for never facing any hesitation in giving people samples with his own hands outside his restaurant.

If you are someone who has always yearned for truly fresh meals, you are surely going to find some peace at Aviva by Kameel.