Sushi Hayakawa Atlanta

Do you want to savor some artfully arranged and masterfully cooked sushi?

If you are ready to take on the Japanese food venture in Atlanta, then Chef Art Hayakawa has brought you a real Japanese traditional Sushiya.

There is no need to spend money to visit Japan to enjoy this traditional delicacy. All you need is to spend just $185 to book your reservation at Sushi Hayakawa. The money does not only give you an entry to this mini- Japan in Atlanta but also allows you to taste Hayakawa’s fourteen courses, two-and-a-half-hour honkaku  ( traditional authentic omakase).

It is a popular Japanese extensive meal in which as dinner, you can allow the chef to steer.  Besides this, early reservations can get you front seats to see and experience Hayakawa’s dexterity at the sushi counter.

With its exceptionally crafty atmosphere and services, Hayakawa is undeniably one of the most delightful characters in the food scene of Atlanta. It is the right eatery for you if you are fond of eating sushi. Chef Hayakawa is, without any doubt, is a master at crafting sea delicacies. With his spectacular skills of handling fish, he, at the same time, incredibly charming and entertaining to his guests. He does not only greet his guest personally but also tell them a litany of their life’s details.

Doesn’t’ it sound interesting?

At the sushi bar, you can select dishes from the tasting menu ranging from $95 to $135. Plus, you will be served premium nigiri- a special fish that is imported from Japanese markets. The fish comes with the amazing flavor of house-made soy sauce.  If you are lucky enough to get the seat in time, don’t miss out on Hayakawa’s signature dish Scallops and monkfish liver.

Atlanta’s Japanese Sushiya- A must-try Cuisine

As mentioned earlier, Sushi Hayakawa is a creation of Chef Hayakawa, who has brought traditional and intimate suShiya to Atlanta from the finest and famous markets of Japan. The restaurant is located on Buford’s Highway’s food emporium. The serenely designed eatery is a great place to experience something different and truly unique.

Chef Atsushi has curated the finest fish selection using his expert and professional knowledge in Atlanta. Specifically, he offers the sources from Toyosu market Tokyo and many other countries in the world. Sushi Hayakawa has become a must-to-try staple since 2008 that invites its guests to experience some authentic Japanese vibes outside of Japan.

Honkaku Omakase

Visiting Sushi Hayakawa and not experiencing Honkaku Omakase is not justified. This fourteen-course meal incorporates the finest in -house offerings.  Honkaku Omakase is a two-and-a-half-hour food session and limited to only two guests every day. The guests can order exclusive dishes and special fish varieties to treat their taste buds.

However, you need to makes sure that you reserve your seats in advance to get the front and center space at this Japanese eatery if you want sushi master to serve you personally. Reservations are also important because space is tiny at Hayakawa. Chef has to turn down several guests who show without reservation at the restaurant.

Despite the small space, Hayakawa has managed to make his mark in Atlanta’s food industry. And the accolades from many renowned reviewers such as Atlanta Magazine,  Zagat, Men’s Journal, and bon appétit, etc.

Hayakawa’s Delicious Menu

Food revelation at Hayakawa is mainly for the fish diners who love to taste a Japanese version of fatty tuna, sushi, and bluefin. The dining place is great to succumb to the taste of amber-toned and succulent Shima aji that has a powerful tuna flavor.  If you have never been to the height of deep-sea during the scallop season, it is difficult to find out the real taste of candy-like scallops. However, there is no worry if you have got your reservations done in Hayakawa. There is no way you can’t fall in love with meaty and fresh scallops that Japanese-trained Chef Hayakawa prepares.

In addition to this, you can order nigiri and sashimi that are served raw to the diners with the tiny wasabi cubes. In addition, this incorporation makes sashimi tenderer and juicier.

Hayakawa- Luxurious Delicacies at the Restaurant

Hayakawa is not the place to eat only; it is an eatery to see some artistic food creation, and the sashimi platter is an example of that. The oval platter comes grouped around a frame-curled fish set with toothpicks as it is just leaped out of the sea. The platter is a beautifully sectioned and deep-fried to present it as a main course. Finally, know that this artistry takes time and no wonder why the sashimi platter needs a full hour for the preparation.

Fatty tuna, as mentioned earlier, is another super-rich inert luxury you should not miss out when visiting Hayakawa. The impassioned odes of Chef Hayakawa have taken this eatery to the whole new level.  The masterfully prepared recipe is an excellent way to celebrate the Japanese cuisine and a dish you have never tasted before.