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If you are looking for a great spot to get some authentic and delicious Chinese food, then make sure to make a stop at the Mah Jong Restaurant in Snellville.

Atlanta is a huge place, but there are many amazing locations just outside of the city if you drive a little bit. This one in particular is native to the Gwinnett area. For those privileged to live close to or in the Gwinnett area, you more than likely already know about this little gem.

For those looking to find this place easily, it is right next to the Music and Arts center in Snellville. There is also a Party City a couple of doors down that makes it easier to spot. In addition, there is always plenty of parking which is a growing problem in the Gwinnett area.

Mah Jong Restaurant

Mah Jong Restaurant has been open for over 15 years and boasts of a great reputation in the community and as a restaurant. If you have ever been here, you will know they are fast at everything they do. From getting you seated, to getting your drinks, to cleaning off your table, and even to prepping your food. You never have to wait.

Dining Room

The main dining room has a somber vibe of an old Chinese style restaurant with all of the trinkets, music, and design to fit. Just sitting in the restaurant is peaceful and gives you a sense of being in another place all together.

While this area sits probably over 100 people comfortably, there is an additional back room for large parties or meetings that can be rented out and used by anyone. This is a great feature for a Chinese style restaurant because most of the dishes you order are family style at dinner, so sharing with a group of people is a great idea!

Another great feature of the main room is there are massive windows across the front of the building which let in tons of natural light giving the place a great warm and inviting feel to the entire experience. I recommend sitting near the window booths and enjoying the natural light.

Mah Jong Service

In addition, the service at Mah Jong is consistently impeccable and the waiters are extremely friendly.

There is one server in particular, Mum, that every time we come in will walk over and sit with us to say hello. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable and memorable when we slowly get to know the people that work here overtime.

Another great thing is usually someone is busing tables and cleaning while another person is constantly refilling waters, clearing tables, and catering to the guests. There are not many places that still offer this level of service in the Gwinnett area like Mah Jong does where you are being catered to at all times.

Chinese Food in Snellville

For Chinese food in Snellville, Mah Jong ranks among the top.

When you get here, it is always a great idea to order some hot tea! The tea is great in the cold weather and gives you a little energy as well. I always start off with the hot tea and a water.

Of course, the number one reason to come here is for the food. If you are unfamiliar with Chinese dining, then you need to know most of the food at dinner time will be family style.

Family style means when you order a plate of Sesame Chicken, you will get a plate of just Sesame Chicken and plenty of it. For that reason, it is best to come with 3 to 4 people and order several plates of food with an additional plate of fried rice everyone to share.

Typically, my favorite thing on the menu is the Honey Walnut Shrimp. The shrimp are fried with a slight crisp and laid under a nice base of tangy and sweet honey walnut sauce. By far some of the best Chinese shrimp I have had anywhere. It never disappoints.

Lunch and Dinner

As I mentioned above, the dinner menu will be for more of a family style feel. Make sure everyone knows what is being ordered and agrees to share their food. You do not want to bring stingy people here who do not like to share.

Personally, I like this system better because you get to try different entrees and have a more immersive experience with the people around you. The family style is great for encouraging conversation, trying new things, and making people feel welcomed.

The lunch menu will have independent dishes with a small side of fried rice and a fried Chinese chicken wing. Lunch portions are usually perfect for a single person and come with a spring roll or cup of soup for appetizer. While my family loves the soups, I cannot tell you how amazing their spring rolls are. They are so good, I always order two.

Here are some of our favorites from the menu:


  • Spring Roll (my favorite)
  • Stuffed Lettuce
  • Crab Claw Stuffing
  • Stuffed Chinese Breadstick

Chef Specialties

  • Peking Duck
  • Bird Nest Shrimp or Scallop
  • Tibet Chicken Hot Pot
  • Mint Leaves Triple Delight


  • Shrimp Lobster Sauce
  • Black Pepper Shrimp
  • Mango Shrimp
  • Honey Walnut Shrimp
  • Szechuan Shrimp

Fried Rice

  • House Fried Rice
  • Lotus Leaf Fried Rice
  • Shrimp Fried Rice
  • Plain Egg Fried Rice

General Entrees

  • Mu Shu Chicken
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
  • Mongolian Chicken
  • Sesame Beef
  • Tibet Beef
  • Szechuan Pork
  • House Lo Mein
  • Shrimp Egg Foo Young

Final Thoughts

To put it simply, Mah Jong restaurant in Snellville is one of the best options in Gwinnett to experience Chinese cuisine right outside of Atlanta. The authentic menu and warm environment will make eating here the highlight of your day.

Recently, I got back from a snowboarding trip with an awesome group of people. This trip was great because I was able to completely shut out the outside world and focus on the here and now.

The moments in front of me were at that time very stressful, but snowboarding game me an extremely enthralling experience.

It was my first time snowboarding, so every moment seemed like do or die. Since I quit my sport of gymnastics when I was 20, I never have been so physically challenged until this trip. Snowboarding brought back those feelings of pure joy and excitement that only physical challenges can.

We can ignore the fact that my group of ten people receive two concussions, one Hematoma rupture, spranged wrists, and ended as a lot of butt hurt individuals, from the snow of course. I am fairly sure we looked like we put purple and black paint all over our bodies by the time we were finished that weekend. To me, there was no better feeling.

21st Century Bubble

I wanted to start with that brief story for a couple of reasons. One, you need to go snowboarding if you never have. And two, I constantly forget how amazing and incredible this world is.

Let me explain.

From 2012 to 2018, I had no social media. Facebook had become so annoying and boring to me in 2012, I decided enough was enough.

My choice was to live life simply without distractions.

Although In mid-2018, the thought of running my own business crept into my mind. This forced me to change some habits. Social media is a necessity for any business.

Over a year later, I have the same feelings from 2012 creeping up on me, social media is a distraction. More so, it distorts the reality we live in. It changes our perspectives, distracts us from living full lives, and puts us in what I am calling, the 21st Century Bubble.

Seriously though, it is bad. Being an observant person, there are times when I will pick up my phone and instinctively click the Facebook or Instagram app with absolutely no purpose or intention. How is this possible?

Social Media Breathing

It is almost as if my body knows it needs to blink, drink water, breathe oxygen, and open Instagram to make sure nothing has changed in the past 2 hours.

My question was:

How is this possible? Why does my body search for distractions and want to be entertained constantly?

Funny enough, entrepreneur and social media guru, Gary Vee, has something to say about this.

