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If you are looking for a vacation from the busy city life of Atlanta or from city really, then look no further than these tThings to do in Helen, GaThings to do in Helen, GaThings to do in Helen, Ga ings to do in Helen, Ga. This town boasts of community driven festivals, kid friendly adventures, global cuisine, and plenty of awesome get away spots for couples.Things to do in Helen, Ga

What is Helen, GA?

Quick history behind this historic town, it was founded in 1912 and the name “Helen” comes from one of the lumber officials’ daughters. The town was formally a logging town that wasn’t quite cutting it, so in 1969 the city decided to adopt a classic-German style architecture on every building to resurrect itself. Today, tourism is the key economic driver for the town as it houses visitors year-round that come from all over to experience the lavish festivals, mountainous air, and tube down the Chattahoochee.

5 top things to do in Helen, GA

Here are the top 5 things to do if you ever decided to visit the German-style town!

Tube the Chattahoochee

Indeed, this is the most popular thing to do for visitors coming into Helen with large groups. There are multiple places you can stop along the road to rent tubes and take the journey! Park your car at one of the tubing locations and rent a tube. Tube down the river for several hours leisurely enjoying the brisket mountain air and cool water beneath you. Departure locations are usually indicated by other people getting out of the river or marked by a sign. A bus will drive you back to your car where you are free to continue about your day.

Things to bring

One thing to consider bringing a small bag to store their valuable with a water proof bag inside for your phone, keys, and wallet. Obviously make sure to bring snacks to munch on and a 32-oz non-glass water bottle. Unfortunately, beer and liquor are not allowed while floating on the river and the Helen PD are always enforcing this rule. A push stick is also recommended for when the river gets low, so your tube does not get stuck on rocks below. Tubing is a great way to spend quality time with the family, friend group, or a company outing!

Cool River Tubing

Particularly, we recommend using a company like Cool River Tubing where you can link your tubes together and float down the river as a group! At this tubing vender, $8 includes your tube, shuttle, life-jacket, tie straps, and key-saver service. Additionally, Cool River Tubing has group rates for parties of 10+. Cool River Tubing will be opening services on Memorial Day weekend (Monday, May 27) for the summer season!

To learn more and schedule your tubing adventure, click here: Cool River Tubing

The Chattahoochee Stables

This is one of the best things to do if you have smaller kids that have never had a chance to ride a horse! This place has no age limit for kids on double riders, but single riders must be over the age of 5. For single riders the price is around $40 a person and for double riders, the price is around $50 per horse. For events like this one, it is best to call ahead and make a reservation. We recommend calling at least 24 hours in advance to make sure they have availability to fit your party in.

Prepare to ride

For this event you are going to want to wear specific clothes and shoes. Long pants are a must and closed toe shoes are highly recommended if you do not own boots. If you are planning to ride in the Winter, plan accordingly and wear a few layers with gloves so you can enjoy the experience and not freeze.  

To learn more and schedule your horse ride, click here: Chattahoochee Stables

Hike Anna Ruby Falls

While in Helen, the best thing to do is get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape! What is a better way to do this than go for a hike to an awesome waterfall location!

Anna Ruby Falls is just up the road from Helen about 5 miles away. The drive should take less than 10-15 minutes and it is well worth the drive. Parking is free, but there is a $3 per person charge to take the hike. The hike starts at the park’s visitor center which is just outside Unicoi State Park.

The Hike

The hike is less than one mile, on a paved trail and is absolutely beautiful. The trail is also kid, stroller, and dog friendly. The path to the waterfall is through a canopy of lush trees, green moss-covered rock outcrops, and the soothing sounds of nature. As you hike up the slight incline, you start to hear the water bouncing off the rocks louder and louder as you get closer to the waterfall. As the falls become visible, there is a great spot for photos and a moment of relaxation and awe.

The falls are great for family hikes that is less than a mile in length. There are great photo opportunities with the beautiful waterfalls

Ready to check out the waterfall? Plan ahead by checking out the website here: Anne Ruby Falls

Food in Helen GA

Helen has many amazing features about the city. What comes along with the German-classic style architecture is an array of international food choices. We have picked two of our authentic favorites below that we think you will absolutely love!

