Cole Vann

Here is a conversation I had with an entrepreneur, Cole Vann from Chattanooga.

Cole Vann

Cole built a successful logistics company and profited from it early on in his career. He since has been actively pursuing real estate, commercial development and federal contracts for the past several years showing huge success in those areas as well. Here are some of the things he had to say.

Shoes To Win

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I ever received was from a mentor who made a significant impact to my success and how I processed information moving forward. He said,

“You’ve got to put yourself in a set of shoes to win.”

That quote hit home with me, and from that day forward, I related it to all aspects of my life. For example: When I choose to get in bed early for a good night’s sleep, and wake up before the following day, I possess a more positive attitude, more energy, more robust intellect, sense of accomplishment, allocated more hours to get things completed.

In all ways, I have enhanced my life within that day. This, in return, will give me higher odds of making a choice a habit, and my odds of having a successful future have increased. I simply said, “I put myself in a set of shoes to win,” with one choice.

Today, I am going to bed early, getting a good night’s sleep, waking up early, and having a good day. I accomplished so much with one simple choice. I’ve learned life is all about choices. Only we, as individuals, can create our destiny simply with one choice at a time.

A, B or C

A deeper dive into “keeping yourself in a set of shoes to win” When I put deals together, I try and keep my options very open. I remind myself throughout the process to stay open-minded and to look back in history at past experiences and understand that often resources become available if you will open your mind and be creative.

In addition, I allow my self room for the deal to change, I let my self the ability to negotiate to have a partner, I enable my self-time and try and put the deal in my favor so that I’m not putting my self in any unnecessary situations. I also have to work smart and allocate capital strategically so that I’m not over-leveraged or uncomfortable.

Organic Growth

When growing a company, I believe it’s essential to keep your self in a set of shoes to win by creating a business that can function as much as possible without you. When you have the right people in place, you then allow yourself the time and ability to grow. It’s only then that your mind can expand and achieve your visions.

You are keeping yourself in a set of shoes to win by creating more time for when an opportunity does come along; you are better equipped to handle it, than you were before. Taking leaps can create rewards. If it were easy, everyone would be winning.

I put a lot of time and attention to my health. I believe it plays a significant role in keeping myself in the set of shoes to win.

I’m someone who values getting the most out of life. I have multiple irons in the fire and facing many forms of adversity and challenges daily. I must stay healthy mentally and physically to take on my challenges and be the most successful at them.

Daily Steps

When I start my day with either a run or a bike ride or say something, getting my heart rate up for the first 1-2 hours, it gets my blood flowing; it allows my brain to start early, it will enable me to start my day on a positive note. Which in return, one again. Makes a large impact on my entire day. I’m also enhancing my body, health, confidence, commitment daily. Releasing stress and practicing breathing.

Another meaningful way I keep my self in the set of shoes to win is I work hard to control my thoughts. When someone has something negative to say or someone makes a mistake, or someone has a bad attitude, or something out of my control takes place. I’m quick to remind myself. It’s ok I’m still alive, and everything is going to be just fine.

I then crack a smile and try and say something positive or show positive actions because people love to adapt. It’s easier to adapt than lead, but leading can make a positive impact on your future and the future of those around you. I’ve seen a million times over! It becomes addicting and is a trait everyone should be proud to possess.

Simply Successful

These are just a few simple steps I take daily that play a large role in being successful. I do fall short, and I make mistakes, but I keep going, and I never give up! Always continue to work and keep your self in a set of shoes to win regardless of the adversity you face! You may wake up one day and find yourself amazed in the shoes you’ve put “Your” self in!

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