He says:

Social media does not change you, it only brings to light what insecurities or problems you already had in your psyche. For example, if you are insecure about your weight, you may look at fit people and feel poorly about yourself, but if you are comfortable in your own skin and where you are in life, nothing should bother or effect you no matter what comes up on your feed.

-Gary Vee

Obviously, I am paraphrasing, but this is the gist of what he means. Social media brings out our insecurities in ways it never has before.

Social Influence

Gary is a wise man, and has a great following to support this claim. He is constantly opening up to people and trying to bridge the gap between just talking about doing something and doing something.

Although, what does this answer about social media mean about myself? Let’s dig into my brain a bit.

Several years ago when I had no social media, my ex-girlfriend would open up hers in front of me all the time. I remember her being consumed with it.

I remember her feeling judged because of some girls perfect body or a “couple goals” photo pretending life was perfect. We all know that these things are not real, but it effected her.

It took me a long time to figure out why. Why did she feel lesser because of an Instagram post?

My Social Experience

Let’s fast forward to December 2019. At this point, I have been using social media apps for over a year. There is an instinctive impulse to open social apps, and I have started to become more active and involved on each platform.

To be honest, I do not feel insecure about viewing anyone’s perfect physical appearance, crazy travel photos, or reading about someone’s drastic political views. Cool story bro.

The things that do make me feel insecure or insignificant is watching some 15 year old amass millions of followers. Although, I think this is a decently healthy response to what seems to be a new age phenomenon.

I might get slightly jealous, but In reality, those kids with millions of followers have probably worked their butt off obtaining them. Yea, there were many people that get lucky and go viral or teamed up with a popular person, but in general they spend every moment of their day brain storming, planning out videos, or thinking of ways to be creative and funny. It is their job essentially.

On top of that, they have to figure out a way to effectively monetize this following before it basically disappears. Not as easy as it looks I am sure given the percentage of people that purchase things from social media influencers or ads is way under one percent. Try more like 0.01%.

That means for every 1,000 people your post reaches, you might get 1 person to click on your affiliate link or even approach the idea of buying some merchandise. Those odds are not great, and they even diminish on different platforms where you can not even post affiliate links like Tik Toc. Good luck making money off of your dances.

Social Media Influencer

Thanks for letting me rant on all of that, but as you can see, becoming a social media influencer is difficult, and not always profitable.

As Gary Vee says, you can not just have hustle or smarts or dedication, or a proper business model and expect to be successful. These are just independent pieces of the complete puzzle. You have to have all of these characteristics of an entrepreneur to be successful. If you only have a few of them, you will still fail.

25 Year Old Insecurities

Given all of this thought, I believe my insecurities seem pretty reasonable. I am jealous of opportunities others have, but in a healthy way. I know the work it took to get there, and I respect them for it. Part of me wishes I had more patience and diligence to do the same.

My folks raised me well enough not to understand hard work is necessary to succeed and not to be encapsulated by the 21st Century Bubble. It helps me see past the allure of fame and wealth while understanding money is very important to achieve certain goals in life.

One thing I struggle with most of all that ties me close to the bubble, is the fear of being unaccomplished. Living in the U.S and living in the 21st century, there is a great amount of pressure on us millennials to become success stories.

It is almost as if the American dream of getting a good job, providing for your family, and contributing to society are looked down upon. They are now the minimum for our generation in the eyes of so many.

It seems like if you’re not a doctor, lawyer, or scientist, you damn as well better be some entrepreneur traveling the world and living the good life. Even girls I have dated seem to think money grows on trees and they deserve to lay on the beach all day and never work. Almost as if money grows on tress and the world bows at their command.

The reality of the harsh world we live in seems to be eclipsed by the 21st Century Bubble for some people.

Hard Work and Humility

There is no better cure for a distorted perspective than hard work and humility. Throughout my early life, I was burdened with being overconfident in myself and it hindered my ability to succeed.

The 21st Century Bubble was my home from the ages 13 to probably 19. After those ages, I quickly learned both aspects of hard work and humility. First in the Air Force, and then second through certain life choices. God opened my eyes to greener pastures by walking with my head down so that he could guide my feet.

Every now and then, I still have to remind myself, hard work is the only thing that matters. It does not matter if you have all the money in the world, or none of it.

If you are not working hard then what can God do with you?

You can not buy his favor, and if you do not do the most with what you have now, then he will not bless you with more later on. I truly believe this.

Therefore, if you are struggling with the 21st Century Bubble and comparing yourself to social standards, then work.

Work till you are too tired to impulsively click that phone app. Work until you don’t have enough energy to even worry about someone’s Instagram story.

If you do this long enough, success will find you and before you know it, people will be looking to you asking how you did it.

Are you the noodle lover? Or always on a quest to find an eatery of savory and masterfully cooked noodles?

Well, if you are in Atlanta, you are lucky enough to go visit a fantastic Chinese eatery at Buford Highway. The restaurant is popular for its fresh hand-pulled noodles that are a true treasure for taste buds.

Lan Zhou Noodles

Initially, people confused this restaurant with New Lan Zhou Noodles, located in Chinatown food court; however, both eateries are designed with separate concepts. The names of the restaurants refer to the same place in China called “ Lan Zhou.” The eatery in China is labeled as “the noodle capital of the country” where noodle lovers come from different parts of the world to enjoy delicacies like, beef noodle soup.

Lan Zhou Ramen is a must-to-visit spot if you are visiting Pine Tree Plaza. The shopping center is home to the famous Chicago Supermarket.  Chef Liu’s Lan Zhou Ramen is another cheerful addition to the artistically designed shopping center. The skillfully cooked noodles are not the only highlighting features of this amazing spot of Chinese delicacy.  The sight of Chef Liu, masterfully stringing and pulling the strings of noodles’ dough, through dining hall’ windows is categorically a defining attribute of Lan Zhou Ramen.

You can enjoy three types of delectable noodles in the restaurant.  Try hand-pulled noodles if you want to see Chef Lui preparing them, choose knife-cut noodles if you are fond of Italian pappardelle, or go for rice noodles if you are health conscious.  All three varieties are served with stir-fried vegetables and eggs.

What Makes Lan Zhou Ramen Special?

The noodle capital has become a highlight of metro Atlanta.  That’s why you will not find the hand-pulled, Lanzhou-styled noodles anywhere else. The expertly prepared noodles are not less than of an art form. A chance to observe the whole process of noodle creation by gazing to the kitchen is, without a doubt, something you have never got to experience before. The immersive view of noodle preparation dramatically frames an enchanting act of stretching, spinning, and rolling cascading tendrils of soft dough.

