Brick Store Pub in Atlanta

As every story goes, three pub lovers set out to set up their pub. A twenty-plus years’ experience in the bar/ restaurant business, they realized Atlanta had space just waiting to be filled. Soon, vibrant conversations, sounds of glassware clinks, and aroma of fresh food were going to bring this place to life. The icing on the cake would be a beautiful historic building, right in a bustling square as the setting. From that, I give you the Brick Store Pub in Atlanta.

With a wonderful and warm brick stone ambiance, you definitely can’t go wrong in enjoying what this pub has to offer.

Brick Store Background

Tom Moore, Dave Blanchard, and Mike Gallagher, the three friends made their dream come true in the form of The Brick Store Pub. There are plentiful reasons for patrons visiting this place, but what stands out is the absence of televisions, neon, loud deafening music, and definitely a major absence of domestic beers.

 The Brick Store Pub is a beer lover’s paradise. At their main bar, you can find local, regional, and nationally recognized craft beers, their reserve bottled and vintage beer list, and the English and German specialty beers. They also offer a carefully selected, frequently rotated array of draught beers, out of a total of thirty-one. These also include two cask lines and a variety of cans and bottles.

Soon after a change in the beer law, the three partner friends took a trip to Belgium, which completely changed the way they served beer. Upon their return, they immediately started purchasing beer that not just holds up but also refines with age.

An extensive relationship with breweries and importers from all over the world allows them to offer you beers you won’t find anywhere else.

Brick Store Pub Food

While beer is surely the main attraction of the pub, there’s no underestimating the play of flavors in their kitchen too. The owners ensure that only premium quality products of local farms go into their foods. They hold true to their promise of freshly prepared food from scratch.  Some of their offerings are:

Kitchen Littles:

  • Tittle pop
  • Pimento cheese and crackers
  • Sausage and grits
  • Cheese tartlet
  • Fried pierogies
  • Lil’ shawties- whipped cheese, house smokies, butter bread, and pickled mustard seed
  • Soft pretzel
  • Butterbean hummus
  • Brunswick stew

On Bread

  • Brisket burnt ends
  • Turkey
  • Radish and mushrooms
  • Roasted Pork


  • Field green
  • Arugula
  • Farro and red peas

Pots and plates

  • Short rib pot roast
  • Pierogi Primavera
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Trout
  • Fish and chips
  • Smoked chicken


  • Chocolate pot de crème
  • Poundcake
  • Fried pie

The Brick Store Pub’s Cellar

The three friends and joint owners of the pub, Mike, Tom, and David, traveled to Belgium in 2004 on their first beer trip. They had heard of a pub called Kulminator in Antwerp, which historically changed their offerings of beer. They were, for the first time, introduced to vintage beer, with a menu sized like a  phonebook.

Upon their return, the three friends started buying and storing beer cases in the basement of David’s house. Any bottle that was conditioned or contained a high ABV and a strong malt bill were considered fair game.

Soon they hired the bottom of a next-door, old bank and began to age their beers down there. Very soon, they built a cellar in their pub.

The cellar opened in 2010 and holds up to 1000 vintages. It is still a recognized force in the beer industry today with many accolades on a national level.

Final Thoughts

If you are a resident of Decatur or the surrounding neighborhoods, there is no chance you can miss an experience at The Brick Store Pub. This pub promises sheer happiness and a hang out you will cherish for a lifetime.