Hofer’s of Helen

Above all, first is our choice for lunch which is, Hofer’s of Helen. In particular, Hofer’s is an amazing bakery and café that serves the community year-round with excellent food. The café portion of Hofer’s aims to bring the ambiance of authentic German vibes along with the authentic German food. The menu for was created from family recipes brought from Germany with a dash of other international favorites.

Ready to check out the menu? Click the link here to learn more about Hofer’s and get your taste buds ready: Hofer’s of Helen

Spice 55

Second on the menu of selected is a town favorite that might surprise you. For dinner, we have selected Spice 55 which prides itself on being a fine Thai dining and sushi bar! Spice 55 is the number one restaurant in Helen by Tripadvisor and for good reasons!

Specifically, the most popular things on the menu has to be the volcano roll and the crispy duck which is a must try if you ever visit this place! The menu can get a tad pricey, but it is well worth ever dollar to have amazing sushi in such an odd place.

If you are ready to order your sushi rolls and stuff your face with spring rolls, visit their site here and check out their hours and other menu options: Spice 55

Wine in Helen GA

No trip to Helen is complete without experiencing some of the hidden secrets this city has to offer. One of those secrets being the Habersham Vineyards & Winery! Habersham is one of North Georgia’s oldest and largest wineries that has been around since 1983. The winery is open daily from 10 – 6pm for wine tastings. They also occasionally have live music, an annual Winefest event, and food!

In addition, Habersham utilizes the distinctly southern Muscadine grape for their wines. On some wines they use American, French and Hungarian oak barrels. The most popular label is their own Habersham Creekstone Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

If you like to taste test wine, then Habersham is the place to go!

Ready to taste some amazing wine grown here in Georgia? Find out more here: Habersham Vineyards

Things to do in Helen Ga

In summary, If this short list of unforgettable experiences has you ready to book your next trip to Helen, we suggest you quickly head over to our other article on the 3 best times to visit Helen, Georgia. 3 Best Times to Visit Helen, Georgia.

10 Tips for Social Media Marketing

For all companies, an active presence on social media will expand digital marketing. This can drastically enlarge your audience and promote growth with a few social media marketing tips.

Additionally, more than 50% of SMEs in the US rely on social media as their primary digital marketing method. The incentive to do this is that you can find new customers and network with them very effectively with the added advantage of social media not requiring upfront cost.

Some other traditional marketing methods from before the internet lack this advantage and could cost a fortune to implement. For this reason, local businesses are increasingly using the advantages of social media marketing to compete with larger competition.

How can you utilize your social media online successfully? Here are 10 social media marketing tips around for Atlanta business.

Social Media Plan

Social media activities, like other areas of your business, require a carefully crafted strategy to build your brand.

Set Goals

Your likes and retweets aren’t the only metrics, generating leads, conversion rates and referrals all pull traffic to your website. Use the SMART principle when defining goals: goals should be specific, measurable, appealing, realistic and timed.

Conduct Audits

At this point, take stock of your established connections and networks on social media, which networks your audience uses, and how your own social media presence compares to the competition.

must be remembered, recalibrate your strategy as needed using performance metrics. For example, analyze the number of clicks per post, the reach of your messaging, and the number of page views made through social media. You can use this data to further optimize your strategy.

Set Up More Accounts

Have you researched which social networks are best for your local business? Then set up an account on each of these platforms. Make sure everything you post there matches the overall business goals and target audience and update your post and visuals as your industry develops and changes.

Competitive Research

See what content your competitors from your industry share. Insights on how to reach out to potential customers while standing out from the competition. Find out what makes big corporations successful and how you can integrate their tactics into your own social media strategy.

Social Media Calendar

The calendar is central for organizing the content of your marketing plan. Specifically, it should include the day and time you want to post anything on any of the platforms like Facebook and Instagram, tweets, and any other type of social media content.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Platforms

To summarize, not all social media platforms are suitable for your business. Each emphasizes different aspects and works better for certain markets.


A standard for the generic platform that all local business will want to be an expert on. In addition, Facebook also has the most regular users making it one of the most attractive networks.


Equally important, Instagram owes its success to its visual approach. Successful marketing here has a lot to do with the appealing aesthetics of the images that you share.


With more than 467 million users, the platform is the world’s largest careers network. In summary, this is a great B2B platform with strong potential for direct messaging prospects.


With a limit for characters per tweet, Twitter is best used for quick and catchy headlines and advertisements. In that case, most businesses use twitter to talk directly to their customers and followers.


