Mah Jong Restaurant

If you are looking for a great spot to get some authentic and delicious Chinese food, then make sure to make a stop at the Mah Jong Restaurant in Snellville.

Atlanta is a huge place, but there are many amazing locations just outside of the city if you drive a little bit. This one in particular is native to the Gwinnett area. For those privileged to live close to or in the Gwinnett area, you more than likely already know about this little gem.

For those looking to find this place easily, it is right next to the Music and Arts center in Snellville. There is also a Party City a couple of doors down that makes it easier to spot. In addition, there is always plenty of parking which is a growing problem in the Gwinnett area.

Mah Jong Restaurant

Mah Jong Restaurant has been open for over 15 years and boasts of a great reputation in the community and as a restaurant. If you have ever been here, you will know they are fast at everything they do. From getting you seated, to getting your drinks, to cleaning off your table, and even to prepping your food. You never have to wait.

Dining Room

The main dining room has a somber vibe of an old Chinese style restaurant with all of the trinkets, music, and design to fit. Just sitting in the restaurant is peaceful and gives you a sense of being in another place all together.

While this area sits probably over 100 people comfortably, there is an additional back room for large parties or meetings that can be rented out and used by anyone. This is a great feature for a Chinese style restaurant because most of the dishes you order are family style at dinner, so sharing with a group of people is a great idea!

Another great feature of the main room is there are massive windows across the front of the building which let in tons of natural light giving the place a great warm and inviting feel to the entire experience. I recommend sitting near the window booths and enjoying the natural light.

Mah Jong Service

In addition, the service at Mah Jong is consistently impeccable and the waiters are extremely friendly.

There is one server in particular, Mum, that every time we come in will walk over and sit with us to say hello. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable and memorable when we slowly get to know the people that work here overtime.

Another great thing is usually someone is busing tables and cleaning while another person is constantly refilling waters, clearing tables, and catering to the guests. There are not many places that still offer this level of service in the Gwinnett area like Mah Jong does where you are being catered to at all times.

Chinese Food in Snellville

For Chinese food in Snellville, Mah Jong ranks among the top.

When you get here, it is always a great idea to order some hot tea! The tea is great in the cold weather and gives you a little energy as well. I always start off with the hot tea and a water.

Of course, the number one reason to come here is for the food. If you are unfamiliar with Chinese dining, then you need to know most of the food at dinner time will be family style.

Family style means when you order a plate of Sesame Chicken, you will get a plate of just Sesame Chicken and plenty of it. For that reason, it is best to come with 3 to 4 people and order several plates of food with an additional plate of fried rice everyone to share.

Typically, my favorite thing on the menu is the Honey Walnut Shrimp. The shrimp are fried with a slight crisp and laid under a nice base of tangy and sweet honey walnut sauce. By far some of the best Chinese shrimp I have had anywhere. It never disappoints.

Lunch and Dinner

As I mentioned above, the dinner menu will be for more of a family style feel. Make sure everyone knows what is being ordered and agrees to share their food. You do not want to bring stingy people here who do not like to share.

Personally, I like this system better because you get to try different entrees and have a more immersive experience with the people around you. The family style is great for encouraging conversation, trying new things, and making people feel welcomed.

The lunch menu will have independent dishes with a small side of fried rice and a fried Chinese chicken wing. Lunch portions are usually perfect for a single person and come with a spring roll or cup of soup for appetizer. While my family loves the soups, I cannot tell you how amazing their spring rolls are. They are so good, I always order two.

Here are some of our favorites from the menu:


  • Spring Roll (my favorite)
  • Stuffed Lettuce
  • Crab Claw Stuffing
  • Stuffed Chinese Breadstick

Chef Specialties

  • Peking Duck
  • Bird Nest Shrimp or Scallop
  • Tibet Chicken Hot Pot
  • Mint Leaves Triple Delight


  • Shrimp Lobster Sauce
  • Black Pepper Shrimp
  • Mango Shrimp
  • Honey Walnut Shrimp
  • Szechuan Shrimp

Fried Rice

  • House Fried Rice
  • Lotus Leaf Fried Rice
  • Shrimp Fried Rice
  • Plain Egg Fried Rice

General Entrees

  • Mu Shu Chicken
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
  • Mongolian Chicken
  • Sesame Beef
  • Tibet Beef
  • Szechuan Pork
  • House Lo Mein
  • Shrimp Egg Foo Young

Final Thoughts

To put it simply, Mah Jong restaurant in Snellville is one of the best options in Gwinnett to experience Chinese cuisine right outside of Atlanta. The authentic menu and warm environment will make eating here the highlight of your day.