day trips from atlanta

Day trips from Atlanta

Welcome back to another Atlanta post where we are going to talk about day trips from Atlanta! Here are some of the places and things we will be discussing in this post:

  • Serenity at Serenbe
  • Admire the Athens
  • Escape to the Appalachian Trail
  • History in Marietta
  • Scenic Drive to the Chattanooga

As you can see there is plenty to do outside of the city that we’ll be covering. Before we dive into each of these things, lets chat a little bit about Atlanta!

Hustle of Atlanta

What if I told you there’s a world beyond the humidity and hustle of Atlanta?

A world filled with winding, quiet country roads, picturesque small towns and parks brimming with wildlife, flowers, and trees? All of these wonders are just a day trip away from Atlanta. If you are tired of the heat and bustle of the city, I have got you covered.

In this blog post, I will take you on a journey to the best day trips from Atlanta.

From scenic hikes to charming towns, world-class museums, and historic landmarks, there is a little something for everyone.

So, pack your bags, fuel up the car, and let’s explore these nearby gems.

Serenity at Serenbe

Only 45 minutes away from Atlanta, you’ll get a chance to bask in the beauty of Serenbe.

Serenbe is an isolated historic village encircled by green forests with a verdant landscape and numerous farm-to-table eateries.

Perfect for a day trip, you can energize with a hike in the Palmetto Trail, visit the Spa or catch a play at Serenbe Playhouse.

Admire the Athens

Athens, Georgia home to the University of Georgia, is where punk rock and Southern hospitality seamlessly mix, making an instantly intriguing atmosphere perfect for travelers who relish diverse experiences.

Begin your day trip from Atlanta exploring the art of the Georgia Museum of Art, be captivated by the garden terraces of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and finish up with some ice cream at the vintage-inspired store, The Grit.

Escape to the Appalachian Trail

You do not have to be a nature lover to appreciate the Appalachian Trail.

Make a day trip to North Georgia Mountains; soon all you will see is cascading waterfalls and stunning mountainous views as you head northbound towards the trailhead.

The hike is a picturesque escape from the cities hustle and bustle that lasts just for some hours.

History in Marietta

marietta trip

marietta trip

Marietta, Georgia, a peaceful town with its rich history, is a perfect day trip destination from Atlanta.

This surprisingly vast town offers an excellent combination of world-class museums, historic landmarks, and pleasing public parks.

Discover aviation’s history when visiting the Marietta Museum of History, or take a stroll at the Marietta Square and indulge in the quirky boutiques and fine dining options.

Scenic Drive to the Chattanooga

chattanooga trip

chattanooga trip

Just a few hours’ drive from Atlanta, Chattanooga is a gateway to outdoor activities and native history.

Home to the Tennessee Aquarium and the famous Lookout Mountain, you can pack a lot in for a day trip from Atlanta.

Make sure you stop the car and soak in the beauty of the rolling hills and the mountains, experience the waterfalls and have a bite to eat at high-end culinary spot like Tupelo Honey.

Looking For Things To Do

Looking for more things to do near Atlanta? You might want to check out this post here where we talk about several things close to the big city:

How far is Atlanta from..

Day trip from Atlanta

Thanks for reading our post on Day trips from Atlanta!

Sometimes, getting away from your everyday routine without going too far is all you need to rejuvenate your soul, and the Atlanta Tribe has shown you where to go.

Its proximity to numerous breathtaking destinations makes it a perfect base for day trips that are not only budget-friendly but also refreshing and awe-inspiring.

Serenity at Serenbe, Athens, the Appalachian Trail, Marietta, and Chattanooga are some of the best day trips from Atlanta for lovers of the outdoors, history enthusiasts, or anyone seeking a peaceful day away from the city.

So pack your bags and gas up your car because a world of adventure awaits you in these destinations.

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