In general, Youtube is the best way to take advantage of the popularity of online video. In the light of google changing their algorithm for ranking in 2019, Youtube is now more important then ever.


Pintrest is a great resource for reaching a larger audience without needing a large following. Anyone can go on Pintrest and pin on popular boards for free exposure!

Start your selection process with this list. Determine which social media platform work best for your business and expand from there. Maybe it’s only one, maybe several or even all of them. The more you have the more organization is needed so the build off one another.

Social Media for Business

Target Audience

Identifying the characteristics of your target audience and clients is a major part of all market research. Without this information, you cannot possibly know how to attract the attention of your desired audience.

For this purpose, Identify age, gender, place of residence, average income, and other factors indicate consumer demand. Collect this demographic data from social media, surveys, focus groups and customer surveys. Analyze this data for trends and use these characteristics to find ideal customers.

How to Find Your Target Audience

Sell products

Marketing on social media is more than just tweeting about your brand from time to time. You can set up links to websites that directly sell your products. There are multiple ways to monetize your social media account that include affiliate marketing, product launches and many more.

5 Ways to Monetize Your Social Media Accounts

Pictures Videos and Graphics

It does not matter which social media platform you’re on, visuals are important for optics. Condensing information into images or providing passive consumption with video will expedite community engagement.

For examples, whether images, GIFs or videos, the integration of visual content in your social media posts is relatively simple. Just make sure the visuals are relevant to the content of both the post and your audience and you have properly prepped the files.

Quality Over quantity

It is tempting to present a brand on as many social networks as possible in order to reach as large a target audience as possible. Balance is needed to make sure all your work amounts to real benefits. High numbers are good, but you don’t want your image to come across as shallow. Putting in the work will communicate value and attention to detail that many of your target audiences will appreciate.

Respond and Engage

In today’s digital world, social media often replaces personal conversation. Regular responses to questions from your target audience will make your brand look more sensitive. If you do not interact with your target audience, they may get the impression that you are not interested in their concerns. In addition, the interaction in social media offers the opportunity to present the unique character of your brand.

10 Ways to increase your social media engagement

Learn From Competitors

Do not hesitate to adopt successful social media marketing tips of other brands. in addition, get inspiration from others on social media and try some of their tactics on your own social media channels. Track what your competitors are doing and let them stimulate you. Maybe a great idea can be adopted and adapted for your own campaigns.

Post Consistently

Sending out one Tweet per day just isn’t going to cut it. Have a routine posting schedule and be consistent with the presentation and content so the content becomes easier to associate with you.

For Instance, your schedule should include how often you plan to publish on each social media channel and what type of content you plan to publish. Remember your followers are likely following hundreds or even thousands of other people. If you’re not publishing new content as often as the other accounts out there, it’s easy to get lost and forgotten.

Find Keywords

Finally, don’t underestimate the power and effectiveness of social search, so find keywords. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks have search features that operate just like search engines. When people search for a specific keyword or phrase, the site will search through all of the content to display the most relevant information. Including keywords and phrases in your social media posts and profile makes your company more searchable.

How to Find Social Media keywords

Social media marketing tips need to be utilized on all platforms because social media is becoming more advanced and accurate because the newer technologies have a lot of content that needs to be categorized.

Get into the habit of using common hashtags and relevant keywords within your social media posts so that your business will have a better chance of being found by people searching for topics related to your industry.

In addition, for a list of Social media accounts to follow check out our other article Social Media for Entrepreneurs.

Thanks for reading one of our Atlanta business articles!

Have you ever had an amazing idea? No not like a normal cool idea, we mean like an AMAZING idea that you just can’t wait to tell the world about!

These kind of ideas keep you up at night, fill your phone notes with random details, and now all of your best friends ask you to stop texting them about it because they just don’t care.

It sounds like you need a new audience.

Much like advertising in a mall or on TV, you can’t browse the internet or go on social media without seeing some sort of ad or promotion for either an idea or a product. Specifically, Facebook ads seem to cover news feeds and constantly pop up on videos.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads, seems too annoying to be effective, but like TV commercials, Facebook ads really work. Certainly, It is important that advertisers take the time to understand why and how to best utilize all of the options available.