Even if noodles have never been in the list of your favorite Chinese cuisine, visiting Lan Zhou Ramen is worth your time and money. The traditional method of noodles preparation is exciting to watch through the window. Also, it results in thicker and scrumptious knife-cut noodles that you will love to taste. When Chef Fu Li mixes it with a fragrant broth of beef, brimming with stir-fried tender meat, wilted greens, and regular or spicy cumin seeds of your choice, the dish turns out into a world-class delicacy.  

You have a choice to slurp the noodles up to their length, but if you feel you lack the expertise to do that, use a pair of scissors to cut the noodles sophistically.

Insight and Accolades

Opened in 2017, Lan Zhou Ramen has a masterfully prepared menu, featuring an authentic and unique variety of noodles and some other tasteful options. The owner Fu Li Zhang has experience of decades as he worked in China, New York, and now Buford Highway.  

Since its opening, the Chinese eatery has established a reputation of a premier restaurant for both Americans and Chinese dinners.

The delectable variety in the menu and exceptional ambiance are what made this restaurant publish in Atlanta Eater, Atlanta Magazine, and Dekalb Neighbor.

Lan Zhou Ramen has an incredibly welcoming ambiance that attracts dinners of all backgrounds and ages to try the scrumptious noodle. Adults and kids equally love watching the preparation process of noodles, in addition to their mouth-watering flavors.

Interestingly, the master Chef Li is planning to expand his noodle operation. He will be opening his next venture at Pleasant Hill Road with the name Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles. As the name implies, the new restaurant specializes in gluten-free rice noodles that will be paired with meat or vegetarian-based broths and toppings like cabbage fish, tomatoes, and chicken.

Explore the Menu

Menu of Lan Zhou Ramen comprises 38 dishes, ranging from fried to steamed noodles with sauce.  If you like eating noodles that are tender but chewy, having a knife-cut flat variety of noodles is the best bet for you.  The slurp ability and springiness of these hand-pulled noodles with beef broth and fluffy eggs are out of the world.

Beyond noodles, the Lan Zhou Ramen’s menu features some spicy and cold dishes such as shredded pig ears, stewed pork belly, and spicy chicken. The entries like pork chops and oxtail soup with rice make the perfect combination to go for when you are in for a party celebration.

You will be amazed by the goodness of Xiao long bao- Shanghai soup bun. The silky and supple skin is, without a doubt, one of the best hand-made creations.  Order these buns with flavorful and fragrant pork meatballs to indulge in the real Chinese cuisine taste.

Here is a quick overview of the Lan Zhou Ramen’s menu;

Exclusive Appetizers

  • Dry-Fried String Beans
  • Pork Intestine sautéed with Hot Pepper
  • Dry -Fried String Beans
  • Triple Chinese delicious Vegetables
  • Stewed Ox -Tripe
  • tomato and Eggs Stir-Fried

Chef Specialties

  • Xinjiang Stir-Fried Chicken – served with hand-made sliced noodles
  • Spicy Crawfish

Lan Zhou Noodles

  • Beef Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup
  • Ox Tail Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Roast Pork Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Beef Stew Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Intestine Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Seafood Stir-Fried  Noodles (Hand-Pulled)

Cold Dishes

  • Pig Ear (Shredded) in Chili Sauce
  • Koushui Chicken
  • Braised Tofu
  • Braised Intestine
  • appetizing Potato Shredded
  • Sliced Beef Tripe in Chili Sauce

Outstanding Dumplings

  • Steamed Pork Bun 
  • Lamb cooked with Cumin Seed Burger
  • Spring Rolls
  • Vegetable Eggs Dish Bun

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Lan Zhou Ramen is one of the fantastic options to experience the true Chinese tradition and cuisine in Atlanta.  From the scrumptious menu to an interesting and warm environment, the eatery is an epitome of perfection.

Most of us have had the experience by now of playing some sort of game rather on our phones or on the PC or it could even be on a gaming console like Xbox or Play Station. We start these harmless cute looking games and quickly realize, this is really fun.

After a while, the game almost seems to suck you further in without you even realizing it. Before you know it, you are slightly addicted to the game and you do not even know why.

This post is going to have a similar theme and tell the story of how I became addicted to video games.

Spring Break 2013

Picture this, I was on the gymnastics team at the Air Force Academy and it was Spring Break.

All of the other students had left the college except for mostly the athletes. Our team had decided to rent some houses on base in order to “get away” from the dorms. In reality, we were only 2 minutes away, but it was still nice.

My brother happened to be at the same college and on the same team as me, so we decided to share a house together. There were many reasons for this, but to keep it simple, the rest of the team was quite rowdy. To their defense, Spring break is a time to have fun and cut loose, and it was very hard to do on a military base with so many restrictions. Regardless, they found ways to entertain themselves that we did no want to be apart of.

Starting League of Legends

My brother at this time had started playing a game that was still fairly new. It was called League of Legends.

The game honestly looked pretty dumb at first glance. Although, after he begged me several times to play “one game” with him, I conceded.

Sounds like drugs right? Just do it once man, you’ll be alright. Goodness if I knew what that one game would do to me.

Trying League of Legends

Little did I know, this game was an up and coming phenomenon. Although when we played, it was still in its infancy. The game had just concluded its second season and was ramping up to make some changes like it did after every season.

I remember soon after I joined the game the champion Lissandra was released. Prior to that champion it was this green blob champion named Zac.

It was fair to say, we got into the game decently early compared to most people, but I was clueless starting off. My first game I chose a champion and just ran down a lane killing myself over and over, because I had no idea what I was doing.

After a few more games and learning a lot about item customization, I quickly got my footing and started winning. A little secret about me is that I am very competitive, and I love games with quick reaction time skills. Therefore, League and I hit it off quickly.

Ignoring Homework For Gaming

Fast forward a year or two, I had left the academy to go train gymnastics back home. I was enrolled in a community school during the day to finish some core classes as well.

During the day I would go to school, work at the gym, and then train 2 to 3 hours after work. Afterward, I would head home and get on League to destroy some noobs. Quickly I realized that gaming was more enjoyable than anything else in my life.

Soon, homework become secondary to “one more game” and training seemed to be less and less important. Not only did I fall in love with the game, but I developed a strong community of players and people to challenge myself with. The gaming lifestyle had slowly crept its way into my life.

Little did I realize, this was League of Legends’ goal all along.

Addicted to League of Legends

You see, the purpose of games like this is to get you addicted.

