Gwinnett County

Gwinnett County

Welcome back to another Atlanta post where we are going north east to an area called Gwinnett County!

Home of great food, good community and over a million people, this area has a lot to offer. Here are some of the things we are going to talk about:

  • Award-winning Cuisine
  • Parks and Nature
  • Arts and Culture
  • Sports fanatics

Gwinnett County GA

Atlanta has always been known for its rich culture, hustling businesses, and some of the best food in the world.

But have you ever ventured outside the city limits and explored Gwinnett County?

The county is one of the fastest-growing suburban areas of Atlanta and boasts an abundance of incredible things to do, see, and eat.

From lush parks to unique boutiques, Gwinnett County offers something for everyone.

Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, keep reading to discover some of the hidden gems of Gwinnett County.

Award-winning Cuisine

Are you a foodie? Then Gwinnett County is the place to be!

The county is home to some famous restaurants, including the two Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse, 9292 Korean BBQ.

The city of Duluth has earned the nickname “Koreatown,” and with its wide selection of Korean food joints, it’s easy to see why.

Another culinary highlight of Gwinnett is the Buford Highway Farmers Market, known for selling exotic fruits, vegetables, and spices from around the world.

Parks and Nature

Gwinnett Grayson

Gwinnett Grayson

This area has a wide range of parks and outdoor recreational places.

For an authentic Georgia hiking experience, head to the Ivy Creek Greenway. The 3.2-mile trail offers scenic views of the woods, creeks, and wildlife.

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, visit the Vines Botanical Gardens, where you’ll find greenery, a pond, and a Japanese garden.

For adventurous outdoor activities like zip-lining, rock-climbing and hiking, try out Stone Mountain Park.

Arts and Culture

Loganville city

Loganville city

North Georgia is host to a vibrant arts and culture scene that continues to grow.

Check out the Aurora Theatre, offering plays, musicals, and comedy shows year-round.

The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center is home to natural history exhibits and interactive displays.

It’s a great venue to learn about the county’s history. Also, the Hudgens Center for the Arts is another fascinating place that exhibits paintings, sculptures, and more of local and national artists.

Boutique Shopping and Entertainment

Move over Atlanta – Small, local businesses are flourishing in Gwinnett County.

Stroll on down to the small commercial areas such as Historic Norcross or Downtown Lawrenceville for unique shopping experiences.

For example, Legacy Station is one such boutique store that exclusively caters to model trains and accessories.

Also, Sugarloaf Mills Mall is a large shopping centre that has stores to suit all budgets and taste.

Lastly, downtown Duluth’s Parsons Alley is home to many bars, restaurants, and breweries, including Dreamland BBQ.

Sports fanatics

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from in this area.

Watch the Triple-A team Gwinnett Stripers play at the Coolray Field.

The Infinite Energy Center is home to a variety of events from hockey to ring shows.

Also, the Atlanta Gladiators ice hockey team and the Georgia Swarm lacrosse team play at the arena.

Gwinnett County

Thanks for reading our post on Gwinnett County!

Gwinnett County offers a thriving food and drink scene, outdoor activities, arts and culture, unique shopping, and sports entertainment.

It’s only a short drive from Atlanta and serves as a perfect one-day or weekend trip to explore some hidden yet fascinating spots.


If you’re in the mood for something different or unique, Gwinnett County has it all.

So, take the time to plan your visit to Gwinnett County and experience it for yourself. You’d never regret it.

Finally, make sure to download the AppyMeal app to order from your favorite local spots online and support local businesses!

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