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If you do not know, there is a charming place north of Atlanta in Cobb County called Marietta that is home to thousands of amazing Georgian locals.

A fun fact about Marietta is that it is a fabulous place to hang out, have fun, and live!

Although, if you do live here you might notice a small problem about the area. There are not enough breakfast places!

Therefore, we decided to write a post about Marietta breakfast restaurants to help you find the best spots around!

Marietta Breakfast Restaurants

With out a doubt, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Due to the importance of this meal, we are more than happy to cover the Marietta breakfast restaurants that you need to visit!

We are going to break this post into two main sections

  • Top Breakfast places in Marietta
  • Top coffee houses in Marietta

As we all know, coffee houses are the next best thing to breakfast places. There is nothing quite like a warm cup of Joe to kick off your day.

Top Breakfast Places

Breakfast is by far the most influential meal of the day. So, here is our top tier list of breakfast places in Marietta for you to enjoy.

Douceur de France

First on our list and probably one of the best places around Marietta is called Douceur de France. A local spot that has a second location over in Roswell.

This spot is absolutely fantastic. You can come here for breakfast, lunch, or simply to get some pastries to go!

Since the new ownership took over at the start of 2022, they have added multiple things to their authentic French menu that you have to try.

Finally, while you are here make sure to get some beignets to go!


The next place we are going to look at is called Reveille. This is a local chain that happens to have a really good setup.

While we usually do not like chains, this place is almost similar to the First Watch chain that is so popular around the south. They have a great selection of breakfast and lunch food that we highly suggest checking out.

Marietta Diner

Third on our list is going to be the well known Marietta Diner.

A staple to the Marietta community, the Marietta Diner has all kinds of food. Although, we are focusing on breakfast for this post and boy do that have plenty of that.

We suggest coming here to get a hearty breakfast that is sure to fill up the hungriest of souls!

The Marietta Local

Last on our list is another classic to the area called The Marietta Local.

This place closes early and is practically only ever open for breakfast and lunch. In addition, it gets quite packed so make sure to get here early!

Like the Diner this spot is known to fill you up with local love. If you are near the Marietta square and hungry in the AM then this place is a must.

Top Coffee Houses

While breakfast is vitally important to a successful day, sometimes we need something a little quicker.

Additionally, sometimes we need somewhere with a little more wifi than food to accomplish our daily tasks.

Therefore, we added this section of top coffee houses for you to work and kick your day off at in Marietta.

Cool Beans Coffee Roaster

First up for top coffee houses in Marietta is going to be Cool Beans Coffee Roasters.

Another classic spot for the Marietta square, Cool Beans has been around for many years serving coffee to this community non stop. They’ve got a great cup of Joe, great atmosphere and a great location to top it all off.

We highly suggest stopping by if you are in the square or simply need a place with decent wifi to work.

One thing to mention is that this place is extremely busy. So, try to get here early to find a seat!

Marietta Perks

Next up for coffee houses is going to be a newer spot around Marietta called Marietta Perks.

As we said this spot is newer to Marietta and has been open for just around 2 years at the time of writing this post. What can be said about this spot other than its inspiring and motivating!

Featuring quotes all along the walls, meeting rooms, and an extremely clean atmosphere, this is the spot for all coffee lovers and hard workers.

A huge plus for this place is the coffee is always top quality.

Tuesday Coffee Shop

Third on our list for coffee lovers is another newer spot around the Marietta square called Tuesdays In Marietta.

New spots are always risky, but this spot captured our hearts. It is right off the Marietta square in a little building featuring ton of love and potential.

We suggest people grab a coffee before hanging out at the square or heading to that big meeting you have planned.

Breakfast Restaurants In Marietta

Thanks for reading this post on Marietta breakfast restaurants. We hope it helps you kick off your day right and achieve those goals that you are aspiring to accomplish.

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