Food In Gwinnett County

At Last! Welcome to part four of our series where we look for the BEST local food in Gwinnett.

We took our time going city by city to find the best spots locals love just for you to enjoy.

You can find all parts of our series here:

For each post we have named our top two local or independently owned restaurants that locals love.

Make sure to check out each post to know the best spots to find in Gwinnett!

Food In Gwinnett County

This is our fourth and final post on food in Gwinnett County! we will be looking at these last four cities:

  • Rest Haven, Georgia
  • Snellville, Georgia
  • Sugar Hill, Georgia
  • Suwanee, Georgia

For each city listed above we going to name our top 2 local restaurants that we think people absolutely have to try!

With all of that out of the way lets dive into our first city for this post, Rest Haven!

Rest Haven Georgia

To our surprise, there is not much to Rest Haven.

In fact, the city has barely 30 people that live there, no clear boundaries, and little to do! Therefore, we have decided to just list our two favorite spots “near” there if that makes sense.

The first spot we have chosen is called Coastal Breeze Seafood Grill! While technically in Buford, it is close enough to earn our “near” and still good requirement! This quaint spot is cozy, fun and has an atmosphere to fit the beach ideals that you would expect.

We think people should try the captain’s choice when they come here which is the Fish and Chips! Surprisingly, it is memorable, so much so that reviews say it is exactly what people should try! Make sure to give this fun place a try if you are in the Rest Haven or Buford area!

Our second choice is going to be a place called The Taco Guy! Also still technically in Buford, The Taco Guy is close enough that it also fits our criteria for close and delicious.

Locals rave about this place and their amazing tacos! From what we can tell, it is the go to place for awesome street tacos, Tortas, nachos, Gorditas, Quesadillas, burritos and other things! We suggest people try a few of their tacos when they visit but mix it up a bit. Maybe try a shrimp, steak and an Al Pastor one to find your favorite combination.

That concludes Rest Haven. Lets move to our next city, Snellville Georgia!

Snellville Georgia Restaurants

Unlike Rest Haven, Snellville Georgia Restaurants are plenty and populous. In addition. Snellville has a population of around 21,000 people and growing! This city actually has many more people in it daily due to the huge shopping centers it has lined up and down its main road.

Therefore, be prepared to see tens of thousands of people everyday in this town if you visit to shop, dine or explore!

Back to what really matters though and that’s the food! Our first spot is a local hotspot and favorite for every local around this area called Mah Jong! Yes pronounced just like the Chinese game, this spot serves delectable Chinese cuisine that is simply fabulous.

This spot is in a stripe mall right off the main road behind a few buildings, so it can be easy to miss. Although, you are not going to want to miss it we assure you. This is the perfect place to come for an early lunch right before the rush to relax in the atmospheric peace that it serves.

If you have never been, then we can strongly recommend the honey walnut shrimp dish with extra spring rolls! We also love to kick our meal off with a hot tea before hand. You will thank us later.

The second spot we are going to recommend has to be The Dinner At Webb Gin!

Another hot spot that is at the shops right at the biggest intersection in Snellville. This spot can be a little difficult to get to as well, but as always worth it! We suggest going here for an early dinner before the place gets filled up.

Everything on the menu here is cooked to order and perfectly made the way you will like it.

We suggest starting off with an appetizer of their house bruschetta, followed by their Open Face Monte Cristo! We know this is a lot of bread, but you were sent here to indulge! Make sure to take a peak at their monstrous dessert menu as well before heading off.

While you might be too full, we suggest getting whatever they have fresh to-go to enjoy later!

Sugar Hill Georgia Restaurants

Third on the list of cities for us to discuss today is going to be Sugar Hill, Georgia! Sugar Hill is a little bit larger than Snellville in terms of population boasting a size of around 25,000 people. This city sits right near Buford, Georgia making it just a littler bit further out then some of these other cities.

First on our list of places to try from Sugar Hill Georgia restaurants is going to be the Central City Tavern!

The Central City Tavern is a hot spot for all things fun, sports, and entertainment. From kick offs to throw back nights this is the place to go and hang out at! They have plenty of beers on tap to please all types of people and one of our favorite things in the world – wings!

That’s right we love our wings. If you happen to be around the area and choose to visit, make sure to grab you a plate of their Carolina Bourbon BBQ wings to start and finish off your meal with several beers and a Cuban or “The Mean Cuban” as they call it. You are certain to have a good time here!

Second on our list of places to try is going to be another diner called The Diner at Sugar Hill! As all diners go, this place is perfect for a brunch date, hungry evening with a craving for just about anything, or simply just to stop by and get a plate of whatever your heart desires.

Literally, this place has just about anything you can imagine on their menu.

The community loves this place and it has been a staple for a long time making it appreciated and supported. We can see why since their food is amazingly and consistently delicious even with such a large menu.

If you have the opportunity to “dine” at this dinner then come prepared to read their massive menu and debate on about 20 different choices. We actually suggest taking a look at the menu before coming in to help with the stress of choosing on the spot!

If it is your first time here, we suggest taking a peak at the “comfort foods” section to help narrow down your decisions.

Suwanee Georgia Restaurants

Whew! We have made it to our LAST city in Gwinnett. 15 cities down and one to go.

The last city we are covering in this four part series is the city of Suwanee Georgia. Do not let the order fool you though, Suwanee is not to be overlooked or under appreciated! It has tons to offer its almost 22,000 residents and even more so for visitors.

This first spot on our list is going to be a fabulous sushi place called MoRi House! Serving locals since 2003, this spot is something you will want to experience with friends or family.

The MoRi House is stated to be a groovy sushi bar that appeals to sushi lovers of all kinds with an ala carte to omakaze style dining experience.

As always, make sure to show this place some love. Try it out if you are nearby and help support this local spot. If you do attend a dinner, then make sure to try as much as you can and have fun with the chefs drinking, eating and celebrating life!

The last restaurant we are going to mention for Suwanee and for our four part series is a special place called the Flavor Rich Restaurant and Food Truck!

What can we say about this place other than that is it absolutely fabulous, fun and an experience in and of itself. This spot has crazy dishes, awesome staff, and soul. We’ve never seen a restaurant offer lobster and waffles but we are happy to say that we have now!

Seriously, this place is so fun. Definitely stop by and try them out as soon as you can.

We suggest getting one of their classic waffle dishes with either chicken or shrimp. Believe us you will not be disappointed! In fact, you’ll be back for more next week to try the rest of their inventive menu.


This post on Food In Gwinnett County is going to conclude our 4 post series of the 16 cities in Gwinnett County Georgia!

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