Buckhead Georgia

If you are looking to have an amazing time near Atlanta, look no further than Buckhead. There are plenty of things to do in Buckhead Georgia which includes amazing dining experiences, trendy and hip bars, fancy nightclubs, luxurious shopping, and of course events!

I want to review some of the things I have personally experienced in Buckhead, and also discuss some things I have heard about. Make sure to clear your schedule next weekend and plan your trip right after reading!

Buckhead Georgia

If you have ever been to Atlanta, then you may or may not have ventured north to a little area called Buckhead. Easily the fanciest part of the perimeter, Buckhead lays host to the richest and wealthiest people around the city.

You could also consider it center for c-suite level areas due to its tall, polished, designer buildings all around. You cannot go two blocks without seeing some trendy restaurant or Tesla zooming by you.

What is There to do in Buckhead

To start, it would be better to ask the question, what is there not to do in Buckhead? There is some of the best dining in Atlanta in this area, luxurious shopping inside the two most expensive malls in the south east, and plenty of fun to be had at the bars and clubs.

Eating in Buckhead Georgia

I must mention, there are easily over a hundred great places to eat in Buckhead. These listed below are just some of my favorites that I eat at occasionally close to my work or when I go out with friends.

Lovies BBQ

Lovies is an amazing place to grab a lunch with some co-workers or actually even by yourself. The story here is one of my co-workers went to high school with the owner and obviously made everyone try the place. Now it seems like every other Friday is spent making a quick trip over to Lovies for some delicious BBQ.

My Menu favorites are easy. I am a huge brisket fan and therefore my two choices are the Brisket Biscuit or the Brisket Tacos. Both are absolutely amazing and you will never be unhappy with a side order of the Brussels sprouts that are marinated in balsamic vinaigrette.

Mission + Market Grab and Go

Another of my favorites has to be Mission + Market which happens to be right across the street from my work.

This place is one of the trendiest and most comfortable places around. The bartenders are awesome and the hosts are friendly and enjoyable. Besides the service, the food is worth the walk across the street in the rain, cold, snow or whatever the weather throws at me.

My favorite things on the menu have to be the Salmon with mixed veggies. I would have to say, there has never been veggies cooked like this place cooks them. Really you should go here just to try the veggies. Additionally, they have an amazing brisket sandwich that I love. Did I mention I love brisket?

UMI Sushi in Buckhead

This place is on one of the higher tiers in terms of price and presentation. This is the ultimate dinner spot to take a first date, your mom on mothers day, or go by yourself and treat yo-self.

Really though, this is a amazing sushi place with menu options like the kobe beef roll, seasonal rolls and perfectly mixed drinks. this is on the high end as I mentioned, so be prepared to swipe that credit card. If you are lucky, you may even spot some celebs having dinner here!

Shopping in Buckhead

After dining, you’re going to want to spend some of that left over cash. The two hottest spots to shop in Buckhead happen to be right next to each other. By that I mean across an intersection and a block down, but you get the point right?

Lenox Square

Another article on the Atlanta Tribe mentions this mall, but lets go over it again!

Lenox Square is the place to be if you have Christmas shopping to do, need a sweet outfit, want to buy a Tesla, or simply just have too much darn money and need to get rid of some of it. Welcome to the place to spend your life savings in an hour.

That is a tad extreme, but really you can do it here. Besides the $50,000 rings and the ridiculously priced Gucci whatever it is , there are some sweet deals you can scoop up if you are smart. A lot of these stores cycle out clothes per season without a real plan to remove them. This means you can score some huge discounts if you time it right. Typically, hit the stores in March and also in September when they are changing seasons. This will vary per store, but hey do what you have to do.

Beside the deals, you can do some serious shopping here. My favorite two stores to shop at are easily Lush and Hammer Made.

Lush at Lenox Square

Lush is the place to get hand made bath bombs, lotions, shampoos, sprays, and whatever else makes a girl happy.

The reason I love this place is because my girlfriend, mom, girlfriend’s mom, and sometimes me all love some of this stuff. Considering it is not too cheap, it makes for a pretty good gift on any occasion to sweeten over those ladies in your life.

Hammer Made Shirts at Lenox Sqaure

This is a newer store to the Lenox family. I have personally met the owner of the brand Hammer Made, and he is quite impressive.

This guy spends tons of time in New York every month with his personal designers to push out new shirts monthly. Only 50 of each shirt is made in total, so you better get them while you can! Did I mention the fabric on these shirts are my favorite thing ever?

Phipps Plaza

When you are done gawking at Lenox and strutting your bags packed with diamonds, head on over to Phipps Plaza to spend the rest of your money. Personally, I do not go in this store as much as Lenox.

Why might you ask? Simply, because I have to make two more turns. I mean, who wants to make two more turns within 50 feet of each other? I do not have time for that.

On a serious note, this place is awesome and you will absolutely find whatever you are looking for in this place. Check it out and let me know what you purchase here in the comments below!

Nightlife in Buckhead

If you have never been out to Buckhead at night, then you are missing out! There are some amazing bars and clubs to go to that are packed with people every weekend. Here is a list of my two favorite spots to hit up if you are looking for the nightlife in Buckhead.

Gold Room Night Club

Right outside of the city towards Atlanta is the famous Gold Room night club. The Gold Room is iconic for hosting some of the rap games largest artists. The venue has its own parking lot, although it will mostly be taken up by VIP and invited guests.

Make sure you are dressed up if you attend this place, which means wear a jacket and girls ready to dance! Remember, there is a dress code that is heavily enforced no matter who you are. The other thing to mention about this place is if you can afford a VIP area, definitely get one. Nothing says having a amazing night like fireworks coming out of your vodka bottles as the waitress brings them to you.

The Ivy in Buckhead

The Ivy in Buckhead is a bar and club that can get quite packed on a Friday or Saturday night. On those nights, you can barely get in the door and there is a good mix of all ages that attend this place which makes a nice variety of people. Usually on the weekend nights, the corner seating is turned into a dance area with plenty of beats to make you want to dance the night away. The drinks are also decently priced at the bar which is a great plus for any group looking to have a good time.

Events in Buckhead

Besides the basic stuff to do in Buckhead, there are the occasional event to enjoy in the area. Of course there are races, beer fests and concerts, but here are my two favorite events in Buckhead.

4th of July at Lenox Square

Each year, there are amazing fireworks that can be experienced in the middle of the city. Come to Lenox Square on the 4th of July to enjoy them first hand! To start the day, festivities begin early with the annual Peachtree Road Race. Make sure to cheer on runners at the road race which is the world’s largest 10K. It also happens to be most native’s favorite Atlanta tradition.

Christmas at the Governor’s Mansion

For Christmas time, make sure to head over to the Governor’s Mansion. Right after the Tree Lighting Ceremony in early December, there are daily Christmas Tours offered for the mansion. Visitors can walk into the massive house and appreciate the beauty of the 27,000 square foot masterpiece.

Things To Do in Buckhead

If you plan on coming to the lovely area of Buckhead, make sure to try some of the things listed above! If you do something else and love it, make sure to leave a comment so others know and can enjoy as well!