As I got better at the game and I climbed in ranking the more time was needed to invest into the game to improve. Constantly, I had to spend additional time on the game to rank up. This is because the game was consistently being updated and patched to balance out new champions, items and strategies. Right when you think the game is balanced, some Korean comes up with a boosting strategy that breaks the game because of some weird mechanic.

It took me some time, but eventually there was a moment were the addiction became apparent. There were two options in my brain.

  • Option one: Take the game seriously and try to make money off of it streaming and becoming a higher rank.
  • Option two: quit the game and break my keyboard and mouse so I could not play even if I wanted to.

These may seem extreme, but that is pretty much how my brain works. Sadly, I chose the first option.

Competing in League of Legends

I first decided to try and take the game seriously. In season 5 my account was diamond 2 as a jungle and top main, but I wanted to do more than just stream every evening. Therefore, I started my own team.

During this period, I had switched to Georgia State in order to continue on with school. There I met a guy named Gene who ran the gaming club for the school.

After a short conversation, he agreed to shout out on all of the channels for any upper ranked players at the school to try out for the new League of Legends team.

This was perfect. Quickly I had amassed a decent team of players for all positions. We had several tournaments lined up to play in as well in the coming months.

Coaching League of Legends Team

The main problem with the team was, most of the other players were freshman and sophomores. They were a little awkward and really had no experience on being on any kind of team. From that, there were tons of problems like getting to practice on time, communication, and effort levels.

Soon after getting the team together, I had to do some reorganization efforts and show them I was serious. Two players quickly got kicked off of the team and replaced with lower ranked players, because I would rather have effort over laziness.

I was confident in my ability to train players on the game, but I needed them to listen and work.

Being a coach and being a player was hard as well, because it disrupts the balance between players, so we realized we needed a stand alone coach or someone to replace myself on the field.

Quitting League of Legends

While tit may sound like things were going the right way, there was a problem with my internet at home. Constantly, the internet would drop out on important games or disrupt practice. On top of that, the uploading limits for my internet were being tapped out in a week or two that were set for the entire month due to crappy Comcast. Streaming was getting expensive due to this.

The team was preforming well, but after a silly lose during the NCAA’s, I felt it was not going the way I desired. Therefore, these problems led me to wanting to pull back from this dream and pursue a real career. Funny enough, when you take game too seriously, they no long become enjoyable. I had lost my love for the game.

Gaming Accomplishments

While this may seem silly, I still felt accomplished. I achieved becoming one of the top ranked players in my region at one point, started a college team which is now sponsored by Riot, pays a real coach to run the team, and gives actual scholarships to some players, and I had fun while doing all of this.

Not many people can say they started an Esports team that gave someone a job and many students scholarships to go to school. Not many people can say they got to play with famous world renown League players and streamers on the daily while ranking up. It was a fun experience, but after all of the work I had little to really show for it.

The game had wasted tons of my time and practically several years of my life. Now, I was not stupid during this time. I also graduated college and kept a healthy relationship with a girl during this time which helped as well.

At the same time, I had been working at a local steak house to make some money while looking for a real job after graduation.

I even managed to pass two actuarial exams after all of this, which most people thought was only do able by the smartest of people. Clearly, they do not understand how dedicated and determined I get when difficult things get in my way.

Fighting my Addiction

Although this sounds like a victory so to speak, it was hard to quit. It took months of me trying to completely remove the game from my life.

If there was a weak moment where I would play even one game, the game would quickly draw me back in for a few weeks. It was bad.

These games are designed to consume you, to take all of your time. They are designed to get you addicted to the victory, to the challenges, to the community.

Remember this before you start any online, never ending game. They are designed like a drug, to get you high. Maybe not in the sense that you are used to. The “high” comes from the competition. It comes from ranking up, and it comes from finding friends like you who want to become better.

The little rewards you get from achieving a new rank, or winning a long drawn out game make it all seem worth it. Even the defeats you suffer from stupid mistakes make you realize you have room to improve. It is funny how even losing can make you want to play more.

Looking Back on Gaming

From where I am now, I see others making the same mistakes from gaming too much.

Gaming can be addictive. Playing games all day can ruin relationships, and the problem is that no one is talking about it.

If you are a gamer or if you enjoy gaming, please realize this, it is only a game. The chances of you ever making a career or becoming pro is literally a million to one. Keep things in perspective and never neglect your life over a game. It is not worth it.

I was lucky. Throughout the entire process, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed a back up plan. A real career that would pay well and get me anywhere in life. That carried through when gaming failed.

Still, there are millions of people out there gaming their lives away in hopes of making it big someday. More often than not, those people will end up wasting 5 to 15 years of their life on this silly dream. In the same amount of time, those people could have built entire companies, progressed to a successful point in a career, or simply made a huge difference in the world.

Gaming is a drug. if used in proper doses, it can help people relax. When abused, it can ruin lives, relationships and futures. Game responsibly.

Over the past 3 years, I gained interest in small businesses and the idea of creating my own grew. Through a series of successes and failures, I have learned a few important lessons that could save you time and money if you are looking to create your own small business team. Let’s start with a brief backstory on how I got into startups, and the I will tell you my 7 Tips for Building An Atlanta Startup Team.

My Startup Backstory

For a little bit of backstory on my experience with small businesses, I launched my first startup in 2017 around an emerging market trend at the time. Here are some of the things I did:

  • Built a team of 9 people. This included people with skills in full stack coding, design & marketing, hedge fund data analytics, derivative market structures, legal finance, traditional markets, Initial coin offerings, blockchain, token economics, and of course business development. To put it simply, I had a stacked team of talented individuals.
  • Find initial investors. To start, we had anywhere between $300 to $500 thousand from investors looking to push into the market and manage for our hedge fund. We had structured the initial phase to allow for two more funding rounds.
  • Wrote a whitepaper. This is basically a business assessment and outline of everything your company will do that was around 20 pages of detail for the investors. We made it professionally, and too many renditions to get correct.
  • Set up branding. This was done with our design team which included marketing materials, color scheme, long-term purpose and company fundamentals. In short, this was very fun.
  • Establish the entity. I did this with strong legal guidance due to the unregulated industry we were getting into. We settled on an LLC for simplicity although we would pursue incorporating as an S or C corp later on.
  • Structure user accounts and investments. This entailed formulating aggressive and passive investment structures for the fund, tons of research, time delay release structures, exit strategies, and reserve partnerships with two companies in Singapore and Ohio to grow reserves to present value investments.
  • Choose a Legal team. We had several calls with a legal team from New York that specialized in our specific industry. This was by far the hardest part of building our startup because of the enormous legal complexity of the industry.
  • Run weekly meetings. These were used to discuss market strategies and get to know each other. Plus everything I did had to be voted on by the team and discussed to make sure all avenues were considered.
  • Delegate tasks and manage the team. On a weekly basis I had to be in contact and touch base with all 8 people on the team while still finding time to run my busy life. Let’s just say I was on the phone a lot.

