Restaurants In Marietta Square

Recently, we were asked, “Where is good to eat at the Marietta Square?

Luckily, we at the Tribe frequent the area and know just what to suggest for restaurants around the Marietta square.

While we are going to do our best to cover everywhere on the square we leave it to you, the reader, to go on an adventure in this area to discover more!

This is going to be quite the post by the way, so grab some coffee and come along with us on a journey to the Marietta Square!

Restaurants In Marietta Square

There is so so much to cover about restaurants in the Marietta Square. We are planning additional posts to dive deeper into the restaurants we love in this area. So be sure to visit those posts if you find something you love or want to learn more about.

We’ve broken this post up into 5 sections to make it easier to find what you might be looking for.

Here are some of the restaurants that can be found at the Marietta Square:

  • Dinner & Dates
  • Coffee & treats
  • Bars & Jars
  • The Marietta Square Market

We are going to start this post by talking about the Places for dinner, dates, and dessert! Lets go!

Dinner & Dates

If you are coming to the square for dinner, a lunch date or simply to find a good meal then we have places for you!

First, the square is romantic, accessible, and has plenty of locations to suit all types of palates. There are late night places, places to get food on the go, and places where you need to dress up a bit to get a table!

Here is our entire list of local restaurants we suggest people try for dinner, dates and desserts:

  • L On North – Swoony new place with a warm vibe. Great plates and live music on select nights
  • Mac’c Chophouse & Raw Bar – Two locations side by side that require a dress code and class. Great for dates, meetings, and Sunday evenings
  • Douceur de France – A place right off the square for the best authentic French food around Marietta. Recently under new ownership, but same great taste
  • Thaicoon & Sushi Bar Marietta – A place for sushi decadence and delight. Lovely sushi bar with a twist of Thai food
  • Piastra Italian – A quaint Italian joint with plenty of flavor and zeal. Perfect for a date away from life
  • The Marietta Local – A local spot with community and love on the menu. Come here for lunch or breakfast to kick off your day with a hearty plate
  • Australian Bakery Cafe – Only a hop away, this place serves wonderful meat pies and treats for all to enjoy
  • Marietta Pizza Company – MPC is a large slice of deliciousness and local vibrancy. Best pizza around town
  • Sugar Cakes Patisserie – Always packed due to demand, this small spot packs a big punch of taste for all to enjoy. Come early to get a seat

There are other spots, but these are our favorites.

If you want to learn more about restaurants for dinner, dates & dessert than we will be doing another post with more in-depth feedback soon!

Next we are going to take a look at the coffee & treats spots around the square.

Coffee & Treats

There are several locations for coffee and treats on the square.

Due to the high traffic volume of the area, we have multiple spots that can thrive and work together to serve everyone! Lucky us right?

As coffee aficionados, we can comfortably say that all of these places aim to please and delight.

Here is our list of places to try for coffee and treats:

  • Cool Beans Coffee Shop – The prime coffee spot on the square. Always packed out the door so get it while its hot
  • Pie Bar – A new comer to Marietta, but already loved and adored by so many. Grab a piece of pie and coffee with a friend here
  • Paul’s Pot Pies – A spot to grab and go! Try some of Paul’s delicious pies for dinner by cooking them yourself
  • Tuesday Coffee – New coffee spot that has little space, but tons of heart. Check them out and give them some Marietta love
  • Sweetreats Marietta – Last on our list is an ice cream store with everything your momma and grandma will ever need. Stop by here for all your sweet tooth desires

Nothing like treats and caffeine to make any day special. All of these places are close to our heart since we’ve been to all of them multiple times. Seriously, we are not just saying that, we love the square and never leave without a coffee in hand.

Next on our list is for the night life lovers around Atlanta. Lets look at some of the Bars & Jars of the square.

Bars & Jars

No downtown local area is complete with out a few places to kick back, relax and have a drink.

Well, Marietta square restaurants does not disappoint. We’ve got a few awesome spots to take a look at for those yearning to enjoy life:

  • The Third Door – A quaint “speak-easy ish” spot right down the street from the square that hosts live nights and awesome cocktails
  • Silla del Toro – This place screams “Europe in Marietta”. Known for their creative drinks, tapas, and friendly service, this place is perfect for a date night or outing
  • Two Birds Taphouse – A classic spot for locals, students, and anyone who is anyone around Marietta, the Taphouse is the place to eat, drink, and enjoy life
  • Marietta Wine Market – Class and swave radiate here with wines from all around the world. Come for wine tastings Wednesdays and Saturdays and make sure to pet the friendliest dog ever when you stop by

All of the spots above are absolutely lovey and delightful. The square sure does know how to help people enjoy life in the finer ways.

Last but not forgotten is the beloved Marietta Market.

Marietta Square Market

To round out this post, lets take a final look at one more place to dine, the Marietta Square Market

This place deserves a post of its own, and do not worry we will do one.

There are tons of restaurants inside this place, so we will not name them all. We are happy to report that after tasting about 80% of them over the past few years, we have come to the conclusion that all of them are good! There is so much to choose from like:

  • Fresh BBQ
  • Spanish food
  • Cajun food
  • Sushi
  • Lobster Rolls
  • Ramen
  • Crepes
  • Burgers
  • And more!

Seriously, come to this place on Saturday afternoon and be blown away by all there is to do!

Marietta Square Restaurants

Thanks for reading our post on restaurants in Marietta square!

There was a lot to digest here, literally. So make sure to check out as many of the places we’ve listed as you can, report back, and try some more places!

In addition, make sure to check out our sponsors over at AppyMeal! The only local app that supports local restaurants around Atlanta!

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