How to Start a Film Making Career in Atlanta

Having a successful film making career is one of those things most people see as an unattainable goal. There’s no clear cut path to get there, it just sort of happens by chance. I myself get overwhelmed at times trying to find a way to maintain a career in film. However, these few steps have helped me slowly turn my dreams into obtainable goals.

Before we start, I would just like to say, I’m starting my film career currently and have been in Atlanta for around a year and 6 months. So, by no means am I Steven Spielberg giving you the clear cut path to being successful. These are just some guidelines I’ve followed to start my career from nothing here in Atlanta.

Go to Film Meetups

Meetups are a great way to network with new people in the industry. The Atlanta Film Society is constantly posting new events for filmmakers of all levels of experience. Ranging from “how to” classes for PA’s to movie nights. These events are always happening and always fun. Also, no matter how much you talk about your film you won’t sound like you’re bragging, it’s just smart to do in that environment.

Additionally, has some great groups that you can join that constantly have events going on. If you have never used meetup, it is a great source with plenty of groups for all niches and genres. Follow this link to find all of the meet up groups in Atlanta for film

Create Content and Enter Festivals

Entering festivals is a great way to build your resume and gain notoriety in the industry. The number of connections you can make at a festival are countless, and actually winning an award at a festival can only lead to more. There’s nowhere better to talk about your projects and try to help others with theirs. It’s a win – win. Creating your own content also serves as a source of motivation. The more you film, the more you’ll want to keep filming.

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a fantastic way to keep updated on what is going on in Atlanta. People are always looking for actors and crew members for their projects. Sure, some will be bum sets or terrible scripts, but it’s never a waste of time to be on set. You’ll always have something to take away from it. Whether it’s a new connection or skill, you’ll walk away from set better than you were before.

Constantly Apply For Jobs

Indeed, Mandy, Glassdoor and the good old craigslist are all great sources for finding jobs here in Atlanta. Companies like Turner, 22 squared, Cox Media, and small independent sets post job opportunities on them regularly. Small sets with no budget could quickly lead to larger sets and paid gigs if you play your cards right, and these sets will only make your resume more impressive.

Don’t Be Shy

Most of the connections I’ve made have been completely unexpected. You start off making small talk with the person next to you at the bar or on set and come to find out they’re an art director or a producer. Atlanta is teeming with creators for you to meet, you just have to talk to them. A fairly large amount of creators are introverted so making the first move is highly recommended, but you won’t regret it.

Atlanta Film Industry

Above all, remember the Atlanta Film Industry is constantly growing, developing, and needing more talented people. People like you. Get out there to learn and grow your passion in one of the greatest industries in Atlanta. I can not guarantee you will be the next Brad Pitt, but you might just get the privilege of getting his coffee one day. I hear he likes it black, no sugar, no cream.