Lan Zhou Ramen

Are you the noodle lover? Or always on a quest to find an eatery of savory and masterfully cooked noodles?

Well, if you are in Atlanta, you are lucky enough to go visit a fantastic Chinese eatery at Buford Highway. The restaurant is popular for its fresh hand-pulled noodles that are a true treasure for taste buds.

Lan Zhou Noodles

Initially, people confused this restaurant with New Lan Zhou Noodles, located in Chinatown food court; however, both eateries are designed with separate concepts. The names of the restaurants refer to the same place in China called “ Lan Zhou.” The eatery in China is labeled as “the noodle capital of the country” where noodle lovers come from different parts of the world to enjoy delicacies like, beef noodle soup.

Lan Zhou Ramen is a must-to-visit spot if you are visiting Pine Tree Plaza. The shopping center is home to the famous Chicago Supermarket.  Chef Liu’s Lan Zhou Ramen is another cheerful addition to the artistically designed shopping center. The skillfully cooked noodles are not the only highlighting features of this amazing spot of Chinese delicacy.  The sight of Chef Liu, masterfully stringing and pulling the strings of noodles’ dough, through dining hall’ windows is categorically a defining attribute of Lan Zhou Ramen.

You can enjoy three types of delectable noodles in the restaurant.  Try hand-pulled noodles if you want to see Chef Lui preparing them, choose knife-cut noodles if you are fond of Italian pappardelle, or go for rice noodles if you are health conscious.  All three varieties are served with stir-fried vegetables and eggs.

What Makes Lan Zhou Ramen Special?

The noodle capital has become a highlight of metro Atlanta.  That’s why you will not find the hand-pulled, Lanzhou-styled noodles anywhere else. The expertly prepared noodles are not less than of an art form. A chance to observe the whole process of noodle creation by gazing to the kitchen is, without a doubt, something you have never got to experience before. The immersive view of noodle preparation dramatically frames an enchanting act of stretching, spinning, and rolling cascading tendrils of soft dough.

Even if noodles have never been in the list of your favorite Chinese cuisine, visiting Lan Zhou Ramen is worth your time and money. The traditional method of noodles preparation is exciting to watch through the window. Also, it results in thicker and scrumptious knife-cut noodles that you will love to taste. When Chef Fu Li mixes it with a fragrant broth of beef, brimming with stir-fried tender meat, wilted greens, and regular or spicy cumin seeds of your choice, the dish turns out into a world-class delicacy.  

You have a choice to slurp the noodles up to their length, but if you feel you lack the expertise to do that, use a pair of scissors to cut the noodles sophistically.

Insight and Accolades

Opened in 2017, Lan Zhou Ramen has a masterfully prepared menu, featuring an authentic and unique variety of noodles and some other tasteful options. The owner Fu Li Zhang has experience of decades as he worked in China, New York, and now Buford Highway.  

Since its opening, the Chinese eatery has established a reputation of a premier restaurant for both Americans and Chinese dinners.

The delectable variety in the menu and exceptional ambiance are what made this restaurant publish in Atlanta Eater, Atlanta Magazine, and Dekalb Neighbor.

Lan Zhou Ramen has an incredibly welcoming ambiance that attracts dinners of all backgrounds and ages to try the scrumptious noodle. Adults and kids equally love watching the preparation process of noodles, in addition to their mouth-watering flavors.

Interestingly, the master Chef Li is planning to expand his noodle operation. He will be opening his next venture at Pleasant Hill Road with the name Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles. As the name implies, the new restaurant specializes in gluten-free rice noodles that will be paired with meat or vegetarian-based broths and toppings like cabbage fish, tomatoes, and chicken.

Explore the Menu

Menu of Lan Zhou Ramen comprises 38 dishes, ranging from fried to steamed noodles with sauce.  If you like eating noodles that are tender but chewy, having a knife-cut flat variety of noodles is the best bet for you.  The slurp ability and springiness of these hand-pulled noodles with beef broth and fluffy eggs are out of the world.

Beyond noodles, the Lan Zhou Ramen’s menu features some spicy and cold dishes such as shredded pig ears, stewed pork belly, and spicy chicken. The entries like pork chops and oxtail soup with rice make the perfect combination to go for when you are in for a party celebration.

You will be amazed by the goodness of Xiao long bao- Shanghai soup bun. The silky and supple skin is, without a doubt, one of the best hand-made creations.  Order these buns with flavorful and fragrant pork meatballs to indulge in the real Chinese cuisine taste.

Here is a quick overview of the Lan Zhou Ramen’s menu;

Exclusive Appetizers

  • Dry-Fried String Beans
  • Pork Intestine sautéed with Hot Pepper
  • Dry -Fried String Beans
  • Triple Chinese delicious Vegetables
  • Stewed Ox -Tripe
  • tomato and Eggs Stir-Fried

Chef Specialties

  • Xinjiang Stir-Fried Chicken – served with hand-made sliced noodles
  • Spicy Crawfish

Lan Zhou Noodles

  • Beef Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup
  • Ox Tail Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Roast Pork Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Beef Stew Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Intestine Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (Hand-Pulled)
  • Seafood Stir-Fried  Noodles (Hand-Pulled)

Cold Dishes

  • Pig Ear (Shredded) in Chili Sauce
  • Koushui Chicken
  • Braised Tofu
  • Braised Intestine
  • appetizing Potato Shredded
  • Sliced Beef Tripe in Chili Sauce

Outstanding Dumplings

  • Steamed Pork Bun 
  • Lamb cooked with Cumin Seed Burger
  • Spring Rolls
  • Vegetable Eggs Dish Bun

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Lan Zhou Ramen is one of the fantastic options to experience the true Chinese tradition and cuisine in Atlanta.  From the scrumptious menu to an interesting and warm environment, the eatery is an epitome of perfection.