Ethiopian kitchen

Ethiopian born and raised, Titi Dimissie and Ash Nega knew they were meant to be together forever when decided to live in Atlanta. What they didn’t realize at the time of their marriage was that their partnership would not be limited to being husband and wife only.  With Ash’s dream and visualization of Desta, their partnership translated into a co-ownership of the vision come true, that is, Desta their restaurant. Recognizing Ash’s passion, his wife Titi dedicated herself to bringing her husband’s dream of Ethiopian Kitchen to come true right in the heart of Atlanta.

The couple had initially decided to start on a small scale establishment. However, their focus was not even slightly minimalistic in delivering what the essential elements of their business model were; premium quality ingredients, traditionally rich and classic flavors, hygienic food, well organized, and top-notch service. After tremendous efforts and relentless hard work of the couple, the doors of Desta Ethiopian Kitchen opened for public on 1st July 2006. Their humble venture had started with accommodation of only eight people: seating for four and a countertop for four people to stand.

Today, the testimony of their phenomenal success can be found in their capacity to seat 250 guests. With multiple upgradations and expansions, they have not compromised on the core values of their business and still give first-time visitors a stunning shock. The originality, values, and genuineness of their simple yet remarkable business model are still very much in place. 

Bringing uniqueness to their brand is the marriage of modernized business tactics with true Ethiopian culture. This is what Desta Ethiopian Kitchen is all about.

The Food

Sticking true to the definition of Desta, which means happiness, their menu is designed to make all palates and the inner souls happy.


Do you crave for breakfast at night? Well, no problem. Make your way to Desta, and you will be treated to a scrumptious breakfast no matter what time of the day it is. It must be morning somewhere in the world after all, right?

So here are the start features of their breakfast menu:

  • Chechebsa

Small flat pieces of bread braised with berberre ( Cayenne pepper) and your choice of olive or Ethiopian butter.

  • Foul

Crushed beans sautéed in spices, garnished with tomatoes, fresh diced onion, and pepper. Finished off with butter and olive oil. Served with pita or white bread.

You may further load this treat with a scrambled egg, boiled egg, or feta cheese for additional charges.

  • Kinche

Cracked wheat cooked tender with Ethiopian spices and butter.

  • Fetira

This is a traditional Ethiopian breakfast made up of flatbread with layers of eggs and served with honey.

Teaser Treats

Their teaser appetizers are just the thing to be at the top of the list of favorites. They are:

  • Gomen Siljo Dip

A combined dish of gomen (mild, collard greens, seasoned with spices) and tofu, seasoned with ginger, garlic, a touch of olive oil, and hot mustard. Served with your choice of pita bread or injera (spongy soft flatbread, of a slightly sour taste with a hole, often used as a utensil for scooping up food)

  • Sambusa

These crispy treats are stuffed with your choice of either lentils or minced beef. They are to die for.


Your choice of Salmon or beef. A flour tortilla wrap or Injera filled with their delicious kitfo ( served rare, medium-rare or medium-well)

  • Salmon Starter SALAD

A made fresh on order salad, topped with your choice of cooked or rare Salmon, seasoned with Ethiopian spices.

  • Kitfo Slice

Tortilla wrap filled with a delicious kitfo, jalapeno peppers, and ayib ( cottage cheese) and cooked to perfection as per your choice.

Their signature entrees promise to tantalize your taste buds.

Hosting Your Private Parties

Gearing up for your next private event? Desta located at Emory Point, is the best option for you. They offer comfortable yet sophisticated and elegant accommodation of up to 100 guests, be it a buffet dinner or a seated gathering. Your options to grace your events at Desta are limitless, and you will fail to impress your guests.

They offer customizable menus that are tailored to suit the taste preferences of your guests while staying within your budget.

Options Provide Are

  • Sound system and microphone
  • Buffet meals include silver chafing dishes
  • Bartender and a full bar exclusively for your guests
  • A pull-down, full-sized projector screen which you can connect to your laptop if needed. The projector also connects to the television in case there is an important match you and your guests can’t miss.
  • Decoration of the room as per your choice
  • Your choice of satellite radio music

Catering Services

They offer catering services for your private events, even outside the restaurant, at a venue of your choice. Their top of the line, fully equipped staff, ensures flawless and impressive delivery of their buffet-style catering and presentation. Be it an intimate birthday party or an upscale wedding reception, Desta is equipped to handle it all for you.

Accolades and Recognition

  • Awarded by
  • Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor
  • Award Best of Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine
  • Awarded by Zomato Users’ Choice
  • Winner at Creative Loafing, Best of ATL

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In a nutshell, Desta is not just good in pictures or from he way its menu looks, but the customers who have visited it speaks loudly of its amazing good and service.