To point out, there are multiple methods to promote your page and posts on Facebook. All of these methods require spending marketing dollars and varying levels of time. Below are a few methods that are widely used.

It is important to note that in order to utilize any of the internal Facebook advertising tools, you will want to verify your Facebook page. Help for this can be found here and we will be making a post on page verification later on.

Should I Advertise On Facebook?

let’s answer one simple question. Why should you learn about Facebook advertising? The most convincing factors that got us into it are:

  • It is extremely effective! You will immediately see results and analytics per post.
  • It is Cost-efficient! It is the cheapest way to currently reach your desired target audiences.
  • Advertising is very easy to do on Facebook!

The best part is, with a little research you will be advertising in no time!

As unbelievable as that sounds, it is true. let’s dive into it and find out more by discussing: how do I start?

How do I start Facebook Advertising?

Lets start with some simple options. When you create posts on your Facebook page, sometimes you’ll see a blue boost post button appear after you publish the post. The boost post button allows you to quickly create a Facebook ad using the post that you just made! Simple right?

Alternatively, you can also follow this link which will take you to the Facebook Ad center after you select “Create An Ad”.

If you are simply posting on your Facebook, here is an example below of what you will see under a new post for your page or business.

If you are a new page owner, you may have trouble reaching a wider audience like the above picture. You may only get 1-2 likes per post which can be discouraging, however if you boost a few of your posts for a month it is not a bad idea.

Look at the results we had from boosting one post on our page.

As I have shown, it is quite easy to boost a post and get quick results. This post went for only 4 days, and the total cost amounted to under $25. The post was shared over 30 times which is great exposure for any new page.

To point out, results for boosted posts will drastically vary based on several factors.

Strategy For Boosted Posts

  • Boost 2-3 different posts advertising the same thing with different photos, text, and theme.
  • Equally important, select the minimum amount starting out for each post which should be around $10 for 10 days. In other words, $1 per day for 10 days.
  • Furthermore, analysis each post’s results 3-5 days into the 10 days with the internal metrics which are free.
  • Finally, boost your best performing post with additional funds and cancel the other two. Because, there is no need to keep the other two posts that were not preforming as well. In other words, capitalize on your best post by adding funds and letting it bring you more exposure!

You can repeat this process every time you want to advertise on Facebook to maximize your reach and get the best bang for your buck. This is the basic, do it yourself strategy.

Where Can I Find Ad Content

Here are two quick examples of Ad creation that any business can utilize. First is the platform called Promo. This is an amazing do it yourself platform that enables you to create captivating and personalized videos for your social media. It does cost, but it is worth it if you are serious about creating video based ads yourself.

The second option is a free platform called Canva. We use Canva for so many things! We even used them for the photos in this article. There are thousands of stock photos you can choose from, modify and download.

The Free version will still enable you to download pictures you create. Simply download what you make and then go into your photo editors and crop out any white space you need to remove for your ad if you do not want to pay for the transparent background option.

Facebook Audience Selection

Remember, it is important to take the time to create a new target audience for every post you boost. The details you can provide per post are the gender, age, location, and interest of your target audience. Once you have selected your audience, make sure your save them under a name you will remember.

The most important thing to realize before we get into this further is that Facebook advertising is EASY. As a result, if you spend a little time to understand it. Anyone can learn how to do it and anyone can master it and be successful!

Now let’s dive in more and discuss some of the differences in boosted post features, Page promotion features and Lead Ad Generation features.

What Are Boosted Post Features

Boosted posts on Facebook are images, videos, or simply text that is being used to advertise or promote something specific. Any Facebook user can promote a post if it is approved by the verification process,

How to Choose a Facebook Audience

The algorithm in Facebook provides some audience options based on information from your Page. Specifically, the algorithm creates and improves your automatic audience from a combination of details, like people near your business location or people who have interests related to your Page.

Afterward, make sure to review all the details of your ad. Try to choose targeted cities or local areas with the search tool. You can pick multiple locations and even the radius around those locations of up to 50 miles.

Make sure to choose relevant locations to your targeted audience. For example, if you want to sell paddle boards, you should probably target Miami, California, and Hawaii over places like New York and Chicago.

Where To Place Facebook Ads

Placements on Facebook represent where your ad will appear. Boosted posts are shown on the desktop news feed, mobile news feed, Instagram news feed, Instagram stories or in videos on either platform. The audience network placement is very important to maximize exposure.

