Best Indian Food In Atlanta

Best Indian Food In Atlanta

Welcome back to another Atlanta food post where we are going to cover the Best Indian Food In Atlanta!

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In today’s post we are going to cover these 5 authentic Indian restaurants:

  • Tabla
  • Chai Pani
  • Bhojanic
  • Botiwalla
  • Aamar Indian Cuisine

Otherwise, lets take a look at our top 5 restaurants we recommend you trying in Marietta!

Atlanta Food

Atlanta is a hub for diverse cultures, and it’s no surprise that the Indian community has added its charm to the city with its lip-smacking delicacies.

If you’re looking for the best Indian food in Atlanta, you’re in luck. We’ve listed down some of the most popular restaurants in Atlanta where you can indulge in some amazing Indian dishes.

From the savory butter chicken to the delectable biryanis, these restaurants offer it all. Read on to know more about these must-visit restaurants and what dishes you should try.

Kicking things off for our list is going to be Tabla!


Indian Food ATL

Indian Food ATL

Located in Midtown Atlanta, Tabla is known for its contemporary Indian cuisine.

The restaurant has an extensive menu with a modern twist on traditional dishes.

We recommend trying the lamb chops, which are coated in spices and cooked to perfection.

Other must-try dishes are chicken tikka masala and the biryani. Visit the restaurant in the evening to enjoy the rooftop patio with stunning skyline views.

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Chai Pani

If you’re in the mood for some street food, Chai Pani, located in Decatur, should be your go-to.

The restaurant has a vibrant and colorful ambiance, adding to the experience.

Their must-try dishes are the vada pav, a spicy mashed potato sandwich, and the thali, a selection of different curries served on a platter. Don’t miss out on their famous mango lassi, a sweet and creamy yogurt-based drink.

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Best Indian Food In ATL

Best Indian Food In ATL

Bhojanic, located in Buckhead, offers an authentic Indian dining experience with a touch of elegance.

Their menu has a range of classic dishes such as chicken biryani, lamb vindaloo, and samosas.

However, we recommend trying their butter chicken, which is a classic Indian dish made with succulent chicken marinated in a creamy tomato-based sauce. Visit over the weekend for their brunch menu, which has a variety of dosas and other regional specialties.

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Located in Ponce City Market, Botiwalla is a vibrant and colorful restaurant with an open kitchen.

They specialize in street food and have a range of small plates for sharing.

We recommend trying the Boti kebab, a spicy grilled beef dish, and the Chana chaat, a tangy and spicy chickpea salad. End your meal with their delicious kulfi, an Indian-style ice cream.

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Aamar Indian Cuisine

Best Indian Food ATL

Best Indian Food ATL

Aamar Indian Cuisine is a hidden gem in the East Cobb neighborhood of Marietta.

Their menu has classic Indian dishes as well as regional specialties. We recommend trying the lamb rogan josh, a fragrant and spicy dish made with tender lamb.

Their paneer pakoras, crispy fried cubes of cottage cheese, are also a must-try. Visit on the weekends for their lunch buffet, which has a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

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Best Indian Food In Atlanta Post

Thanks for reading our post on the Best Indian Food In Atlanta!

In conclusion, Atlanta has a vibrant Indian food scene, and these are just a few of the top restaurants in the city.

From the traditional and authentic to the modern and contemporary, there’s something for everyone.

So, grab your friends and family, and head out to one of these restaurants to satisfy your cravings for the best Indian food in Atlanta.

Finally, make sure to download the AppyMeal app to order from your favorite local spots online and support local businesses!

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