Finding Your Talents

There are a million and one things that you could possibly do in your life time work wise.

Think about it, just about every single thing around you was made by someone. From your desk, to your keyboard, to the website your reading this post on, it was all made by someone.

You can practically create or do anything in the world you see or imagine. With a never ending list of options, it can be extremely hard to pick just one thing to focus on. I mean how could you possibly pick only ONE thing to work on the rest of your life?

How can people expect students or even people in the work force to perform just one task repetitively for years without giving them a avenue to expand, to grow.

It is quite crazy because – that is how a majority of people live today. They preform one task over and over again for 30 years without ever pushing to develop an array of talents instead of just one.

Finding Your Talents

That is why, I never tell anyone to focus on just one thing. It is silly to simply put all of your eggs in one basket and bet it all on the success of one skill or trade. You can never predict the future, and there is absolutely no way to know if you would not be better at something else.

That is why, it is always wise to try multiple things in your life.

Really, you should try multiple things yearly. I would say just about every year I try several new things.

I did that from the age of 19 until about 25, and now I have a handful of talents that I can choose from.

Along the way, I chose a few of those talents to expand upon. These talents I am constantly diving deeper into to seek their potential limits. I want to figure out how far they could actually take me.

One of which is clearly blogging! It was only a year and a half ago that I took up the habit. Since then, I have established several successful blogs, and developed a slew of ideas to further progress the nature of web platforms. The entire process is a never ending circle of learning skills and developing traits to better myself and my future.

I suggest that every person does the same. It takes 5 to 10 years to fully get used to a certain skill set, and even longer to master one. Although, if you spend the first 3 to 5 years searching for your talent by trying a ton of different skills and experimenting, you could have a whole list of skills to expand upon and build upon.

Skills Build Upon Each Other

You see, the more you experience the further the dots connect. Lets think about it for a minute.

To use as an example, lets take building successful blog!

In order to build a successful blog, what skills are required?

Well, for starters you probably need some experience about a topic to write about. So, it takes some sort of experience or knowledge about a specific topic to start a blog.

That or you will end up doing a ton of research and the blog will turn into work extremely fast. No one likes that.

Next, you probably need to be able to write in a format that not only properly conveys your point, but that also ranks well for SEO.

You see, content on the web needs to be concise and easily digestible. If you can not effectively communicate your ideas to the audience, you are wasting your time. In addition, your content needs to be what is called SEO friendly.

SEO is search engine optimization. it is something I had to learn about to further my blogs Google presence. Every single thing I write on my blogs is reviewed by Google bots and then categorized based on the clarity of the writing, style, and the content it contains.

Blogging takes multiple skills that I had to develop, and that I am still developing.

Not to mention, the most obvious next skill I had to learn was building websites.

Let me just say, I am not adapt in technology, nor am I a natural with computers.

It was extremely hard for me to learn the different platforms you need to build a stunning site, and about the industry as a whole in order to maximize my impact.

Pick Skills That Compliment Each Other

As you can see, as I picked one skill off my list of talents, writing, I had to pick other skills that would complement it to build an effective blog.

After a while you start to see the big picture of things. Not only do you need to figure out what you are good at talent wise, but you need to figure out how certain skills will build off each other.

For example, you might be a stunning artist. You might be able to create masterpieces by painting and sealing wooden sculptures, but you have a problem. You lacking the proper material to service some clients. Lets say custom wood pieces would be the material you need. I know this is random, but there is a simple solution.

Learn to carve your own custom pieces! Clearly painting and sealing pieces will never be enough to sustain that market, you have to adapt and learn a skill to compliment your ability.

Taking wood shop classes and learning the different types of wood, the strength of each kind, and the tools necessary to build what you want will expand your possibilities. Those two talents would go hand in hand giving you limitless potential to your real talent of painting.

The first idea in picking your talents is to unhinge your limitations.

Another clear example would be for photographers. Lets say you take amazing photos, but never publish or post them across social media.

Well, you might want to take some marketing classes and learn to build effective portfolios online. Simple, clear and effective to take your craft to the next level.

Build a Portfolio of Talents

Thanks for reading my short post on Finding Your Talents. Please do not forget that there are millions of possibilities in this world for people to try. Everyday you could attempt a new talent if you really wanted to.

Set your sights on spending a few years experimenting. Fail at things, succeed at a few, and learn most importantly. No one in this world will be good at everything naturally, but everyone in this world can learn to be good at anything over time.

Find your natural talents, and build upon them with other skills you develop over the years.