Ad Budget Customization

The amount you pay to boost your post is up to you. You can select a pre-populated budget or set a custom amount. At a minimum, boosted posts require a budget of $1 a day and a minimum total projected budget of $10.

Generally, your post will reach more users based on the amount of funding. Additionally, there is a projected target audience per boosted post that you can see as you set your budget per post.

Lastly, you can cancel your post at anytime and not be charged for the remaining days that you had originally selected the post to run for.

How To Schedule Your Ads

Set the amount of time you want your ad to run. You can choose from a custom duration or set a custom end date. This will not increase your budget, only spread the amount and exposure base over a longer time period.

Simple Ad Creation

The ad you create will look just like the page post it’s based on. The only difference is that your ad will appear with a Sponsored label in the top-left corner and will have a call-to-action button in the bottom-right corner if you choose to add one.

The call-to-action button should redirect users to a variety of locations that you can select. This includes external websites that Facebook approves.

Access To Insights

Finally, It would be great if you could view the results and statistics of each add. Luckily, The and ad center enables you to review your results and insights and each boosted post you make!

Finally, It would be great if you could view the results and statistics of each add. Luckily, The and ad center enables you to review your results and insights and each boosted post you make!

Pause, coffee break! Okay, continue reading.

What Are Facebook Page Ads

Simply, Facebook page ads are similar to boosted posts except it is for the Facebook pages as a whole. Specifically, this promotion is done by creating ads for your page that will help you grow the awareness and visibility of your business.

Promote a page as a quick way to reach people who are interested in your content or people who show interest in businesses like yours. In short, click the blue promote button on your page. Afterward, Facebook will prompt you with a few different options to help you grow your business. The promote button options will help connect your business to more of the people who matter to you.

As a result, make sure to check out how your ad will appear on desktop news feed, mobile news deed and the right-hand column on Facebook. typically, your ad will appear in all three formats, increasing the likelihood your ad will reach your desired audience.

Depending on your business goal, you might consider using Messenger to follow up with people who contact you after seeing your ad.F

Minimal-step Creation Process

First thing to remember, Facebook will Pull images and text to create an ad for you or you can create it yourself to your desired specifications.

Audience Suggestions

This tool provides some audience options based on information from your page. Facebook will create and improve your automatic audience from a combination of details, like people near your business location or people who have interests related to your Page.

Ad Placement

Placement on Facebook represents where your ad will appear. Similarly, It is identical to the placement for boosted post.

Set Your Own Budget

Make sure to choose how much or how little you want to spend on each ad. Unfortunately, there is not a universal cost to promoting your Page. This is because, the amount you pay will always depend on how many people you want to reach and how long you want your ad to last.

Detailed Filters

In general, you’ll have access to more sophisticated bidding and budgeting options with the ads create tool, accessible directly from your page.

Access To Insights

Finally, check out how your ad is performing every day and measure your results.

What is Lead Generation Ads

Simply, Lead generation ads are the most advanced option for Facebook advertising. They allow actions and processes that we use for identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.

Lead ads allow you to collect information from potential customers. This includes: names, email addresses, phone numbers and much more. At the same time, lead ads can even ask custom questions.

Specifically, we can use lead ads to collect sign-ups for newsletters, price estimates, follow- up calls and business information, making them a great way to identify potential customers and share relevant information with them in the future. Let’s discuss some of these options for Lead Generation Ads.

Contact Forms

In any event, contact form are one of the best features for businesses. Facebook prompts viewers on click to fill out a short instant form that sends you their contact info.

Contact Question Customization

Obviously, customize the questions in your lead ad instant form to tailor it to your business.

Data Download

In general, it is best to download your leads directly from Facebook. In addition, you can connect your leads to a CRM like MailChimp or Salesforce

CRM Integration

Finally, connecting to a CRM can help you download your leads faster and take real-time action on new leads. Learn more about the benefits of using a CRM.

Facebook Ads Conclusion

Now you have a basic understanding of boosted, promoted, and lead generation ads on Facebook. In summary, all three are great options for expanding your reach and engagement. For that reason, each method needs time and expertise to perfect.

We hope this post helps you with all of your advertising endeavors! Thanks for visiting the Atlanta Tribe and reading about one of our Atlanta News, Atlanta Business, and things to do in Atlanta articles!