Is Atlanta A Fun Place To Live

People out of state are always asking me if Atlanta is any fun. They really don’t know what people do here besides ironically sit in traffic all day. Well, that’s not completely untrue – we do spend a lot of time in traffic.

That’s besides the point though! Lets look at what there is to do in Atlanta, and how people like to have fun around here.

Is Atlanta A Fun Place To Live?

To answer this quickly, yes. Atlanta is one of the best places to have a night out on the town, see a sports game, or watch a concert! From sports teams, to bars, to music venues, there is always something going on in the busy city at all times of the year. There might not be the best options for things like hiking or outdoor adventures, but there is plenty to be done in the city or just outside of its limits.

Some of the most popular things Atlanta natives do year round are:

  • Go watch a sports game
  • Have a night out in Buckhead or Midtown
  • Go see a concert
  • Go to a festival

Now, lets go over each of these things and talk about some of the ways Atlanta Folk love to get down.

Go Watch A Game

One of Atlanta’s most prominent features is its stadiums.

Specifically, the Mercedes Benz Stadium that hosted super bowl 53. The other grand structure to mention would be the new Braves stadium that is just outside of the city limits along interstate 75.

The Mercedes stadium hosts plenty of events, concerts, and of course sports. The two main teams you can see play here are the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta’s football team, and Atlanta United, Atlanta’s soccer team.

Both teams have pretty strong records, but the soccer team really came out swinging into the league by winning their first ever season. They since have been doing quite well, and great things are expected to continue. From personally experiencing watching both of these teams at the stadium, I can say it is like entering a space ship this thing is so big. I highly recommend checking it out. Not to mention the people in Atlanta really like their teams, so maybe don’t talk negatively about them while your here.

If I had to choose between football or soccer, I would probably agree that seeing a soccer game in the Mercedes Benz Stadium is worth the effort over a football game.

On the other hand, the Braves stadium offers plenty of allure to go along with its new location. The new-ish stadium opened its doors in 2017 and since them has done very well. I have plenty of friends that hardly miss a game and love the atmosphere. The area is like it’s own mini city, so there is plenty to experience.

Although, if you aren’t a sports fan then you might want to just have a night out with some friends – we’ve got you covered.

Have Night Out With Friends In Buckhead Or Midtown

The two best areas to have a night out with friends in Atlanta is Midtown and Buckhead.

Midtown is one of the most hip and happening places in Atlanta. This is pretty much the place all of the hipsters go to live life in the peachy state and do what they want.

In addition, around this area there are plenty of small hidden venues along with massive ones like the Fox theater that are constantly putting on shows. These shows range from concert halls to comedy gigs that are sure to brighten up anyone’s day.

This area is also well know for it’s nightlife and cultural events. You can see just about anything in this area at certain times of the year. Not to mention the plethura of bars that hounds this area which means there is plenty for you and your friends to do late into the night in Midtown.

Buckhead on the other hand, sort of takes it to the next level.

Buckhead would probably be more for groups of people looking to stay out the entire night at a club and hit multiple bars right beside each other. I would say Buckhead would definitely have a little more class than Midtown at certain times, while still maintaining a high level of fun.

The allure of Buckhead rests in the wealth and celebs that like to visit this area. Occasionally you can see celebs at the clubs and bars in this area casually getting their drink and party on with some of the richest in Atlanta. Make sure to dress up a little bit though. Some of these areas are also known for having dress codes just to get in.

Between the two areas, you are bound to have a great time. What about concerts though?

Concerts In Atlanta

One of the absolute best things about Atlanta is it’s presence in the music and entertainment industry.

Living near the city, you are bound to get the opportunity to see all of your favorite artists at some point. There are some amazing venues in the city for all kinds of musical shows that will blow you away.

There is plenty of talent that passes through this city almost every weekend at some of the more popular spots. A few to look into are:

There are plenty of other smaller venues that you can find around the city. The best ones, are the most difficult to find.

Festivals And Events In Atlanta

Last on the list for things to go to in Atlanta are festivals!

There are festivals in Atlanta all throughout the year. Some of my favorite are:

There are festivals and events for everything you can imagine. There are even some huge events like Dragon Con every year that shut down parts of the city.

So, if you ask me Is Atlanta A Fun Place To Live? I will quickly answer yes every time. There is never nothing to do in this southern city of fun.