The First Startup Failure

While this may sound like a solid gig and tons of work, the entire operation still failed from a single cog.

My partner at the time was tasked solely with communicating and working with the investors. Ironically, he had become so close with the largest investors that he was sold on the idea of rebuilding his own company with the same idea and funding group.

At one point my partner disappeared for 4 weeks and gave away a lot of our work to another group, bounced a series of checks off of our personal company account I was linked to, and basically demoralized the team. Soon after this, I called off the project and the team disbanded.

In total, I was out several thousand dollars and months of preparation and time. On top of this, I had to face plenty of unhappy people, dissolve the entity, and basically feel like a failure for a few months. It was not the brightest moment in my life.

Fold and Move On

I want to start off with this personal story of failure to show how far you can get, yet still fail.

Honestly, failure is all apart of the process of starting a company. There will be many failures, but what matters is learning and not giving up on your dreams.

From this failure, I have gone on to create two more startups. The second startup had a strong team of 6 people which quickly became 3. This was due to lack of dedication and understanding. Lessons were learned, and I moved on quickly from this one.

The third startup has currently been in progress for 9 months and is going strong. The team is stable, consistent, and dedicated to the long-term goal. In addition, there are several things I am doing throughout this startup to ensure the same outcomes do not happen as the last two. These will be in my tips!

That is enough about me to give you an idea of where I am. Therefore, here are my top 7 tips for building a startup team so that you can succeed and achieve your goals!

7 Tips for Building an Atlanta Startup Team

Since there are so many dynamics to building a perfect startup team, keep in mind that these tips may or may not apply directly to your situation. Apply them where necessary, but I will try to weed out any doubts along the way with examples which should help you deduce if you need the tip or not.

Also, keep in mind I am still learning and adapting myself. There is always more to learn, but let’s dive into my 7 tips for building an Atlanta startup team.

Figure Out What You Need

This may seem like commonsense, but it really is not. It is very important to know what you need versus what you want.

For instance, when I started my first first company, I wanted someone who could build a website, and code. Although, I did not need someone who could do that because I could have quickly learned and done it myself.

What this did was add to the stress of managing the team, limit my overall control of the process, and lead to complications down the line. When you are thinking about what you need for your startup, only go for the absolute necessities. The things you absolutely can not do on your own or learn how to do over a weekend. Then you will know who you need to target and get on your team with you.

In addition, the larger your team is the more problems that can occur. Keep it simple.

Work With People You Trust

This is by far one of the most important points. If you do not trust your team, nothing will get done. From my example of the first startup, there was clearly a lack of trust that lead to the project failing. Trust is key in a startup, and there is no exception.

Choose your team wisely, and always go for trust over talent. There was plenty of people in the past three years that have reached out to have my help on a project or startup that I refused due to the lack of trust, transparency or communication.

Communicate With Your Team

Speaking of communication, this is another obvious tip, but many people overlook. Make sure there is some sort of natural interest or friendship with these people you are working with. If there is no level of friendship or natural communication, then things will quickly become dry, unappealing, and difficult.

During a startup there are plenty of weeks where the work seems daunting, unappealing, or just simply too much. Without this level of friendship and communication, your team will never survive these phases.

Make sure to establish a strong personal relationship with your team though organic communication and interest.

Keep the Team Small

A huge mistake I made starting off on my startup journey was building teams there were frankly too big. This sounds great to have 9 or or 7 people working with you or pushing a project forward when in reality, it makes it harder.

This time around we have a team of 3 people which was plenty for this idea. Slowly, we added two more part time people to the team. Although, they are not fully needed and we do not rely on them to complete the project.

Rather we appreciate the support and work they give while understanding the brunt of the project relies on us 3 to complete and push the company.

Stay Focused On One Goal

Another simple tip, but rather effective. With my first two startups, I tried to have an array of people with different skills all focusing or specializing on different things. While this sounds great, it really lead to a lot of incomplete work and a huge lack of focus. With everyone working on one united goal of finishing a specific project, we have had much higher success in pushing the current project to further stages.

Make sure not to divide your team into different areas or onto different ideas. Keep everyone focused on one idea, and you will have a much higher chance of success.

Short-Term Goals

While the long-term goal is to launch the project, keep in mind that the short-term goals for startups are much more important. Companies are not built in a day and neither will your startup.

Any reasonable timeline should be between 6 to 12 months for any startup. The larger the market you are looking to enter into, the longer the timeline should be. Make sure to set up short-term goals for your team to accomplish, but do not be surprised if things take longer than expected or there are hiccups along the way.

Instead learn to adapt and push past these obstacles because they will come. Short-term goals will help keep the team focused and driven though the months of work and focus.

Macro vs Micro Decisions

This is a little more in depth and leads into some of the team psychology. While I try to make sure everything was getting done and properly, as the leader of the project I have to allow my team the ability to be creative.

For instance, I have a vision in mind of how the project should look and operate. At the same time, I have to let my designer put his ideas and spin on the project. This can be hard at first. Over time you have to allow your team’s vision and input to take shape as much as your own.

In essence, allow your team members to make a lot of the micro decisions. These can include small things like color scheme, font choices, design ascetics, some functionality, and even marketing. While they do this, realize your job is to make more macro decisions like timelines, launch dates, partnerships, legal structuring, and things like this.

Do not micro manage your team. Instead, show them trust in their abilities and watch what they deliver.

Startup Tips and Tricks

These are my 7 tips for building an Atlanta startup team that you can use! I am constantly learning more tips, but over time I have learned that simple is better. Keeping things simple saves time and increases productivity. In addition, make sure to invest in your team. They will more than likely make it worth your time and effort and thank you later.

Every time I watch The Godfather I think to myself “What happened to acting in Atlanta?” Marlon Brando and Al Pacino absolutely destroy their roles as Vito Corleone and Micheal Corleone respectively. Then you compare them to the biggest actors today, and I can’t help but wonder when we stopped caring about acting.

Everyone is type cast to play themselves or to draw in their following. People who aren’t even actors are crossing over into the film industry because they can. Truly great performances are few and far between. Which is why I want to recognize actors that are keeping their craft alive and discuss the importance of acting in films.

