Food In Gwinnett

Welcome back to part three of our series where we look for the BEST food in Gwinnett. We are taking the time to go city by city so that you know which spots the locals love the most!

If you have not already checked out our part 1 post, then here is the link for that here.

In the last post which was part 2 we went through the second set of 4 cities:

In each of those cities we tagged and backlinked their top two local restaurants that we found! Again, we were very pleased with the spots in each of those cities making us very excited for today’s post about more amazing local restaurants.

Food In Gwinnett

Welcome back to our Food In Gwinnett series.

You know the drill, we are covering the best restaurants in Gwinnett so you know just where to eat when you visit.

To recap some of the facts, there are 16 cities in this county making it quite large indeed. Therefore, we have broken our search up into four separate posts. For each post we cover 4 cities!

For each city we are naming our top 2 local restaurants that we think people have to try! The line up we have for today’s post is:

Each of these cities are decently large in their own respect, so we have plenty of locations to choose from. Lets dive straight into it with the first city of Lilburn Georgia!

Lilburn Georgia Restaurants

Kicking off today’s post we are taking a look at the growing city of Lilburn Georgia. As of 2021, this city had a population of around 16,000 people which as we mentioned is growing steadily year over year. The downtown district of this area has also been growing and recently underwent a revitalization with a new town hall, buildings and streets.

Our first restaurant we are going to review will be the acclaimed 1910 Public House in Lilburn Georgia. With over 1,500 reviews this place maintains a rating over 4.5 stars which is amazing in of itself on Google.

Apart of the appeal of this place has to be the location, atmosphere and comfortability of the entire establishment. There’s no question 1910 public house is apart of the local community. If you find yourself around here and so choose to give them a shot, we have a few suggestions.

We would start off with their Bang Bang Clams as an appetizer and then move onto their Cornmeal Fried Catfish for all those southern food lovers. This place is sure to satisfy those southern cravings we all get from time to time.

The second location of Lilburn we are going to suggest is called the Agavero Cantina! Another impressive spot with over 2,400 google reviews that all equate to this place having a rating over 4.5 stars as well! If that was not enough to make you satisfied, this place is so good that it has two additional locations around Atlanta. Clearly they have something going right for them to be so successful!

If you’ve never been then you are in for a treat. We always love to start off with one of their house made dips like the chunky guacamole and a blackberry infused margarita. For entrée we always go for the fajitas, and they have a great Mexican Fajitas dish that is sure to fill you up!

We have already started this post out strong with two fantastic locations. Lets skip over to our next city Loganville to explore what they have to offer the foodies of Atlanta.

Loganville Georgia Restaurants

Similar to Lilburn, Loganville Georgia has been rapidly growing and developing over the past decade. Their population is around the same at 16,000 and it seems the restaurants have also shown up to play in this town!

Up first on our list of Loganville Georgia restaurants is the well known and loved Foggy Bottom BBQ! This place is actually right off one of the main roads but behind a building and trees making it a little tricky to find. Although, once you do find it we are sure you will be happy you did! This place has done extremely well in the past couple of years even opening a second location down the road in another city of Lawrenceville.

In addition, they have maintained a 4.5+ star rating on Google with over 1,100 reviews! But lets talk about what we really care about – the food.

If you are going to give this place a try, we suggest jumping straight into it with a brisket sandwich and some fried okra. You can tell a lot about a BBQ place by the way their brisket tender, juicy, fresh and with just the right amount of bark!

Second on our list for Loganville is actually going to be a new comer to this area. Well, sort of.

The next spot on our list is a previously owned and loved spot that has recently taken new ownership called Bogie Belle’s. This loveable spot is also hidden on a side road, but has all the appeal and candor of a community driven establishment. The new owner Linda worked and knew the previous owner personally making this more of a slight transition then a real change in ownership.

Therefore, we suggest those that loved this place before check it out again and continue to support it. Those that have never been, stop in and give it a try! They are extremely friendly, make great food and love to meet new people.

You can’t go wrong with one of their burgers! We suggest ordering The Western burger with a side of fries!

Norcross Georgia Restaurants

Up to bat next is the metropolitan city of Norcross. Coming in with a population of around 18,000 people, this place has plenty to do, plenty to eat, and plenty to see. Besides the malls, franchises and stores, there are a slew of amazing local restaurants just waiting for your hungry mouths and wallets!

First on our list is going to be a historic steak house that has been around longer than most people probably have! This steakhouse is none other than The Crossing of Norcross. Known for their quality, atmosphere and overall upscale approach, this place is bound to make you fall in love with it on first bite.

There is not much we have to say about this place other than you need to go!

If you get the opportunity, then of course we have menu suggestions to try! Their house made Charcuterie Board will get your started as you wait for your Moscow Mule from the bar. For a main course you are going to have to try their Cowboy Cut Ribeye cooked medium rare to medium at most. Pairs amazingly with some mashed potatoes and finished off with their house Creme Brûlée for dessert. You’ll thank us later.

It’s hard to follow up that last location, but we will try our best. Our second spot in Norcross has to be a more light hearted feel. Therefore, we are going with the loved pizzeria Paizanos! This classic spot is right off the train tracks in little village of Old Norcross and features some of the best and unique pizzas around!

As they like to say, they really do serve top-notch New York style pizza that you will come back for over and over again guaranteed. In addition, they feature amazing appetizers, salads, Italian dishes, and made from scratch desserts.

We probably do not need to tell you what to order here, but if you are debating then we suggest going with the Hell’s Kitchen Sink pizza medium and finishing off with a classic New York Cheesecake.

This concludes our third city. Lets take a look at our last and fourth city for this post, Peachtree Corners Georgia.

Peachtree Corners Georgia Restaurants

Finally on our list, but not final in our hearts is the robust city of Peachtree Corners Georgia. Unlike the past few cities we have covered, this city has a booming population of over 44,000 people. That is no small number, so likewise we expected some boomingly delicious locations when we came here to eat. Luckily, we were not disappointed! Here is what we found for you to try.

Number one on our sheet is a place that serves upscale grill food called Uncle Jack’s Meat House! This location really is something though. Coming straight out of the 1900’s, the location alone would make anyone want to try it out. While this is all impressive and conducive to a full immersive experience, the looks are not the only thing bringing people to the doors.

In fact, the meats, cuts, and service all paired together make this a memorable place you’ll want to come back on for special occasions.

We do have a few suggestions for your visit as always. If you are feeling adventurous, then we would start off with some of their Candied Wagyu Meatballs followed up with their Truffle Mushroom Swiss steak burger. We doubt you’ll have room for anything else, so make sure to come back and try out all of their unique menu items!

Our final spot we are going to take a look at is call Pho Viet Number One of Peachtree Corners. This spot is a unique place that serves the traditional Pho dishes and bowls. Although, there is much more than that because they also have sandwiches, beef dishes, duck dishes, spring rolls and much more for people to try!

While Pho might not be what everyone likes, there is always a first time for everything! We suggest trying this place out if you’ve never had Pho, love Pho, or simply want to try a new restaurant in the area! This is a great place to also get to-go for a party or late night working. We suggest the P14 which has beef and filet in it!


This is going to conclude our Food In Gwinnett part 3 post! This post makes 12 cities that we have reviewed in Gwinnett for all you foodies.

We will post the remaining 4 cities soon so make sure to subscribe to not miss our final post on Gwinnett food!

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