Brewpub in Atlanta

Wrecking Bar Brewpub in Atlanta is a dreamlike eatery, located in an old Victorian mansion’s cellar on Moreland Avenue. If you happen to be a food geek or a beer lover, then this is where you belong. It is the regular gathering spot for all beer lovers and foodies alike.

Brewpub In Atlanta

The Wrecking Bar Brewpub is housed in an ancient Victorian building that was once a Church, a home, a dance studio, and a salvage store of architecture. This bar quickly became a cornerstone after its establishment for the neighborhood, and the reason is not hard to guess. How can a combination of Victorian architecture, great beer, and good food ever fail?

It has a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment. The food is all locally sourced, and the pub holds house-crafted beer as well as extensive bar programs. This restaurant makes you fit right in since there’s something for everyone here.

Atlanta Food

If the Wrecking Bar can boast of a diverse menu, the credit goes to the head chef Terry Koval. He has invested the last couple of years transforming the menu into a delightful array of flavors while sticking to the traditional pub classics.

The bar sources its ingredients from dairies, local bakeries, and farms (including their own). They source locally with the sole aim of boosting the local economy and building relationships within the industries. While the menu changes mostly to reflect the seasonal changes, there are a few constant classics of the kitchen. One things you are guaranteed to find here are flavors and products at their best.

Wrecking Bar Beer

Neal Engleman has developed a program for a beer that brews on a 7 barrel system. The program focuses on attaining perfection on classic styles such as Pilsner, IPA, Kolsch, ESB, session styles, and barrel-aged strong beer. What adds uniqueness is how they balance the classic list with more experimental styles; fruited farmhouse and gose ales, milkshake IPA’s, and certain others, to name a few. 

In the past seven years, they also developed their barrel-aging program in which they age stouts, scotch ales, barleywines, and rum barrels to highlight the best characteristics of the beer. They have won a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival for strong barrel-aged ales. The winning product was their Willet Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ye Old Sprinklerhead Barleywine.

Brewpub Menu


  • Corn pups
  • Soup of the day
  • Wreck fries
  • Beer boiled peanuts
  • Beef heart tartare
  • Acorn squash
  • Corn pups
  • Brussels sprout quesadilla


  • Spicy catfish
  • The O.G Burger
  • Pastrami


  • Meat and three steak salad- aged flatiron steak, three seasonal fish salads
  • Vegetable plate- Farro risotto, shaved Brussels sprouts, butternut squash puree, pickled butternut squash, toasted pecans, Parmesan Reggiano
  • Lamb sirloin- Lamb sirloin from Elysian field, Brussels sprouts, acorn squash, red wine reduction, spiced yogurt, dried cranberry, sweet potato puree
  • Posole Roja- Pork belly of Bear creek, preserved chillis, greechie boy corn, cilantro, shaved radish, lime, chicharrons.
  • Poulet a La Crème- Joyce farm’s chicken, butternut squash, compressed apples, brown sugar glazed hassleback, pickled cranberry vinaigrette
  • Roasted fluke- sunny side egg, fried cabbage, Korean bbq, smoked bacon, smoked trout roe, kewpie mayo

Private Events

The Cellar

The cellar is a private dining area that can accommodate around 30 guests for dinner and 40 if it is a cocktail style party. It is just the ideal venue for getting together, dinner parties, and so on.

The Biergarten

It is an event space in their brewer warehouse that accommodates around 42 guests for a dinner party and around 100 for standing, informal gathering. It has a long concrete bar, fermentation tanks, twelve beer taps in the room. There is also a built-in stage, proving ideal for casual celebrations involving a band.

The Marianna

This is the formal event space located on the main floor of the house. It has a capacity of 30 to 250 people. With 13ft ceilings, original fireplaces, and stained glass windows, it is the perfect setting for weddings, rehearsal dinners, and holiday parties, and so on.

Final Thoughts

The goal of the restaurant is to maintain something for everyone here. This is one of the best options you can find in Atlanta if you want to grab a beer or hang out for a relaxing time with family and friends.