Acting in the Old Days

We are currently living in a very strange time in film. Gone are the days of the best actor getting chosen for a role. In their place we have celebrities from all forms of media. Anybody that has a large following or fan base can get a role in Hollywood now. This means that movies are moving away from performance based films in favor or more fans and tickets sold. There are several problems with this trend, one of them being sacrificing art for money but the big problem is studios are finding ways to cut corners even more than before.

The studio’s goal has always been clear, make money. Although, the relationship between director and studio is clearly becoming more strained because directors are going to have a lot less to work with. You might have to dumb down a scene because the Instagram model with 8 million followers can’t pull off the same sort of performance as Ryan Gosling could have. This all leads to the major problem which is less good movies getting created and more big budget, skin deep movies are saturating the market.

Actors Make Movies

You might be thinking to yourself, “maybe all movies don’t need to have the best actors, you’re just overreacting” and you might be right, but consider this, take your favorite movie and imagine that the lead actor is The Rock. The movie is probably still good, but it could be great with the right person in the role. That’s the point I’m trying to make, movies can still be good with A list stars that don’t have much background in acting, but they could be better.

Better actors leads to better performances, and better performances lead to the audience identifying with that character more. All of which leads to a better end product. You reap what you sow, in most cases.

Favorite Actors

The saddest part of this epidemic is that worse actors are overshadowing some of the best actors to ever grace the screen. Some of my personal favorites are Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, and John David Washington. These actors, while still working in quite a lot of movies, could always use more work, they are completely underutilized. Not only that but if we keep using people from other media as actors we’ll never find the new up and comers. Those still lining up for auditions only to be overshadowed by those with millions of followers.

So this is my challenge to you, work with actors that will blow their performance out of the water. Work with those dedicated to your craft, and if you are an actor yourself, keep on trucking. No matter how many models or wrestlers Hollywood hires, we will always need talented artists.

Here is some information about why you should Visit Strasbourg, France and a brief story about my visit with my girlfriend at the time!

I am not sure if I have ever met someone who does not want to go to France. Believe it or not, the first job I landed after college had an annual trip they would do for the firm every year, and some how the same year I got hired they wanted to take a special trip.

Typically, this trip would be to Vegas or Hawaii or somewhere warm, but this year was different. This year our firm had reached a new milestone and they wanted to celebrate. They wanted to go to France.

Dream of Paris Tonight

Let’s back up for one moment. In early 2018, I was in a relationship with a girl, and she had always dreamed of going to Paris. So much so that she had Eiffel Tower notebooks, wall decorations, and obviously computer wall paper.

One night out of the blue, I was trying to be sweet before bed. I told her,

“Hey babe, dream of Paris tonight.”

I had never said that phrase before, and I was not sure why I did say it that evening. She laughed and smiled and said goodnight over the phone.

The next day, I strolled into work as usual and my mentor quickly caught a glimpse of me. Without missing a beat, he walked over and said,

“Good morning man! Did you hear the news?”

Without coffee to bring me to life, I muttered,

“Morning! No, I havn’t.”

I usually need an hour or so when I stroll into work to get woken up and functional. No judgement right?

With a big smile on his face he said,

“Well you better start working on your French, because we are going to Paris in June.”

At the time, I was still an intern as this company which is even better. After a few back and forth moments of questions, I found out that not only was I going to Paris, but I could bring my girlfriend. Talk about getting the golden ticket.

Traveling to Strasbourg

Fast forward a few months and it was wheels up. Before we knew it, the plane had taken off with passports in hand. From door step to AirBNB it took us over 20 hours to get to our destination. While everyone thinks Paris is the best place to visit, I had my sights set on another small town in France, Strasbourg.

To make a long story short, during my sophomore year I actually had a chance to attend school in Strasbourg, France for 6 months. The program was set to house us in a sort of castle in the country side while we took classes locally from English speaking professors. Sad to say, I did not take the trip.

The Famous Small Town

Already, you can see why I had to go to this town. I had missed my chance previously in my life, so I was not going to miss it again. The town is famous for a massive chapel right in the middle of it, a surround river that goes around the city, and a huge Christmas tree that they put up in December for a celebration.

We left with plenty of time to see both cities, Paris and Strasbourg, but to our surprise we ended up enjoying Strasbourg way more than expected.

Traveling to Strasbourg

After landing in Paris, we headed straight to the train station to catch a ride to Strasbourg for a few days before returning to Paris for the business meetings and extended vacation. The train station was nice, and luckily they had a Starbucks!

The train ride took only 2 hours, but we unfortunately had to wait 4-5 hours for our train. Upon reflecting on the trip, this was a serious logistics flaw because we were exhausted and desperately wanted to shower and change.

By the time we got to the town, we also had no idea how to get to our Airbnb, so we walked! Suitcases and all rolling over the cobble stone pathways, looking at random stores and enjoying being in a new world, we were excited.

Staying in Strasbourg

Luckily, I had mapped out where the town center was and got us a place to stay as close as possible.

The Airbnb was absolutely perfect! Right below our place was several amazing restaurants, a little courtyard, and easily a great view of the cathedral. Three streets over lead us directly to the front of it as well, so we were in prime real estate!

To be honest after arriving, we showered, changed and took a quick nap before we went out exploring. Afterward, we walked and walked until our feet hurt.

Every single night we would try a different restaurant and sit outside on the street tables to view the sunset and people watch. Easily, Strasbourg had some of the best food I had during my entire Paris trip. Every meal was an experience, and that is just the way we wanted it.

Sites to See in Strasbourg

Hands down, there was plenty to see in this town. We walked different directions everyday and never were we not amazed and mesmerized by the other cathedrals and stores. Every evening we would always come back to the Cathedral and get some ice cream at a famous ice cream spot right in the center of town.

One night, we noticed a bunch of college kids laying at the bottom of the Cathedral. Apparently, it was normal for people to get ice cream and lay at the bottom of the cathedral looking up and enjoying the view! We thought this was awesome and had to try it. The reason you have to lay down to see the entire thing, is because it is massive!

Strasbourg Cathedral

Another great feature of this town was the river. Every day there were amazing sunsets that would bounce off the water and give some awesome photos. It was like being in a magical place.

Additionally, there were plenty of stores to shop and shop until you were broke. Amazingly, most of the stores in this town were nice and had very expensive clothing and items to check out.

Best Thing About Strasbourg

By far the best thing about this town was the bakery. Almost every street corner had a bakery on it with authentic French style pastries.

