Welcome back to part two of our series where we look for the BEST restaurants in Gwinnett. Currently, we are going city by city in this large county to let you know which local restaurants are worth your time and money.

If you have not already checked out our part 1 post, then here is the link for that here.

In the last post we went through the first 4 cities of:

  • Auburn
  • Berkeley Lake
  • Braselton
  • Buford

In each of those cities we tagged and backlinked to their top two restaurants each! We have to say we were quite happy with the list of restaurants we procured in those cities, and we are going to do it again today in 4 more cities! Lets get into it.

Best Restaurant Gwinnett

Again, welcome to our best restaurant Gwinnett series. If you are from Gwinnett then you know just how big it is.

If you are new or passing through, then get ready to try some awesome good in this county!

To recap some of the facts from the last post, there are 16 cities in the county.

For each city we are going to name our top 2 local restaurants for you to eat at! Here is a list of the cities we are going to cover in this part 2 post:

  • Dacula
  • Duluth
  • Grayson
  • Lawrenceville

Kicking things off for our best restaurant Gwinnett we are going to start with the city of Dacula!

Dacula Restaurants

The quaint town of Dacula, Georgia has a modest population of under 8,000. Although, this area has actually been around since the 1800’s. In fact, this area of Georgia is known for some of the oldest still standing houses and structures around Atlanta from that time period including Gwinnett’s original court house!

The first restaurant we can recommend in Dacula is Fernando’s Mexican Restaurant! We always go straight for the Fajitas and luckily this place has an awesome plate called the Hawaiian Fajitas that has grilled chicken, onions, red peppers, pineapple, bacon and melted cheese.

We highly suggest trying it out with a house cocktail! This place has been around for awhile and has been serving the Dacula community since 2002. Obviously for good reason because the food is great here.

The second location we are going to suggest is called Taki Japanese. A local awesome sushi and hibachi place that believes art is food and food is art! They have many amazing signature rolls including one of our favorites the Yami Yami Roll that has shrimp tempura, crunchy crab, avocado, white fish, and soy paper. This pairs wonderfully with some hot tea and a side of house fried rice.

This location prides itself on being independently owned and serving the freshest high quality fish it can find.

Both of these locations will give you tastes that only Dacula can provide, but lets jump to our next city over and talk about two other influential restaurants in Duluth making locals proud.

Duluth Restaurants

Duluth is a hip, growing city that has a population of around 32,000 people. A key feature about this area is its city center that providing tons to do at all hours of the day. That’s right, this town has a vigorous night life to go along with its thriving day time appeal. But we are hungry people so lets take a look at what we really care about – the food.

The first location we are going to call out is Sweet Octopus. Sweet Octopus is known for its fresh Asian inspired dishes that includes Thai food, ramen bowls, poke bowls, empanadas, boba teas, and more! We had the privilege of trying their shrimp tempura poke bowl and absolutely loved it.

Make sure to give them a try and test out some of their different cuisines! We can tell this place will continue to be a great success.

Our second place we suggest you try in this thriving town is Local On North! This sleek spot is a modernish style restaurant that is family owned and operated by locals. The best way to describe this place is as trendy and appealing to all. We suggest trying their bruschetta for a starter, trout for entrée and pairing that with a delicious wine of your choice.

We always go for a cab even though people do white wine with fish. You won’t be disappointed here!

Grayson Restaurants

The number three city is the small but growing city of Grayson, Georgia. While most people might drive right through Grayson on their way to some of the neighboring cities, it has been developing many appealing areas over the past few years. With those developing areas has sparked quite the amazing batch of restaurants.

The first location we are going to take a look at has been nicknamed “Grayson’s best kept secret”. This place is regarded as one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Atlanta and is called Sam’s On Main. If you do not know, Sam and Nicole run this fabulous restaurant and in only a few years grew it to one of the best restaurants in Gwinnett.

We highly suggest visiting their location in Grayson to try a Gyro dinner dish with Green tomatoes as a starter. Make sure to say hi to Sam while you are there!

Our second favorite restaurant in the Grayson area has to be Sake Japanese & Hibachi! This hibachi place has been a staple in the Grayson community for many years consistently providing quality food and community support. Locals around there know where the best place to get sushi is! We recommend trying their Sake roll, a side of fried rice and an appetizer of your choosing for a quick tasty meal.

We always go for the seaweed salad and make sure to get some of their hot tea as well.

Last on our list of cities to visit for this post is the thrilling square of Lawrenceville.

Lawrenceville Restaurants

Last but not least on our list is the square of Lawrenceville! A lovely town with a great place called the square that locals and new comers love to walk around and experience everything this town has to offer. This town has everything from shops to restaurants and holiday treats galore. This city has a population of around 31,000 people that are all hungry and looking for the best place to eat!

Our first restaurant is a well liked establishment by the entire community called Universal Joint! This favored spot is referred to as the main neighborhood restaurant in Lawrenceville! We can agree with this as we feel like this location does a great job of making people feel welcome and warm.

If you have never been here we strongly suggest trying their BBQ pork nachos complimented with a cold beer and finished up with a classic burger. You will feel right at home.

If you are feeling more adventurous we advocate for a stranger meal. That would be none other than Strange Taco. To be honest, we were hesitant to try this spot but boy were we glad when we did.

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, so we suggest to try as much as you can! Our favorite option has to be the coconut fried shrimp tacos that have sweet + spicy sauce and pineapple pico on them. They are almost too good to believe.


This is going to conclude our best restaurant Gwinnett part 2 post! This post makes 8 cities that we have covered so far in Gwinnett. We will be posting the next 4 cities in the coming days so make sure to subscribe to not miss out on our next edition!

Here is part 3 for those interested in exploring more cities and local restaurants in Gwinnett!

Finally, make sure to order from our partner over at AppyMeal! The only app that supports local restaurants!

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