Marietta GA Best Restaurants

Marietta GA Best Restaurants

Welcome back to another Marietta restaurant post sponsored by our partner over at AppyMeal. The only app that only works specifically with local and independently owned restaurants.

In this post we are taking a look at Marietta GA best restaurants! If you are looking for Breakfast places in Marietta or locations specifically near the Marietta square, you can check out our other posts here:

Otherwise, lets take a look at our top 5 restaurants we recommend you trying in Marietta!

Spring Marietta Restaurant

Up first on our list is a secluded location called Spring Marietta!

This spot describes itself as being a “rustic-chic New American kitchen” which we would fully agree with! The main feature of this location is that their menu changes seasonally but they keep the same trend of using farm-to-table southern ingredients year round.

We can’t exactly recommend menu items due to the constant menu changes, but what we can say is make sure to make reservations to this exclusive establishment soon before the menu changes!

We can recommend trying this place out for a date night or celebratory dinner of sorts!

Spring Marietta can be found here at this location: 36 Mill Street Marietta, Georgia 30060 right off the square

Additionally, hours for this location are:

  • Tuesday – Saturday from 5 PM – 9 PM by reservation only

There is limited seating and parking can sometimes be tricky at this location. Therefore, we recommend people look for a spot on the square or in the paid parking right next to the restaurant.

Piastra Marietta Restaurant

Second on our list is an authentic Italian spot that we are sure you will love called Piastra Marietta!

Who doesn’t love a good Italian spot right? Well, we do so we thought we’d share one of our favorites with you.

Piastra likes to go by the phrase “Italian is all we do” which gives us confidence they know what they are doing in the kitchen. This spot has tons of great classics that you can choose from, a strong wine selection, and plenty of ambience for a perfect evening.

We are going to recommend kicking things off with their house cabernet & a starter of the bruschetta. For dinner we suggest trying out their Parmesan Classico with the Pollo & Piccata style. Yes, most people get white wine with chicken, but we can never turn down a good cab.

Piastra Marietta can be found at this location: 45 West Park Square Marietta, GA 30060

Additionally, the hours for this location are as follows:

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday – 5PM – 9PM
  • Wednesday – 5PM – 9PM
  • Thursday – 5PM – 9PM
  • Friday – 5PM – 10PM
  • Saturday – 5PM – 10PM
  • Sunday – 5PM – 9PM

Douceur de France

Third on our list is the renown Marietta French bakery that so many people are talking about called Douceur de France!

A place that will almost always have a line out of the door, this spot is known for its bakery treats, amazing meals, and warm atmosphere. If you have never been, we suggest checking out our full post on this spot linked above.

We can suggest a few things on the menu for you. We love the Chicken Pot Pie and the Grown-up Grilled Cheese! Pair these dishes with a few fresh beignets, some coffee, and friends for a perfect meal.

We typically frequent this spot for lunch time on the weekends to enjoy a relaxing, authentic meal.

Douceur de France can be found at two locations but the Marietta one is located here at: 277 South Marietta Parkway SW, Marietta Georgia 30064

Hours for this location are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday, from 7 AM to 6 PM
  • Breakfast and lunch from 7 AM to 3:30 PM
  • Brunch served on Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM

Mac’s Chop House & Raw Bar

Fourth on our list is going to be the combined locations of Mac’s Chop House & Raw Bar. We combined these spots since the Raw bar is right next door.

Our favorite dinner spot to dress up and come to at the square, Mac’s is a traditional chop house that feature s everything you would expect with the addition of seafood over at the Raw bar! Obviously, if you are a lover of fresh oysters then the raw bar will quickly become your hot spot.

The main dining area slightly resembles a Ted’s Montana Steak House featuring the dimly lit seating with a classy, old-school vibe. Mac’s is known to offer prime meat dishes, cocktails & plenty of bourbon. It is also important to mention that this location does have a dress code for those attending. Simply enough, dress nice and you should be just fine getting in.

For recommendations, we will drive you straight to a classic cocktail of your choice, raw oysters for a starter and a prime Ribeye for dinner. You can never go wrong with this setup.

Mac’s Chop House & Raw Bar can be found at this location: 19 N Park Square, Marietta, GA 30060

Parking on the square is suggested or parking right down the road over the train tracks in the free 2 hour parking should suffice for most dinners.

Hours for this location are typically as follows:

  • Mon – Thur from – 
  • Fri – Sat – 
  • Sunday – 

L On North

Last on our list is going to be one of the newer spots around Marietta called L On North!

L On North prides themselves on making everything by hand and from scratch down to their dressings. With the extra care to their dishes, employees and customers, this place is definitely on our list for top spots for you to try.

Located in the historic area on the Marietta Square, this place features anything from burgers to seafood, all with clean presentation and exquisite flavor.

We recommend first timers to come for dinner and start off their meal with the P.E.I. Mussels and a cocktail of your choice. For a main dish we recommend either the Shrimp Diavolo (Gulf Shrimp, Penne Pasta, Spicy Tomato Cream & Lobster Butter Sauce) or the Steak Frites (Marinated Steak, Hand-Cut French Fries, Local Greens Dressed In Poppy-Seed Viniagrette, Made Fresh Daily Chimichurri Sauce).

L On North can be found at this location: 113 N. Park Square Marietta, GA 30060

Marietta Best Restaurants

Thanks for reading our post on Marietta GA Best Restaurants! If you are looking for more hot spots in Marietta then make sure to checkout our posts at the top of this page for breakfast places and restaurants around the square.

Finally, make sure to download the AppyMeal app to order from your favorite local spots online and support local businesses!

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