Before this trip, I was never to keen on croissants, but after having authentic ones from France, I loved them. At one point I even bought a bag full of them to take back to our place, and easily ate all of them before the night was over.

For breakfast most days, we would walk over to the bakery and get sandwiches. The sandwiches in France are small baguettes that had fresh salami and cheeses in them. By far, these were some of the best sandwiches I had ever had. Being a bread lover, I was in heaven.

Walking Around Strasbourg

One thing to note about this town and Paris, is you will walk and walk and walk. Make sure you pack comfy shoes or get in shape before going to France at all.

Now in Paris, you can always Uber anywhere in the city for a small fee. In Strasbourg, it is harder to Uber anywhere reasonable since the streets really do not have many cars going through them. Almost everyone in this city walks or rides a bike. Therefore, in order to maximize your visit I highly recommend just walking!

While walking down alley streets you never know what you will find! The city is very safe as well, and we never felt in danger or unsafe at any point while visiting this city.

I would say Strasbourg is the most family friendly and safest city I have been to in Europe.

Monday Market

Another awesome thing that happened during the trip was Marché de l’Esplanade, the Monday French Market! This was even better because we had no idea this was a thing in the town. This market is basically for locals to stock up on all the supplies they need for the week.

Monday morning we woke up as usual and the second we stepped out side we were flooded with tents and vendors all selling amazing looking produce, meats, cheeses, and fish! I easily could have spend all of my money here trying to buy up all the things I found that looked delicious, and I wanted to cook.

The same market also had plenty of independent looking stands from locals selling trinkets, heirlooms, antiques, and just about anything. It was amazing to see the town at full life with everyone scurrying around to prepare for the week.

Christmas Time Market

The last thing I want to touch on, that unfortunately I did not get to experience was this town during Christmas time.

Sadly, I have not been able to go back, but if you ever want to visit Strasbourg, make sure to go during Christmas time. Similar to the market mentioned above, the entire town throws a market in December called Christkindelsmärik. The city was even nicknamed the capital of Christmas since this well known market has been going on since 1570.

It is estimated that this market alone draws in around 2 million people each year! That is a serious market since the town itself only has around 300,000-400,000 people living in it.

Visit Strasbourg

Now that you know the best place to go in France, make sure you get that special person and visit Strasbourg! Trust me you will not be disappointed, and you may even want to stay.

The film industry is reaching a breaking point. Action films at the box office have completely flooded the market to the point where they are almost indistinguishable from one another. I saw John Wick 3 recently, and I went in expecting an ok story with some amazing action sequences. My bar was already not that high, and I was still disappointed. The story was exactly as I expected, simple. The action was repetitive and even boring at times, and John Wick is not the only film to fall victim to this.

Too many action films of the past few years have been mindless and unentertaining, and audiences are catching on. My prediction is that we will experience a renaissance of filmmaking within the next few years.

Action Movies at the Box Office

Now action movies aren’t exactly failing at the box office, but more people are showing up for story driven films. This year alone we’ve had films like Queen and Slim, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and most importantly, Joker. These are all stand alone films, not sequels that have done extremely well at the box office. Joker is the most profitable film of all time and although it is based on characters from a comic book, it is not part of a cinematic universe or anything of the like.

Audiences of all types are showing up to these films, old and young, male and female, everyone is showing up to watch it, which I love. These films are the beginning of a new wave. Audiences are recognizing quality film more frequently. They’re not condemning bad films, but they’re making the effort to see good movies.

Film Market is Changing

I think this change in taste has come from action films putting in less effort. I’m paraphrasing Alton Brown here but in his “Hot Ones” interview he said that once a location thinks they have something on lock, they start slipping in quality. I think this applies to a lot more than just food, in this case, I think the action film industry thinks they have the box office on lock and now audiences are noticing other genres of film.

Since the Marvel Infinity Saga has come to a close people are branching out and trying other things. The market is essentially in limbo, no new trends but once audiences find the new genre they fall in love with, that will dominate for the next few years.

Action Films are Safe

Now, all action films aren’t bad, Skyfall is one of my all time favorite movies, it’s an incredible action film all around. The problem is, every action film can’t be Skyfall. It has story, incredible cinematography, and it took risks, which is rare for a sequel film. Let alone the 23rd in a series. Most films shy away from risk because if someone dies they can’t make a sequel, which in turn makes the studio less money.

This has led to action films actually being quite safe, which makes the ending much more predictable. The hero wins and no one dies, and like I said before, people are catching on.

Mindless Films

Action films aren’t going anywhere soon. They’re mindless fun to watch when you want to turn your brain off and relax, but I don’t think they will be as dominant in these next few years. The decade of the story driven film is among us and I could not be more excited. This opens the door for more creative directors and storytellers to get their chance at the big screen. The future’s looking bright and I’m ready for my shot.

As every story goes, three pub lovers set out to set up their pub. A twenty-plus years’ experience in the bar/ restaurant business, they realized Atlanta had space just waiting to be filled. Soon, vibrant conversations, sounds of glassware clinks, and aroma of fresh food were going to bring this place to life. The icing on the cake would be a beautiful historic building, right in a bustling square as the setting. From that, I give you the Brick Store Pub in Atlanta.

With a wonderful and warm brick stone ambiance, you definitely can’t go wrong in enjoying what this pub has to offer.

Brick Store Background

Tom Moore, Dave Blanchard, and Mike Gallagher, the three friends made their dream come true in the form of The Brick Store Pub. There are plentiful reasons for patrons visiting this place, but what stands out is the absence of televisions, neon, loud deafening music, and definitely a major absence of domestic beers.

 The Brick Store Pub is a beer lover’s paradise. At their main bar, you can find local, regional, and nationally recognized craft beers, their reserve bottled and vintage beer list, and the English and German specialty beers. They also offer a carefully selected, frequently rotated array of draught beers, out of a total of thirty-one. These also include two cask lines and a variety of cans and bottles.

Soon after a change in the beer law, the three partner friends took a trip to Belgium, which completely changed the way they served beer. Upon their return, they immediately started purchasing beer that not just holds up but also refines with age.

An extensive relationship with breweries and importers from all over the world allows them to offer you beers you won’t find anywhere else.

