Create the life you want

Recently, I have been talking with several people about life. Each person I spoke with has gone through a rather rough set of circumstances only to come out on the other side to find, they are not where they want to be in life.

Either they got caught up in a job to support their lifestyle, a bad relationship constantly trying to fix things to make it work, or simply they just did not put forth enough effort to focus on their real goals in life. No matter what the reason was or the thing they blame, the outcomes are all the same. They did not create the life they wanted to live. They did not work for it.

Because of hearing this song sung over and over with the same tune maybe just in a different key, I want to go through my tips on how I daily try to build my dream life. Therefore, let’s dive into my top 5 ways to create the life you want.

Create the Life You Want

In order to create the life you want, there needs to be a strong, solid foundation. That foundation is commonly referred to as your purpose. When is the last time you honestly asked yourself:

What is my purpose in life?

The easiest way to answer this question is to look at what you do daily. If you are running to work, trying to chug coffee to get past the lunch sleeps, hurrying home to watch a tv show, and staring at your phone for hours just to wait for someone to like a post, then I have bad news for you. You do not have a strong purpose.

You see, reality, when put into perspective, can either save you or crush you. More often than not, in order to save you it must first crush you. The reality of your daily life, is your purpose. It doesn’t matter what you do on some Saturdays once a month, or what you think about doing, or what you even tried to do at one point. What you do everyday is representative of your purpose.

Therefore, once you have realized your purpose, or lack there of, its time to change that into what it needs to be. For that, we need to start with a dream.

Start with a Dream

In order to truly be passionate about something so that you do it every single day, it needs to make you feel alive.

Here is how you tell what your dream is or what you are really passionate about.

If you are tired, I am talking end of day, been up for 16-18 hours, its raining out side and the pillow is calling your name tired, and you think of doing this thing and it makes you not want to lay down, then that is your dream.

Whatever makes you want to dance when you feel too heavy to move, whatever makes you want to run when you don’t even have shoes on, whatever makes you want to not miss a second of it, that is your dream.

If you truly do not have anything that makes you feel this way, don’t worry. That just means you have not found your dream yet. It is still out there waiting for you, waiting for you to discover it. You will know when you find your dream, when you find your real passion. It will be like a light bulb went off that will not turn off even if you unplug it, unscrew the bulb, or cover it up.

Find your dream and hold on to it.

Access Your Dream

The next part is incredibly important for this whole thing to work. If you truly want to create the life you want, you need to make sure those wants are reasonable.

This is one of those, reality check moments again.

Just because you get excited to watch the superbowl does not mean you can make it in the NFL. Likewise, just because you see a gymnast preform a triple back in the Olympics and think, that would be amazing, does not mean you should buy a trampoline and start chunking it.

What I am trying to say is, make sure your dream is out of your current grasp, but still obtainable or physically possible.

Maybe your dream is to be a writer? Fantastic, then you have a long way to go and many years of practice and exposure to gain. It is obtainable for just about anyone that is determined and willing to learn. Possibly your dream is to buy the New York Jets one day like Gary Vee. Then you sure as heck better start getting good at business, investing, and work your face off every moment of your life to do so.

The main thing here is, the bigger the dream, the more of a reality check you need to have with yourself about the expectations and outcomes. Maybe you want to buy the New York Jets, work your face off but only end up as a millionaire. You have to learn to savor your wins with your losses. Even if you do not accomplish your ultimate dream, the journey is what is important. For that journey, you are going to need to chart a path to success.

Chart a Path to Success

For every dream, every single dream, there needs to be a meditated and deliberate plan of action. Specifically, you need to chart a path to success.

Now that you have found your dream and you’ve accessed it for attainability, its time to start planning. This is the best part about the process. It is the part where you get to not only dream but plan. Maybe your dream is to become that writer. Then you better chart out the top schools in your area for writing, read some books, watch some tutorials on how to write better, and slowly start to immerse yourself in the culture and writing industry.

Once you have a heading of the general path to your dream, it is time to break it down into your milestones and daily routine.

Milestones are those big moments or breakthroughs where you can look back and say, wow how did I already get here? You will be amazed at how fast those milestones come and go as you build your dream life.

The most important part in charting a path to success is getting the daily routine down. You see over a year, there is plenty of time to get work done, develop skills, or change your life. Although, day by day, it is a different story. You see the real success in creating a life you want comes in the daily struggle. The daily grind decides on if you will create your dream life, or if you will just be a dreamer.

Be Open to Changes in the Path

With the main path laid out, your milestones set in your mind, and your daily routine fully functional, you still need to prepare for some hiccups along the way.

I can not remember one idea I had where the starting path and the finished path looked exactly alike. Almost every single time there were things I did not consider, things I did not know about, or things I learned that shifted the goal ever so slightly. You are going to always hit some road blocks along the way as well that can change your course, but always keep pushing forward.

Sometimes, your dream may even completely change, but that is okay as long as you are comfortable with the new direction and just as passionate. More often than not, what we want and expect is not always what we receive or get once we get there. Therefore, you need to be flexible but also determined to push through whatever obstacles come your way and whatever changes need to be made.

Work on it Everyday

This was mentioned before, but I want to focus on it again. It is absolutely, incredibly, without a doubt, the most important thing of all these steps.

No matter the dream, goal or focus, daily work has to be apart of the process. If you are not actively pursuing your dream every single day, then it probably will not happen.

In order to keep myself on track, I have a daily check list. The check list has all the actions or items I have to finish everyday to work toward my goals. Sometimes I stay up till 2am, 3am, or even later just making sure it gets done. If you are not completing your checklist everyday, then you will not see the results you want. You might not even achieve your dreams.

To prevent this, and to give yourself the best opportunity for success, keep the checklist short. It is more important to be morally strong, confident and determined then to get beat down everyday from not completing your checklist. For those reasons, keep it short and sweet and make sure it covers the necessary bases for your long-term success.

Building the Life You Want

Thanks for reading my post on how to create the life you want. Make sure to share it if you enjoyed, and have a blessed day.