Kimball House Atlanta

One of the most romantic, prettiest eateries with a nostalgic nineteenth-century décor, Kimball house has an enchanting feel.  Not only does the décor of this restaurant take inspiration from the old traditional bar, but also the food choices it offers have an authentic touch.  You will feel like you are attending a ceremony in an old grand hotel bar when visiting the restaurant. The Victorian wallpaper and wainscoting are the key features that catch your attraction when you stepped into this vintage restaurant. 

Kimball Atmosphere

The presence of Miles MacQuarrie (bartender) creates an inevitable air in the restaurant, and you will feel wonderful as he attends all the guests.  His tasteful creations of beverages such as New Tokyo, which is a perfect concoction of yuzu, ginger, brandy, and scotch or Classic absinthe-rinsed Sazerac, are some of the main attractions that make guest love to come Kimball house. The eatery has become one of the favorite oyster bars in Atlanta in a very short time.  

Kimball house serves food and beverages that not only mean to increase the appetite of the people but also reflect farms, seasons, and personalities of the guests. Hospitality, passion, and humility are the main elements of this restaurant that make its recipes special. The warm and welcoming ambiance adds to the overall impression of the Kimball house.

A  Glimpse of History

The Kimball house on a stubby hill of East College Avenue. The place used to be a Decatur railway depot, constructed in 1891.  Kimball House is the fourth eatery that has occupied this space over the past few decades.  

However, it is the recent decade that played an important role in the success of this restaurant. And the credit goes to the creative team of the restaurant that includes Bryan Rackley, MacQuarrie, Matthew Christison, and Jesse Smith. From financing the place to renovating and designing the menu, these people have proven how teamwork can pay off you.

All these partners embraced an idea of an innovative atmosphere that evokes the feel of a public house and bygone saloons. The restaurant went through a rebuilding phase in 1883.  It was when it incorporated the real downtown Atlantic feel with massive chandeliers and ornate décor. The new décor set a new standard of class and sophistication.

The Warm Ambiance at Kimball House

As the restaurant sits on the historic train depot, it has an amazingly persuasive feel, making the restaurant stand out among Atlanta’s food domain.  The main dining room was only a concrete slab floor. The cavernous dining hall was a bar that has now turned into a storage room.  The kitchen is beautifully renovated with some new and interesting equipment. The huge built-in L-shaped table makes a unique place for garde manger and pastries. The newly renovated restaurant creatively pulls out the history of the space.

A  Restaurant with Seven Owners

This might sound bizarre to you, but Kimball’s house is a rare eatery that is run by seven owners. The astonishing unity and creativity galore have made the place worth visiting.

For example, MacQuarrie is a genius bartender who understands both flavorful combinations and creativity. His cocktail program is full of amazing beverages that have catchy names such as Scurvy Dodger and Mexican Razor Blade. Not only are the names of these cocktails that make guests order them but the refreshing and unique taste.

William Bubier is another talented owner of Kimball house who is maître d’hôtel and manages reservations.  Phil Meeker and Jeffrey Wall are the head chefs who gathered their cooking skills from La Fourchette and East Atlanta’s Holy Taco. Together they created artful and intense recipes to bring some remarkably innovative dishes such as Hawaiian rolls or Duck liver pate.

What Is on the Menu?

Kimball House has extensive and delicious choices on the menu.  The menu is divided into the dinner menu, beer and wines, cocktails, and pastry, and coffee. Here are some of the favorites:


  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Crispy Veal Sweetbread
  • Beef Tartare
  • Grilled Oysters
  • Hawaiian Roll


Beef Ribs- served with broccoli and butter beans

Duck Breast-   served with sweet potato, shishito, crème Fraiche


  • Dry-fried Eggplant and Okra
  • Chicken Skins
  • Roasted peppers
  • Squash Carpaccio
  • Stir Fry

Soups & Salad

  • Green Salad- turnip, basil vinegar, cashew green goddess, pistachio
  • Potato Soup

Steak Dinner

Luckily, the restaurant has a delicious variety of steaks including

  • Dry-aged rib eye
  • Prime Ribeye
  • Prime Spirals


  • Garam Masala Cake
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • BlackBerry Meringue
  • Vanilla Crème Brulee


  • Espresso
  • Macchiato
  • Cappuccino


  • Rum
  • Brandy
  • Amaro
  • Rye
  • Malt Whisky

Key Takeaway

Kimball House with pristine and historic location is a one-of-its-kind restaurant in Atlanta that you should not miss out on if you want to enjoy some amazing recipes and cocktails. The seven-owner eatery has a charming appeal and pleasant environment that is worth your time and money.