Umi Atlanta

Want to feel like a celebrity? Umi is your place to be. This is perhaps one of the most extravagant dine outs of Atlanta, with a constant celebrity parade including A-Listers like Sir John Elton, Ashlee Simpson, Tom Cruise, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and a number of local tastemakers. So an evening at Umi guarantees not only a treat for your taste buds but a treat for eyes as well. Don’t we all just love to hang out with celebrities? Course we do. Specifically, the dimly lit, intimate atmosphere of the dining room, packed with A-List celebrities is impossible to miss experience.

What Is UMI All About?

A union of modern Japanese flavors combined with the classics brought together in a contemporary, elegant setting is what Umi is all about. Located in Buckhead, one of Atlanta’s most bustling neighborhoods, the restaurant doesn’t fail to grab the attention of both celebrities and commoners. In addition, to showcase the mantra of pure and hygienic Asian fare, Todd Murphy, designer and artist of Atlanta, has kept the interior simple yet classy with earthy, organic elements as work.

Star Feature of UMI

While the restaurant boasts of a celebrity clientele, the menu too is no less a show-off of premium quality ingredients. The head chef, Fuhuyiko Ito has designed a menu that features the finest quality fish from the world’s best seafood market and the topmost quality ingredients. Their hottest items include; sautéed foie gras, baked lobster tempura, sushi-grade fish that is lightly cooked, or called Aburri and black cod miso. In addition, accompanying these mouth-watering assortments are salads, soups, starters, nigiri, sashimi, traditional rolls, and specialty house. The beverage list is not short of artistic. It features delectable items such as handmade cocktails, artisan roasted Lamill coffee, beer, and pressed and premium wine. 

Fuhuyiko ITO

The head chef and co-owner of Umi, Fuhuyiko Ito is the person under whose leadership the dynamic team works wonders for the restaurants. Fuhuyiko has an outstanding culinary experience of 28 plus years of both classic French and traditional Japanese flavors. This Toyo-born culinary genius, promises unimaginably ecstatic levels of sushi experience at Umi, right in the heart of Atlanta’s most lively neighborhoods. Specifically, Umi is a miracle of Ito’s cultural heritage and his unrelenting passion for only premium and organic ingredients. His diverse menu utilizes influences that are international and also progressively classic in their approach. The Asian fare at Umi’s remains unmatched even today.

Dessert Dynamics

Lisa Ito, the pastry chef at Umi, adds new definitions to the dessert menu of Atlanta’s best Sushi destination. Armed with her passion for chocolate and her training of French classics, Lisa creates ethereal unions of Japanese heritage and contemporary flavors. In addition, her pastries and creative dessert items are the results of a harmonious marriage of flavors and exotic ingredients.

Hot Dishes

If you happen to visit Umi, you can not afford to miss out on the following show stoppers at Umi.

  • Black Cod Misoyaki

Black cod marinated in miso and then grilled to perfection

  • Baked Lobster Tempura

Served with a delicious creamy sauce

  • Chilean Sea Bass YU-AN Yaki

Sea bass marinated in Yu-an sauce and grilled to perfection


Sauté foie gras served with the sauce of the day

  • Tuna Foie Gras

Topped with sautéed foie gras, with ponzu sauce on a bed of wilted kale

  • Rock Shrimp Tempura

Served with ponzu sauce or spicy, creamy sauce

  • Wagyu Toban Yaki

5A imported Wagyu, dashi sake broth

  • Lobster Toban Yaki

Served with soy butter sauce

  • Seared Diver Scallops

Toban grill and Soy Ginger sauce

  • Chicken Teriyaki

Served with rice and vegetables


The omakase is the most popular demand for the restaurant. It includes the following:

  • Miyabi

Hotdish, chef selection, sashimi plate, starter, soup, assorted nigiri, premium, and dessert

  • Umi

Starter, coup, chef selection, assorted nigiri, hot dish, sashimi plate and dessert

  • Iti Kase( Sushi bar only)

Coursed chef selections and hand-selected items of the day

What Atlanta Magazine Has to Say

According to Atlanta Magazine, this hot sushi destination in Buckhead is a stunning contrast of woods and an army of cooks tackling the white oak, eleven seater sushi bar, propped along the back wall, and bathed in buttery tones.  Most weeknights, the ambiance envelops you in a sedate cloud while the meals focus solely on the contemporary Japanese flavors of Fuhuyiko’s traditional cuisine. Ito’s menus, while traditional and classic, are strongly influenced by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s playbook, from Nobu’s chain of global restaurants.

Finally, the authenticity and precision of flavors in the food alone casts Umi among the highest ranks of the culinary industry of the Atlanta. Adding to the grandeur of the restaurant is also the close proximity of St. Regis, where most star athletes and celebrities often stay during their trips to Atlanta.