Drafting Tom Brady

For many people, the face of the New England Patriots is Tom Brady. A 6th round pick from the University of Michigan, a quarterback that was not scouted by many and an afterthought when it came to drafting him.

Road to the NFL

While in college, Tom was a back-up who gain the nickname Mr. Comeback by coming in for the starter and coming from behind to win games for the wolverines. Tom showed flashes of greatness but scouts saw him as a back-up quarterback, not so much as a franchise quarterback. Six quarterbacks were selected before Tom, aka “the Brady six” not of them even when put together come close to match toms legacy but many NFL quarterbacks fail as well. Tom was the 33rd pick of the 6th round by the New England Patriots, they didn’t know but they drafted the greatest quarterback of all time. Everyone has heard the story drew Bledsoe the star quarterback gets knocked out in the jets game and here comes running on the field Tom Brady, the legacy begins.

The Legacy Begins

Since that day Tom has been the star quarterback for the patriots helping them become a titan in the NFL. Toms first super bowl cam against the greatest show on turf the St. Louis rams. The names Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce ring a bell some of the greatest players for their position in NFL history. The Patriots were underdogs and were expected to get blown out of the building. In the final minutes of super bowl xxxvi Tom showed the football world what greatness he had in him. With 1:21, out of timeouts and the legend John madden telling the audience that the Patriots should just run the clock out and play for overtime, Tom lead his offense down the field eventually setting up the game winning field goal by future hall of framer kicker Adam Vinatieri.

Super Bowl Wins

The next two Super Bowls wins cam a year later with the Patriots winning back-to-back championships against the Carolina panthers and the Philadelphia eagles. Tom had three Super Bowls one away from the record four held by terry Bradshaw and Montana. A record tom wanted because his idol growing up was Joe Montana a quarterback people saw as the greatest of all time. Tom would get his chance in one of the greatest super bowl games ever played against the New York Giants.

Tom Brady’s Career

During Tom’s career another quarterback was making a name for himself Peyton Manning; Manning was filling up the stat chart holding the yards and touchdown records for quarterbacks. Manning had the stats were as Tom had the rings, two great quarterbacks playing during the same time in which comparisons happened between them. Tom never had a year were his stats broke records until in the 2007 NFL season.

In 2007 the Patriots traded for Randy Moss the greatest wide receiver of time in my eyes. Moss gave Tom a weapon on the outside he never had and the offense went to a new level. The new offense broke records left and right yards, points, and margin of win to name a few. Tom broke Manning’s touchdown record for a single season by throwing 52 touchdowns that season. Tom won MVP and had the Patriots heading to the super bowl 18–0 the only team to have a perfect record heading to the big game. The opponent was the New York giants and the quarterback was no other then Peyton younger brother Eli Manning.

A Giant Defense

The giant’s defense came to play and stopped the high power offense of the Patriots holding to 14 points. Similar to what the Patriots did in their first super bowl Eli marched down the field with the help of an amazing catch by David Tyree, Eli threw the gaming winning touchdown to Plaxico Burress. Denying the Patriots perfect 19–0 season and Tom his fourth ring, after that season the Patriots would lose their franchise quarterback for a whole season.

Tom tore his Achilles in the first game of the 2008 season. The offense changed as well with Moss traded away, the Patriots retooled their offense with new name Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, and Aaron Hernandez. With his new weapons Tom was giving another chance to win his fourth Super Bowl against the same team that took his ring away from him the New York giants. Another game for the books was played again, many stories like this one has a happy ending with the hero coming back to win after losing the first time. In the real world that doesn’t happen keep those fairytale endings for fiction, the Patriots again lost the super bowl to the giants and Eli giving Tom a 3–2 record in the big game and giving haters of Tom fuel to attack him.

Many sports analysts believed that Tom would never win 4 Super Bowls to tie Bradshaw and Montana.

The Patriots Seasons

The Patriots started the 2014 season slow losing games, looking like a shell of themselves again people saying that Tom is old and needs to be traded. After re-grouping, they went on a run to finish the season with best record in the AFC. Tom would win his fourth super bowl against the Seattle Seahawks with their great defense the legion of boom. The offense came alive in the final quarter giving the Patriots the lead and had the greatest super bowl ending for a super bowl.

Russell Wilson had a chance to throw the game winning touchdown but Malcolm Butler made a play that will live in Patriots history. Butler made the game winning interception on the one yard line, saving the legacy of Tom and giving him the fourth super bowl that was taken away from him twice before by the Giants. Tom has won two more super bowls since 2012 on against the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams the same team Tom beat to win is first ring.

Life without tom brady

As of today Tom is 6-3 in Super Bowls giving him the most super bowls for a single player. Imagine one day Tom will be out of the league and the Patriots again will be looking for a new franchise quarterback. Toms career has giving us some of the greatest entertainment of all time. A story about a kid no one believed in became the G.O.A.T and the face of the league. What will NFL life be like when Tom is gone retired and relaxing on a beach? Will the NFL be boring and have no fun topics or will people find a new face to hate. Life without Tom Brady is a day I don’t wan= to see. Although as a New England fan boy, it’s a day where I will say thank you to Tom for being an idol and bringing me joy during his career.