Lovies Smoked Comfort

Established in 2012 per the Georgia Corporation division, but opened in 2013, Lovies BBQ started off as a small brick and mortar location in Buckhead, Georgia. Quickly, this small operation become one of the most frequented Barbecue spots in all of Buckhead. Lovies is quickly bringing back the comfort food of BBQ back to the busy streets with its slow smoked meats, community focus, and unique menu.

Lovies BBQ In Buckhead

Since 2013, Lovies has continued to grow in terms of popularity and services. There newest fastest growing service is their catering with the ability to serve from 20 to over 1000 people anywhere in the Greater Atlanta Area.

Even at this large number of people, they still maintain their food quality and premium service. A great feature is during the holidays where they offer full smoked turkeys to be picked up for Thanksgiving and Christmas given you placed a reservation ahead of time.

The secret is their huge smokers they have built and utilize to run these massive orders. These smokers give them the ability to prep for huge orders consistently without messing up their normal services and daily customer base that come to the store to dine or order to-go.

Lovies Location

The location of Lovies is a great spot for any thriving restaurant. Right in downtown Buckhead has huge demand due to all of the business men and woman that require lunches daily. Occasionally myself and my colleagues will even visit the BBQ spot for lunch and sit outside on the patio. The food service is always quick, the prices are reasonable, and parking is typically available.

Luckily, this location is also close enough for most people in Buckhead to walk to. Simply cross over 400 if you are coming from Lenox and walk across the street in front of the Atlanta Tech Village. Lovies is on the first floor of Naanstop the Indian restaurant, right beside the Chipotle.

Address in Buckhead

If you still need the address to find the location, here it is: 3420 Piedmont Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30305

Hours of Operation

Lovies operates at standard hours of operation with some changes around the holidays. For simplicity, here are the normal hours, but remember to check up on their website for holiday hours:

  • Mon-Fri 7am-9pm
  • Sat-Sun 8am-9pm

On most of the days you can catch the owner helping run the shop. He even walks around speaking to the guests and getting to know them. I believe the business has done so well because of his passion for his customers and like-able character. The constant attention to detail really sets this place apart from many other franchise options in the area.

Favorite Menu Items

Let me just say, everything I have tried on this menu has been amazing. There are a few things in particular that really set the bar to new levels, so I am going to focus on those items.

Brussels Sprouts

I know what you are thinking. Why in the heck would I put brussel sprouts as a favorite menu item for this place? Hear me out. I love roasted veggies as much as any vegan, but these things are special. Not only do they slow roast the brussel sprout, but they marinate them in a brine of balsamic vinegar. Although this may not sound appealing, they are by far my favorite side on the menu, so make sure to give these a try. Just for reference, every person from my office orders these with their meal.

Brisket Tacos

If you’ve read any of my other food reviews or blogs, you will know I have a soft spot for brisket. While not all BBQ spots in Atlanta offer this meat dish, this place always does! Not only do they offer it, but they have weekly specials like the brisket tacos that are absolutely amazing. Get ready to get a little mess, because these tacos will make you want to never stop eating and probably get on you some.

Brisket Biscuit

While the tacos are a fan favorite and seasonally added to the Friday lunch menu, the Brisket Biscuit is also a hands down favorite. By the way, try to say Brisket Biscuit 5 times fast. The biscuits, I am fairly sure, are buttermilk biscuits hand made from scratch. These suckers are so fluffy and tasty that I could easily have a meal of just biscuits. The ONLY down side is they fall apart while you are eating your brisket biscuit. To be honest, it just makes you slow down and savor the meal even more, so I have no complaints.


Again, do not hate me for suggesting a favorite other than straight BBQ. I want to show some variety for this place. Therefore, the salad portions are amazing. The bowl is huge, and I have never seen my co-worker finish his entire salad when we go here. All I am saying is, you have no excuse for being vegan and not eating here. There is plenty of love and Lovies for every food critic and snob.

In case you still are not sold on Lovies, here are some of the other popular options on the menu:


All sandwiches come with one side.

  • Pulled Pork or Chicken – 8.75
  • Beef Brisket – 9.75
  • Lovies sliders (mini pulled pork, chicken, brisket, or chicken tender sliders) – prices vary


  • Brisket Biscuit – 4.50
  • The Lil’ Kay (Tender with honey and hot sauce) – 4.50
  • Chicken Tender Biscuit – 4.00
  • Country Ham Biscuit ( with Red Eye gravy) – 4.00


Each Plate comes with a choice of two sides.

  • Pulled pork or chicken plate – 11.75
  • Rib Plate (1/2 pound of ribs) – 12.75
  • Beef brisket plate – 13.75
  • Combo plate (pork, chicken, ribs) – 14.75
  • Smoked wings (6 slow smoked wings) – 10.75
  • Chicken tenders – 10.75
  • BBQ Quesadilla (pork, chicken, or brisket) – 12.75
  • Ribs (half slab) – 14
  • Ribs (full slab) – 22


Each salad comes with a choice of dressing which are Ranch, Italian, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, or Oil/Balsamic Vinegar.

  • Pulled pork or chicken – 11.75
  • Sliced beef brisket – 13.75
  • Chicken tender salad – 12.75

BBQ in Buckhead

While there are plenty of options to grab lunch and dinner in Buckhead, Lovies offers more than just a tasty food experience. There is history and culture in their restaurant, plenty of love from the owner, and a local feel right in the middle of the busy streets of Buckhead.

Do not forget to reserve your turkey ahead of time for the holidays with them and keep up with their social media pages!

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