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Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia is the 290-acre theme park located west of Atlanta. The amusement park has become very popular over the years by featuring characters and themes from a variety of Warner Bros. properties such as Looney Tunes and DC Comics. The park opened to the public in 1967 as the second of three theme parks at the time. The top ranked roller coasters including Mind Bender and Goliath that have been recognized annually by Amusement Today.

Park Founder

After the success of his original Six Flags park in Arlington, Texas, park founder Angus Wynne, settled upon a parcel of land located along the Chattahoochee River just west of the city of Atlanta. As the park opened, Six Flags became the first multi-gate theme park operator in the United States.

The initial design and theme of Six Flags Over Georgia was inspired by six different flags that have flown over the lands that have comprised present-day Georgia during its history. The six flags at the Georgia park are those of Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Confederate States, and the state of Georgia. Over the years most of the original historical themes have been dropped in favor of cartoon and superhero themes that as mentioned before, became key to the parks popularity. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 27, 1995.

Six Flags Over Georgia is launched its 52nd season on Saturday, March 9, 2019. Six Flags will also be debuting “Pandemonium” a brand new ‘record-breaking’ ride, in the Spring. “The over-sized pendulum ride will send 40 riders on a dizzying journey to extreme heights,” said the spokesperson. The ride puts you 147 feet in the air at 70 miles per hour, as it swings back and forth you soar above the Atlanta skyline on the tallest swinging pendulum in the southeast. Moreover, the new ride will be the centerpiece of the park’s new Scream Punk-themed area, the spokesperson explained. The new area will feature a total of five exciting rides and games, four revamped food locations and an all-new shopping experience.

Six Flags Over Georgia, like most amusement parks, prides itself on its roller coaster collection. For instance, each ride provides a unique thriller experience. There is also a selection restaurants for down time in between rides. Patrons of the park are also very eager to share their stories from Six Flags.

Roller Coasters at six flags over georgia

  • Dahlonega 1967 opened
  • Great American Scream Machine 1973 opened
  • Mind Bender 1978 opened
  • Georgia Cyclone 1990 opened 2017 Removed
  • Batman the Ride 1997 opened
  • Blue Hawk 1992 opened
  • Georgia Scorcher 1999 opened
  • Deja Vu 2001 opened 2007 Removed
  • Superman: Ultimate Flight 2002 opened
  • The Joker Funhouse Coaster 2004 opened
  • Goliath 2006 opened
  • Dare Devil Dive 2011 opened
  • Twisted Cyclone 2018 opened
  • Mini Mine Train open 1969 opened 1988 Removed
  • Viper 1995 opened 2001 Removed
  • Z-Force 1988 opened 1991 Removed

Restaurants at six flags over georgia

  • Johnny Rockets
  • Los Banderas
  • Gotham City Eatery
  • Lickskillet Grill
  • Lickskillet Pizza
  • Hickory Chip
  • Carrot Club
  • Promenade Pizza
  • Cotton States Eatery
  • DeeJays Diner
  • Miss Dixie’s Depot Buffet
  • Miner’s Cookhouse

Experience Six Flags over georgia

The Six Flags of Atlanta is a wonderful park to get away to in the spring, summer and fall months. Take a group field trip, soccer team, weekend trip to this wonderful place and have a day packed of fun and adventure. On top of the thrilling rides, there is a water park, water rides, a zoo and plenty of shows and events throughout the season. Check out their website for all the events that are coming up, prices and direction information.

What to Bring

Our experience with the park was one for a lifetime. Make sure to get there early enough to beat the rush of people getting in line for the rides. Additionally if you are can, go on a weekday where there are not as many people at the park. This will let you ride your favorite rides over and over again. When you go, make sure to:

  • Sneak some waters in as park prices are high for drinks, food, items and treats.
  • Apply sunscreen before you go to the park and you might want to bring the bottle if you plan on staying the whole day
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes! The park is massive so you will be walking all day. Tennis shoes are a must.
  • We recommend wearing a hat and taking them off when you ride the rides. This can protect your face from being in the sun all day.
  • Wear a bathing suit underneath! There are a lot of ways you can get wet at the park either on the rides, events or at the water park. It is a safe bet to go ahead and wear your bathing suit underneath your clothes.
  • Bring around $100 in cash for the park! When we went it was easier to just use cash in the park. We recommend just bringing cash and put it in your pocket with your ID if you are the adult. There is no need to bring your purse and everything else that could potentially get stolen or left somewhere. Plus you have the added benefit of not having to worry about your personal items now!
  • In light of people using selfie sticks on rides, do not bring Selfie sticks and monopods inside the park. Do make sure to take photos with your phone and capture the fun time you have!

Great for the Family

Finally, the best thing about six flags: there is plenty to do there for the whole family! If your family just needs to get out of the house and do something fun for a change, then this is a great option! Either way, family time is something special that we do not get enough of in life. Make sure to have more fun and worry less at home, or on the top of Goliath looking out to Atlanta.

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