Brick Store Pub Food

While beer is surely the main attraction of the pub, there’s no underestimating the play of flavors in their kitchen too. The owners ensure that only premium quality products of local farms go into their foods. They hold true to their promise of freshly prepared food from scratch.  Some of their offerings are:

Kitchen Littles:

  • Tittle pop
  • Pimento cheese and crackers
  • Sausage and grits
  • Cheese tartlet
  • Fried pierogies
  • Lil’ shawties- whipped cheese, house smokies, butter bread, and pickled mustard seed
  • Soft pretzel
  • Butterbean hummus
  • Brunswick stew

On Bread

  • Brisket burnt ends
  • Turkey
  • Radish and mushrooms
  • Roasted Pork


  • Field green
  • Arugula
  • Farro and red peas

Pots and plates

  • Short rib pot roast
  • Pierogi Primavera
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Trout
  • Fish and chips
  • Smoked chicken


  • Chocolate pot de crème
  • Poundcake
  • Fried pie

The Brick Store Pub’s Cellar

The three friends and joint owners of the pub, Mike, Tom, and David, traveled to Belgium in 2004 on their first beer trip. They had heard of a pub called Kulminator in Antwerp, which historically changed their offerings of beer. They were, for the first time, introduced to vintage beer, with a menu sized like a  phonebook.

Upon their return, the three friends started buying and storing beer cases in the basement of David’s house. Any bottle that was conditioned or contained a high ABV and a strong malt bill were considered fair game.

Soon they hired the bottom of a next-door, old bank and began to age their beers down there. Very soon, they built a cellar in their pub.

The cellar opened in 2010 and holds up to 1000 vintages. It is still a recognized force in the beer industry today with many accolades on a national level.

Final Thoughts

If you are a resident of Decatur or the surrounding neighborhoods, there is no chance you can miss an experience at The Brick Store Pub. This pub promises sheer happiness and a hang out you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you do not live in Atlanta, then why are you reading this blog? Just kidding, you’re more than welcome to stay, but really Atlanta is an amazing place to work.

Working in Atlanta

When applying for jobs in Atlanta, there are tons of options and opportunities, but some how many of my friends still struggle to find a good one.

That sadly was me as well starting my senior year of college. I had finally achieved all of the accolades I needed for my job, but I had difficulty finding the right one.

Specifically, my desired career was to become an actuary. Luckily, after 9 months of interviews and testing the waters on different paths, I found a internships that is now my job today! Although, most of you probably have no idea what that career is.

What is an Actuary

Let’s take a step back then and discuss:

What is an actuary?

To be honest, that is similar to asking:

What is a Doctor?

Right? Because how would you even answer that question. Well, a doctor…uhh heals people? No not exactly, a doctor diagnoses patients, reviews x-rays, preforms surgeries occasionally, does research, basically anything in the hospital a doctor either does or has done probably.

In short, that is kind of an actuary. We do not do ONE thing, but instead we have a set of skills that allows us to be flexible. The simplest definition of an actuary I have heard came from my co-worker, Ian. Therefore, here is Ian’s definition of what an actuary is:

Actuaries put a present numerical value on future uncertainties based on the past.

That seems simple enough right? You would think so, but like being a doctor, there are a million of things that the word “uncertainties” could compose.

Actuarial Practices

In unison, there are certain actuarial practices or principles that actuaries must adhere to. These are mostly communicated, learned, and demonstrated through a series of exams that every credentialed actuary must pass.

Some countries are different, but for the U.S., there are two main organizations to take exams from, and each one is basically for a different path.

Health, Life, and Pension Actuaries

These branches of the actuarial profession will typically take exams from the Society of Actuaries or SOA for short. The SOA is notorious for giving extremely hard exams, changing up the credential path, and sending you too many emails.

Each of the paths are very large in the actuarial field, and you can make plenty of money doing them. With the exception of pension, health and life are thriving markets that anyone should be able to easily find a job in, given you have passed the first two basic exams, P and FM.

P&C Actuaries

P&C which stands for property and casualty actuaries, are basically everything else. This is my field and as an actuarial consultant, I work mainly with workers compensation, general liability and auto liability reserving. Super exciting right?

P&C actuaries will almost always go through the Casualty Actuarial Society or CAS for short. These guys, oh these guys, really really love to give hard exams. Historically, these exams will have one to two bad questions on the exam that need to be thrown out, not enough detail, poor wording, or just an extreme level of side page of the book small font information that you need to know.

The CAS should in all honesty rework their testing strategy. Because, from experience, many questions are just a poor reflection of your knowledge level. For those reasons, I would say the CAS exams are harder than the SOA exams, but not for good reasons if that makes sense.

Why did I Become an Actuary

At this point, you are probably wondering:

Geese, why did you become an actuary?

You are also probably still wondering, what an actuary is, but hey that’s not my fault. I tried.

Back to the above question, here is why.

After finishing up part of my political science degree, I decided to give up my sport dream of the Olympics and chase a career. After that, I had no idea what to do. I did however have a talent for math.

After a short, random, God inspired talk with a woman in Starbucks one day, I learned about Actuarial Science. Ironically, the lady I met was an actuary studying for exams.

After googling how much money they make and how difficult it is to become one, I was sold. I was determined to become an actuary.

Little tid-bit about me, I love a challenge. Life is not entertaining if your not sure if your going to sink are swim every moment. I live by the sweat of my brow and late 3 am nights just because, why not?

Actuary Life

At this point in the story, you could be curious of:

Was it worth it to become an Actuary?

Either that or your bored to tears and probably should go to bed and get off the internet.

Anyways, the short answer is yes. here is why.

In the process of becoming an actuary, I learned a few traits that I basically ignored my entire life. One of those traits was studying long-term for something.

In high school and yes, even in college, I never had to study. I was cool with the B or C grade and let me go. I knew what my mission was, and a letter grade really did not matter to me.

Due to that, I never learned that desperately needed skill to become an actuary, studying.

Therefore, the challenge was already entertaining to me. On top of that, there was also a plethora of other people that I would consider as smarter than myself that had tried to become an actuary and failed. I even learned that the previous salutatorian of my high school had tried and failed to become an actuary.

You can guess what happened after I learned that. I became an actuary for _____ and giggles.

Overcoming Career Challenges

If you’ve read this far, I am sorry for the lack of sleep you will probably get tonight, but thank you. If there was one thing I learned that I could pass on from my process (unfinished process) is:

You mustn’t quit.

Failure is inevitable, and apart of the process. There will be many many days of frustration and doubting, but you mustn’t quit. Failure is only the beginning of success. It’s apart of the process of becoming the person you ultimately know you can become. Even if no one else around you can see it.

As long as you can visualize it, you can achieve it. Now, go to bed and get up tomorrow to attack the day. Success is just around the corner… after sleep.